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Not all child stars go wrong!

And yes, this is a brief tribute to one of that band who died today, Shirley Temple, at the ripe old age of 85!

I’d love to say that the ‘road crash’ rate amongst young stars is a recent thing, but you only have to look back at the likes of Judy Garland to know thats not true. But in these days of mass media, the internet, social networking and things, it just gets out further, louder, and seemingly more disastrously for some.

Shirley started her career at the ripe old age of 3, and had retired from movies by the time she was 22, although the highs of her career had long since passed by then. Her peak was the mid to late 30’s, including the film that the video is from, interestingly what I assume is a colourised clip, because the film was definitely black and white!

No, not for her, the road haul of marriages, divorces and the like, she remained married for 54 years, until her husband died. Alright, fine, there was one brief marriage (a couple of years or so) a decade earlier, but on the whole, a pretty fine score.

Of course, for those of us of my age (and yes, I am getting on now, but not that old!), we dont so much remember the film career, other than on days like today when the news picks up on it, but the brief fling with politics, and her diplomatic career for the US. Thats right, Shirley Temple Black didnt just sit back, comment on the old days, and leave it at that, she developed a second career for herself.

But today, for the last time, the Good Ship Lollipop left port, taking her with it.

Thanks for everything, Shirley, and rest in peace.

Yes, the video is the obvious one, but in colour