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Would I like to sleep here? You bet I would!

Yes, I think if I was ever in a position to create my dream home, it would either look like something out of the 1920’s, or 1930’s, or it would look like something from 2030. Alternatively, if some wealthy person wants to buy me a ‘certain mansion’ on Easton Drive, Beverly Hills, and provide me with a self drive car, or something to get me around, I wouldnt say no.

But in truth, any home in the LA area, with a vintage feel would probably be heaven for me. Oh fine, nowadays, I’d need cable TV, and internet supplied, but otherwise, in truth, I could probably very happily settle into a 30’s lifestyle, and live that way.

Fine, but this blog is more about a couple of more futuristic places to lay my head at night, and in the case of one of them, to make home.

This morning, on one of those silly articles on MSN, that I read to many of, it was about quirky hotels. And fine, the crazy one that took my eye, is in Japan, no surprise there, I guess? This one appeals to me, simply because of what it is, a pod that you climb into, and sleep in. Fine, I’d like to think of something being done to my mind, and body while sleeping in it, but I would imagine its quite an experience regardless. Sadly, I’m not likely to ever go to Japan in my life, and I have no idea if there are any in the UK, or not? Its probably one of those ‘just once’ things I’d like to do, but it appeals to me no end. Mind, I’d probably want to wear something in silver (ideally metallic silver) while sleeping in it, cant think why!

The other futuristic thing I’d love to live in, and apparently they are homes, is one of these

my dream home

As far as I can guess, its one of the Futuro homes, designed in Finland, in the early 1970’s. Why I say its a guess, is because it looks in remarkably good condition to be one of the originals of those. So whether, its a rare, well preserved one, or whether its an old photo, or a modern take on them, I have no idea.

Yes, I know, it looks like a flying saucer. Great, in my eyes at least! As far as I can tell, from all reports, sadly, they dont fly at all, let alone at hyper speed, for deep space travelling. Still, I might be lucky with the one I get to go in, lol? I have no idea how comfortable those things would be to sleep/live in, but I’d love to give it a go, all the same.

Yes, I know, humour me, but I’m a huge sci-fi fan, and those 2 designs just appeal so much. If anyone can give me the chance of a visit/stay in something like that, or knows of a pod I can be brainwashed sleep in, in the UK, please let me know!

The video, a Slade oldie, a rare live performance, of where I’d like to be taken, if it was one of these

The Cutest Home You Ever Want To See!

Well, I was going to tell you all about yesterday, and post the pictures, but as they havent arrived yet, you’ll have to wait until they do! Lets just say for now, it was a wonderful day out, so glad I did it, and come back to it next week, at some point. So for now…

I have two lifestyles I’d love to live, as most know. One is the gorgeous vintage style, that with the possible exception of an internet connection, would have me living totally 30’s style, sheer heaven. The other is the opposite, something futuristic, that either looks like it was designed by, or for aliens, or for a robot home, take your pick. So yes, something pod like, very futuristic looking, and all that. So when this little baby appeared on my Facebook thread this morning, I quickly fell totally in love!

Isnt that just so cute! And yes, the future looking, sci-fi me just loves it. And it has the advantage that not only is it so futuristic looking, its environmentally friendly too! Not quite an alien space craft, but not far off it! The price equates to about £60,000, by the way. I’m not sure how comfortable long term it would be to live in this tiny little home, but I’d happily give it a try!

But yes, you’re right, I cant afford one, unless I win the lottery tonight, and then I guess I’d probably go down the 30’s route for the design of my new home, but I guess I could get one of these, customise it perfectly for a robot/alien, and tuck it in the garden, I guess?

And yes, you’re right, I’d love to go to Bratislava, and see what it really like inside. So, if anyone has money to spare (and someone will after tonight…), pretty please!

The video, how a Yorkshire person might describe this place