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Sweet old fashioned girl

Well, its the look I’ll be aiming for, at the Christmas Dinner at least. Snag is, whether I can pull off the sweet bit might be a whole different ball game altogether lol!

But the old fashioned look, most definitely, dress fits in so perfectly with that. The one thing left that I’d love to get my hands on for the night, is one of those wonderful black, helmet bob wigs, as modelled by the dummies in BHS in Leeds, and I suspect elsewhere too. Anyone know someone who works there, so I can borrow one? Or if some BHS worker reading this can get me hold of one, principally only for the night, I’d be so grateful. Yes, I’ll probably end up splashing out for one, knowing me! No, I think I’ll forego the cigarette holder though, thats a step too far lol!

And alright, I wont be so old fashioned that I wont be on the internet beforehand, something no one in the 20’s could have even vaguely dreamed about. But look for the do, oh absolutely, darlings! Make up is going to depend on the luck of the dice, as there is no way I will do it myself. If I’m off, I’ll probably get it done before I go, if its after work, it will probably be the scrubbed look, and people will have to live with it.

Yes, you’re right in assuming I’ll book a hotel room nearby for the night, same place as last year in fact. Two single beds, so if I pull (yes, you can stop laughing now!), I’m made for the night! I have two chances of that, even if I was interested, thats none, and less! Irony is, all summer long, I’ve been getting discounts offered for hotel stays, now I want one to appear in my email box, nothing! Still, fingers crossed, and there is a while yet, so…

Yes, the big date is not until the 5th December, but it was announced this week, hence the blog.

So, does anyone want a sweet old fashioned (flapper) girl? No, thought not! :p

Talking of which, there is a vintage fashion fair in Leeds this weekend, planning to go pay a visit after work tomorrow at 5.00, to see what I can find.

The video, a song older than me, and thats saying something. The star of the video, even older, boop, boop a doo!

Well I wanted the bob look!

Yes, I had my hair highlighted and cut today, was a bit overdue to be honest, but with work, and things of late, its taken me until now to find the time to get it done. But yes, as Linda put it this afternoon, when I went to get my nails done, and my face, err, facialled, for want of a better word, its lighter now. But then again, that was always the plan.

The thing is, the 2 ladies working in the hairdressers were commenting about a client coming in later in the week, who had always had the same style, for, well, a long period, shall we say? And to be honest, until recently, I’d been much the same. Then just before the Christmas do last year, when I had it highlighted, I asked for what I termed a long bob. In the sense of bottom of the neck, but shaped accordingly. Looked good, gave me my ‘sort of’ desired bob look, without going too boyish in doing so. Yes, as you know, going too boyish would be an issue for me lol!

So anyway, I rose to the bait (or non bait), even if the comment hadnt been aimed at me, and asked her what style she thought I should have. “Back of the neck?” she asked, and I assumed she meant the normal zone, near the bottom, and said yes. Ah, she meant it literally, and now judging by this picture of Louise Brooks, its not much longer than hers!

I should imagine this is a 1930’s picture, going by the lack of the famous helmet fringe, but seems the normal length she chose. If anyone needs a pic of her more famous fringe, try this

My current look, well apart from the blonde highlights, see the first picture as a good guide. Actually, it prides me to say I’ve got slightly more fringe than that! 🙂 But no, nowhere near to that in the second picture lol. So yes, I’ve got the Louise Brooks bob! Just hope that it doesnt look too boyish is all I can say. At least I’ve got 2 assets that make me look less boyish lol!

Big challenge at work tomorrow, will anyone notice? Probably not, but…

Oh, the video, another classic character from that era