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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Well, here we go, now into the final week of build up to the big day, and in truth, if you believed the TV, and especially the adverts, its all about presents, and not the more significant event on December 25! I know, its a big time for the retail industry, and all that, both in shops, and online, but seriously, it almost feels like some significant event has been forgotten from what I can see!

You know the joke about all the sales running into each other? Well, a site I’m unlikely to ever buy goods from (due to the hassle of importing, and postage costs from the US) have been running various 20-25% off offers ever since the beginning of the summer, if not before! Yes, considering the NFL is meant to be a multi billion dollar industry, they seem to wish to inform you of these sales by email, about 3 times a day, minimum! Mind, at the grossly over inflated prices they sell stuff for, even with 25% off, they are probably pretty pricey, even if you live in the US! Bah, humbug, lol! 😛

Not that any of the other major sports dont also rip you off on the costs of items, but they seem to be the one who push it the most into my email box.

What would I like for Christmas? Being honest, beyond the one thing I know is coming, which is a pair of winter boots, who knows? Not sure I do, in all honesty, so grateful I didnt have to come up with a long list of ideas for people, in truth. I could come up with a whole load of unpractical ideas, like a new back, or a flying spacecraft, so that I dont have to pay air fares to the US, or even a full new body, a la young Clara (Elaine) Johnson, but none of those are likely to happen, lets face it. Neither do I seriously expect to be offered a movie, theater, or TV role of any note, under the circumstances, but thats still more likely than the 3 previous suggestions!

Talking of Clara, I’ve just noticed that a color picture I’ve found of her is actually available on a poster, reduced at the moment, at what I thought was a reasonable price, and then yeah, add on a third again, minimum, to get it to me! Still, if anyone wants to spoil me, ha ha…?

1935 Color Print Elaine Johnson Goldwyn Girls Movie Musical Strike Me Pink YCF1

Not that I know what I’d do with it, but anyway… I will have to see if that movie is available on Amazon at some point, at a sane price! Not sure when I’d watch it, but…

Well, tomorrow is Elf working day, which will be fun for sure, though the outfit is above the knee, so even with tights, at my age… hmm? No, only wearing it at work, not for travel, definitely not in weather at present! Yes, Secret Santa day, when you dont know what you’re getting, and technically, who you’re getting it from! I’m sure there will be pictures, and if I get some, I will post them for your, err, delight.

Still, funny to think, this time next week, all the fuss will be done with, for another year!

OK, video time. In truth, I’d assumed I’d used this here, but cant find it, so the Christmas choice for tonight is a song made famous by Steeleye Span, though this is the far more recent Erasure version. In truth, despite the element of modern synthesizer, it probably has a similar sound to medieval times!

Give A Little Respect

Yes, after week 1 of my new job, I can honestly say that the comparison between my new job, and that company I was working for, is so dramatic, its scary. Yes, I really know I made the right call re jobs, lets say.

To be fair, or otherwise, Capita continue to disappoint. Its now been 2 months running, about 6 weeks in all, that they have had a tax allowance form for me, and failed to work on it. In fact, I knew, the week I was leaving, that they hadnt done anything with it, but I was still hoping that they might have sorted it out by today, when they paid me. No, much as I expected, in all honesty, they hadnt! So instead of paying no tax, as should be the case, given my very limited earnings this year, they’ve taken £270 in tax, which I should have, and in truth, need.

Hopefully my new employers can get matters sorted very soon, I must say. But yes, I’m not sorry to see the last of that firm.

Fine, rant over. New job!

In truth, the nitty gritty of training starts next week, after the bank holiday weekend, looking forward to it. We’ve done a lot of form filling, a few necessary deeds in paperwork matters, and generally settled in this week. Yes, seems a really nice place to work, and having listened to a few calls, any concerns I had about the work have pretty much gone. And yes, they respect their employees, so nice!

The commute makes a pleasant change, though whether I will feel the same way about that in 6/12 months, we will have to wait and see. But currently, its new, the walk from the bus station is nice enough (might not be so good in winter though), and I’m feeling quite at home there. And yes, feeling respected by the bosses, unlike somewhere I could name!

So now you know, and I know, I made the right decision!

The video, well its one of those given away in the title jobs tonight