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50 seems a popular anniversary this weekend

Well, it seems that Dr Who isnt the only 50th anniversary of note this weekend, indeed in so many ways, this one was far more significant. Yes, 50 years ago, today in Dallas, John F Kennedy was assassinated. Given I was only 5 at the time, no, I dont really remember any of the events at the time, even if it was talked about back then. And yes, I’ve seen the fateful moment a few times since then, which just blurs memories of course.

Oh, and lets face it, this is a story that has more conspiracy theories than almost any other. Who killed him, was it really a lone gunman, was it CIA arranged, was it KGB arranged, I’m sure we will never really know the full story now.

It turned into one of those classic ‘Where were you when?’ moments in history, and of course, given when it happened, one of my duller ones. Given I was 5, and given that it took place at 6.30 pm UK time, its safe to say that I was at home, probably with my parents. Given my father was in the Navy at the time, I cannot guarantee he was there of course. But seeing it was in school term time, its fair to say I was in Kent, and home at that time of night.

As I’m not quite certain when we got our first TV, I’m not sure how I heard the news. One thing is for sure, that back then, you wouldnt have got instant film of the event, especially something across the Atlantic, as you would now.

But yes, on this date in 1963, the world was rocked.

No, no video tonight, beyond posting one of the event, I cant think of anything suitable. And given the number of those available at You Tube, I’ll let you take your pick.