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You can call me Al, or Alison, or…

This morning I got to read about this bureaucratic nightmare gone crazy.

I mean, this woman has only given birth to 5 children, but because her birth certificate records her as male, all chaos has broken out. And reading this article only goes to prove what an incompetent bunch of idiots our Civil Service here in the UK are! Mind, not that I will be giving the Australian equivalent any brownie points either, all things considered. You would think that anyone with a modicum of intelligence could see that she was a woman, that her birth certificate was wrong, and just get things sorted out smoothly. Oh hell, no!

OK, fine, she’s never going to pass as a super model, but even without that, unless there has suddenly been a method developed to allow transgender folk to have babies (and lets face it, most men dont have a womb, though ironically, I do), that is one challenge beyond us, let alone 5 times over! I mean, I wouldnt want to be a mother, but…

No, I havent checked mine, in the vague hope that I might have been registered as female, I could never be that lucky in my life! I think this counts as gender confusion in a whole new way!

I hope that very soon, Mrs Kim Walmsley can be officially registered as a female, and her long standing marriage can become legal again. You would think that at present, the last thing this government needed was publicity like this! But in all honesty, shouldnt this have been sorted out, in this computer age, by the simple changing of a form or two, and a suitable apology.

But no, red tape has to yet again get in the way of sanity.

Yes, the video actually mentions the name Betty, but I thought the title worked better this way. One of the all time greats