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I want my free school milk back!

Alright, that sentiment is so old that many wont get it, but when I was at primary achool, we used to get given free school milk, until an Education Minister called Margaret Thatcher came along and took it away! I assume it was a cost cutting exercise at the time for the government, but back then, for me, it was a case of she stole my bottle of milk from me!

Then, in good time, she became the leader of the Conservatives, and eventually Prime Minister, a role she seemed to fill forever! No, generally I wasnt a fan of hers, her abrasive style of rule really didnt appeal to me, and some of her policies (poll tax being a fine example) just annoyed me no end. But equally, I admired her stand over the Falklands, and the way she took down the strike happy unions at the time appealed to me, but that was as much down to their attitude to ordinary people, as what she did to them.

Finally, in 1991, the Conservatives saw the light, and ousted her in the manner that she had treated many people over the years, pretty shabbily. But still, at the time, I was glad she was gone, even if her replacements since havent really inspired either. Yes, my main amusement with John Major in charge was at checkpoints in Ireland, and at airports while he was in charge. I’d hand over my passport, or ID, and I’d nervously be asked if I was any relation? No, I’m not, and I did once ask at the airport if it made any difference if I was, and they just said possibly! I still told the truth though lol! Before anyone asks, yes, I know I’m a Nicholls, I changed my surname too when transitioning, given the bad family blood when I came out as such. Ironically, its my mothers maiden name, but given its nice Haworth connection, it fitted in, in so many ways. Yes, now, I’d go for Meredith Brooks, but hindsight is a wonderful thing lol!

The point of this, I think you all know, Margaret Thatcher died earlier this week.

The video, is a musical sentiment relating to one of the main problems of her rule, unemployment. The group name relates to the unemployment form of the time, the song title to the number unemployed!