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A little bit of me, and a lot of them

Its funny how things work out, lunchtime, I was trying to work out what I was possibly going to blog about tonight. By the end of the afternoon (sadly, in this sense at least), I’m having to choose from 3!

Though I seemed to own a few 45’s from as early as 1962 (whether they were my purchases, or records bought by my parents that just ended up with me?), my main record buying era seems to have started around 1964, and principally from one store, Boots, in Chatham. Yes, in those days Boots had a big record selection, and even had those booths you could listen to the record in before purchase. My, how things have changed. I was taken in the store at the end of Saturday’s shopping expedition, and allowed to choose 1 single to buy, every time we went in there.

I remember limits, mind. For some reason best known to them, my parents wouldnt let me buy Beatles singles with their money, and to this day, I never have! Did buy Wings singles, a John Lennon single, and possibly others, but never a Beatles one! Was allowed to get covers of their songs though, but I’ll never know the logic of all that now. Oh, and crazily, the Kinks were fine!

The first time this child saw a pop group on TV, other than the odd early Top of the Pops, was a manufactured band from the US, acting in a zany manner on the TV. If anyone hasnt worked out I mean The Monkees, shame on you! Fine, I didnt know, nor care that they were manufactured, and never played on their early records, but fine I loved their sound. History is known, they soon rebelled against the tight reins over them, produced their own music, some of it pretty weird to a young child, and I lost interest when it went off TV.

But somehow, despite everything, in various shapes and forms, the music lived on. Mainly the early commercial stuff admittedly, but they kept going. People left, people returned, Nesmith played sometimes with them, but mainly not. Then, a few years ago, as is inevitable when battling against Father Time, the first of the original band to pass away happened, Davy Jones. Today, sadly, came the announcement of the second one to pass away, Peter Tork, at the age of 77! I know, I’m getting old too, but this sort of news just reminds me of that, lol. Somehow I dont think it will make the news, or social media when I pass away!

RIP, Peter.

OK, video time. I dont deny I’ve done more than a few Monkees songs over the years, but dont believe I’ve used this one before, but please dont quote me on that! Live fun, with both Jones, and Tork in the foreground here.