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Looking for a New England. Part 1, Cape Cod

Hi there, and whether you like it or not, the next 3 postings including this one, are going to be holiday related. At least it gives you an idea of events lol.

Saturday was the hard bit, getting here. Though to be fair to Aer Lingus, they did a brilliant job, good service, good food, so all in all, praise due. Somehow I got past Kate at the baggage claim area, possibly because I wasnt expecting to find her there, and possibly because I was too concerned with fginding carousel 3, and hoping it worked. It did, very well, if you cared?

No, no idea where we were going, though heading south suggested it wasnt Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire lol. Soon looked highly likely to be Cape Cod, not the biggest shock in the world as we talked about staying here last year. Find myself eventually at this beautiful place with its own beach, and very nice rooms too. Only snag, as Kate found out first, they had internet, but only in the lobby, not much use to either of us. Otherwise, the place was perfect though.

So, Sunday, we head down to Hyannis, a hotel within the same group, across the road from the harbour, with equally nice rooms. Park the car there, even if we cant check in just yet. Not a problem, head across to harbour, and head off to Martha’s Vineyard, a wonderful place, and a super lunch. Fast ferry out, traditional back, both fine, especially given how lovely the weather was. My arms prove that! Evening meal, downtown Hyannis, with great company, and yes, Kate, I do mean you! Come back, get on internet, catch up on things, while watching San Francisco see off Detroit in the NFL. Well, alright, I’d moved to my bed before the end, a real luxury, TV in bed. Not that I’d want it at home, but…

Today, top secret, and all that, until we are virtually on top of our destination. Alright, I might have had a clue, as I was told to put a long sleeved top on, which I didnt when I first saw her this morning. Been watching Whales, and indeed dolphins too, a truly wonderful experience. No, not Wales, where the men play rugby, and the sheep are nervous, but Whales, that glorious creature of the seas. A brilliant day, but one at sea has taken its toll, I’m definitely tired tonight. Oh, and full, a really good meal again.

Tomorrow, well we head off to Albany, to meet a wonderful, and very kind gentleman, who might just be blushing as he reads this, which I’m sure he will! Something is planned for Wednesday, I have no idea what, though no shock, Kate does! You will find out just what, in part 2, hopefully at some point on Wednesday, though dont quote me on that!

The video, absolutely obtuse selection here, though it has 2 very loose connections to things mentioned here. If I didnt give a clue in the tagging, you’d have to click the button