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This is the Starship Enterprise

No, it isnt really, just a silly piece in tribute to the extra monitor now placed on the Escalated Agent desk at work. Yes, it is greedy, but in a sense it was needed, just looks weird, and takes some getting used to using, thats all, especially for old biddies like me.

Seriously, it was needed, due to the fact that the Admin system we use in that role, doesnt leave a visible taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, when you had to jump on the phone to help out with a queue, or at other times when nothing is happening on that front, changing between that screen, and anything else you wanted to look at, was a bit of a nightmare. Instant, in either direction just couldnt be done.

Whereas now…

Last night I was simply flicking from one monitor to the other, the office system on one monitor screen, everything else on the other thing, wonderful stuff. Only thing was, it felt like I was on a flight deck or something, switching the mouse between the 2 monitors to deal with everything. Fine maybe, if you’re a young whizz kid, but for someone like me, a bit strange. But I will get used to it, I’m sure.

But for now, given what it reminded me of, I thought this video apt. Having said that, the song is so awful, I wouldnt blame you for not playing it, just acknowledging it.