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Going back to my routes?

its been one of those funny days when it comes to job hunting. Firstly, it seemed like a stream of new jobs had come online after the Bank Holiday (advertised on Tuesday, would hit me Wednesday morning in emails), several of which I was able to apply for today. Doesnt mean I’m going to hear anything back from most of them, but hey, at least I’m trying! Very trying, some would say, but beyond that…

The amusing one this morning, was I got notified of a new Civil Service job, working for the DWP, instead of visiting them. Not a perfect match, but close enough to give it a go, so I did. Yes, I passed the inevitable tests with comfort (better than 80% of others who took the test), great stuff. The thing was, I was then told that I had to give further information, by pressing the ‘next stage’ button. Just one tiny snag, there wasnt one! To say I looked everywhere for it, and spent about 30 minutes doing so, would be an understatement.

Anyway, finally, I sought advice from my Job Advisor by email, and having timed it right, got an almost instant phone call back. No, she had no idea where it was either. So having checked with others, she rang me back, and told me to find the contact for the role, and ring them. So I did, and I did, and spoke to him. Yes, he laughed, and told me it was a fault with the system that they were trying to correct, I’d done all I needed to do, and just relax. So I did.

Oh, it gets better!

There is one firm called Total Jobs, who send me a long list of vacancies, which I get in the morning, when I switch on, but they then send the odd selected one during the day. Some are good, others are, why do they think thats suitable for me, but anyway. Fine, one they sent me this afternoon, amused me greatly.

Its actually for an HR Assistant, but given what I was doing before, there was nothing in the requirements that I couldnt do, so I considered giving it a go. Why only consider? Maybe because its the firm that made me redundant 13 months ago? OK, I checked the regulations, as I’m in no position to pay them back. But seemingly, after about a minimum of 6 months, shouldnt be an issue, especially as its a different job, in a different department.

So yes, I’ve applied for it. At least I know what the firm are like to work for, and I left with a good record! Of course, I have realised that I’ve changed my name since then, so if they try to back check me, they might get confused! Unfortunately, there doesnt seem to now be a way to tell them about the name change, so…It gets round my issues, its a Monday to Friday, regular job, not the shift patterns I was doing before, which would have left me with transport issues, so…

But fine, yes, I find it amusing that I might just end up getting my next job, at the same place that made me redundant before!

Right, video time. You could say this is a play on the blog title, I guess?