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In The Army Now!

Yes, found this news out this morning, the first, but almost certainly not the last, transgender soldier that will be serving in the British Army.

In theory, the rules are in the process of being changed, to enable this to happen more, but the expected date for this to start, was later this year. Thing is, someone has trumped them, and beaten that date, by already being a serving member.

Yes, I’m delighted, and proud of her, in more senses than one. Yes, the transgender one, but also the military one, as always pleased to support those who serve us, in such a brilliant, and brave way. So yes, good for you, Chloe! Hopefully in a decade or so, anyone reading this news will just say, “so what?”, and think nothing more about it. I’ll be honest, if you’d told me 10 years ago, that as many children as they are, would be coming out, over their gender issues, I would have laughed at you. But yes, its amazing to see, has to be said. I guess in hindsight, there was evidence when I was about 6 or 7, that I wasnt a natural boy, but its easier to see that now, care of the internet, and the like, but back then, I just suspect no one really knew. Well, some knew, judging by reports I’ve seen, since around 2000, where it was admitted that a large number of intersex babies were born about the time I was born, and doctors (and/or parents) just decided what gender they would be, and clearly got a number of them wrong!

I must admit, the difference between working at a place, where they knew both sides of my identity, and one where they only know me as a woman, is amazing. I feel so much freer in my mind now, because I can be a woman, and no one needs to know differently! Yes, I believe I marked I was transgendered on my initial paperwork, but day to day, no one knows that!

Yes, I have no idea how things will go for Chloe, given that the people she serves with, must have known her before, but if all works out, then wonderful, and great, and let there be more of the same.

The video, well, this seemed rather apt

Once every 4 years

According to folk lore, the woman can make the marriage proposal instead of the man. And of course tomorrow is that date that only comes round once every 4 years (not strictly true btw, think 1700, 1800, 1900 for examples), February 29th. I was actually reading an article today where the father will be 11 tomorrow, and his son was 11 today. Next year he will be older than his father lol! I admit it, I do feel sorry for anyone born on Feb 29 with the whole birthday thing.

No, I’m not looking for, or to make a proposal of my own, and if anyone reading this gets any daft ideas, then forget it! Not interested now, or any time in the foreseeable future for that.

What I was wondering, does that old story still ring true, would a woman only ever propose to a man in a leap year, or perhaps equally pertinently, would a woman ever propose to a man at any time? Well, other than in the movies at least!

Anyway, just a quick thought for the day for you tonight, and of course, a music video. What could be more apt than…