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An unplanned trip into town

I’ll be honest with you. When I went into town on Friday, to get the last couple of small presents, I planned on that being it, until after Christmas Day, at least. Well, in all honesty, until after Boxing Day, though this year, there is a half hourly service into town on Boxing Day, but very much doubt I will use it.

Fine, best laid plans of mice and men…and no, not for a job interview, or a romantic dinner date either, lol. I have had a little battery alarm clock for years, serving me faithfully. And when I say years, I mean I used this little alarm clock when I went to the US in 2003, you get my drift? So its served me well. Fine, a few years ago, the second hand stopped working, but while the other 2 hands continued to work just fine, and most importantly, the alarm did, why change it?

Yes, you guessed it, yesterday morning, the minute hand decided it was time to die, and of course, if that doesnt move, the hour one isnt going to! Yes, I could hear it was still ticking, so not the battery. I checked, taking the battery out, ticking noise died! So…I need a new one. The crazy thing is, I can get a similar one, from Argos, for £3.99! Probably less than I paid for that one about 12 years ago!

Fine, any other week, but Christmas week, when Huddersfield is likely to be crowd crazy, I didnt need it. Strictly, I dont need a clock at present, in the sense of an alarm, but its always handy to know the time, so… Yes, I’ll brave the crowds tomorrow, I guess?

I do need to draw money for rent, and given no one has yet won the jackpot, I guess I need a lottery ticket too, but I could have done those locally. I do also have a cheque to pay in (first in my new name!) for travel money from Covance, but that would have waited until next week, except for…groan! Why couldnt it have lasted one more, or one less week? Ah well…

OK, the video. A play on what I need, an 80’s group.