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How Short?

In truth, my hair currently is too long for my preferences. No, that doesnt mean its halfway down my back, or more, but its well below the bottom of my neck, which in my ‘vintage’ eyes, is way too long! What happened, you ask? Simple, I tried to grow it out for last September, and the wedding, because I thought I needed it a bit longer than the back of the top of the neck, or just below, which is my norm. It did get trimmed in November, in truth, but my hairdresser took off about the normal amount, so it was about my normal ‘just before cut’ length, rather than its normal level.

Lets just say I’m the low maintenance type, so keeping my hair in a respectable mane, at this length, not so good. Anyway, looking at the March calendar, it now seems that I have 2 20’s related events coming up in quick succession. And yes, what does that mean, in a hair sense? Yes, the bob!

No, I’m not thinking anything too drastic, a la Louise Brooks version, far too boyish in style, and lets face it, the last thing I want to look is boyish, lol! But a slightly less dramatic bob, why not? Sadly, with my hairline, I have no chance of getting anything even vaguely resembling the Brooks bangs, or the helmet fringe, only wish I could! But a longer bob, without the dramatic bangs, at least I’ll look the part, if not the age. Lets face it, those flappers were young, in their twenties at most, and one of those events is on my 60th Birthday! So fine, unless someone can make me look a whole lot younger, lol…? And yes, the dress will be the one in the last blog, not one that will be above my knees!

So yes, big question, just how short do I dare go, without the boyish looks issues, both length, and volume? And yes, I am staying blonde! Perfectly natural, oh I wish!

But yes, if I’m going to do this 20’s thing seriously, for 2 lovely events, I need a bob cut… just how much of a cut?

Fine, video time. Lets just say its someone asking the opposite question, and leave it there!

Money for nothing (well, just £2 anyway)

Its funny, nearly a week on from the big lottery jackpot over here, I was thinking, just how much do you need to win before the amount becomes irrelevant?

I know, previous huge lottery winners have seemed to manage to go on crazy spending sprees, and blow all the money, but I know with my Yorkshire nature, I’m sure I couldnt do a thing like that. And before anyone comments on the ridiculous concept of possibly winning £66 million, as was available last weekend on the lottery over here, that was absolutely nothing compared to what has been happening in the US. Yes, seriously, the Powerball lottery over there, which was actually won on Wednesday (and which has no rollover limitations) had actually reached a pool of $1.4 billion (1400 million) dollars, before being shared 3 ways. But fine, does the average person really need a prize of over $400 million dollars? And how, in a normal way, are you going to spend all that?

So fine, I’ve bought a lottery ticket for tomorrow night, and its not for the rollover value yet, its because instead of the normal 1 millionaire prize, there will be 5. And I’ll be honest with you, if I won one of those, I’d be more than happy, and could give up this exhausting job hunting lark. I might not have enough to be able to buy a property, and move to Hollywood, but it would be a pretty good prize all the same, and I could afford to spend plenty of 90 day allowances out there, with that! Spend even about half on various things, I could probably get by on the interest from the rest!

To be honest, the 20 £20,000 prizes, one of those could solve a lot of concerns for quite a while. Even treating myself to 2 or 3 stays over there, I could survive for 18 months, very easily. Even half that, I could go for at least 9 months treating myself, probably about 12 if I’m sensible, but I’d prefer the 20 K option.

But for me, what would be a nice amount to win? One that solves all issues, but at the same time is not so insane an amount that it would blow my mind? Yes, I guess the million would more than do that. And fine, thats why I got talked into buying a ticket for the Euro millions draw tonight, with a rollover of £61.5 million! First time I’ve ever bought one, have no idea whats involved, or the prize scale is, to be honest. But its done, and another £2 I’ve wasted, that I probably shouldnt have done, in all honesty. But for a few hours, this girl can dream, or is that panic, about winning that jackpot?

The video, as so often, the clue is in the title. This is a live version, featuring 2 of the greatest guitarists of all time

Oh, I meant to add, I might have found one way of getting over the trauma of winning so much money. Yes, hypnosis. Tomorrow, I’m doing a relaxation, and stress busting hypnotherapy session somewhere near Huddersfield, at a reduced price special. This should have happened on the Saturday I was doing training for the ‘job from hell’, I wish I’d stuck with the original plan. At least for 45 minutes, I can let all the stress, and worry float away, I so need it!