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The last drops of the summer wine

I know, for most people, summer finished a little while ago, though at the moment its so mild here, its hard to believe its the middle of October. But for all that, next Sunday morning (in the UK at least, before my American readers say something) the clocks go back an hour, marking the end of British Summer time for the year. The US, I believe its one week later? At least I get a guaranteed extra hour of sleep lol!

It doesnt seem that long ago, when I got up at 5.45, it was light. Hey, for a while, it was light when I had to get up at 4.45, for an 8.00 start, but anyway, at present, its now dark for both. Whether it will be at 5.45 next week, no idea, but even if it is, it wont last long.

Yes, going to work, and coming home again, both in the dark, on a standard shift, will seem weird for a while!

And yes, on weekends like this one, I suspect the summer of my life may be beginning to drain away too. Maybe not, but unfortunately, when I got up yesterday, my back felt like it had been hit by a slab of concrete, or is that had been turned into a slab of concrete? Anyway, being daft, and all that, I still went to work. Not a good move in all honesty, as every time I bent down, or tried to move, I knew it!

Thankfully, a Tramadol last night, and a decent nights sleep, and it was slightly less painful today. Hopefully tomorrow, it will be even better. But lets face it, I’m in my mid fifties, my body is unlikely to get very much more supple now! Well, not unless rejuvenation booths move on from fiction, to fact!

If the body behaves, and the weather holds, I intend to go out tomorrow, the last trip out of summer, for sure. If nothing else, I’ll probably get the US Dollars for 5 weeks time, the credit card has already been topped up!

Oh, and a friend tells me, they’ve already had snow in Vermont! Winter is on its way, eek!

The video, well its about the end of summer. You may not know the name, but if you ever watch Eastenders (I wouldnt if you paid me!), he wrote the theme music.