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Just the way you are

I will start with a word of warning for those shrewdies who read both blogs, that for the next 10 days or so, unless something, err, weird happens, that I dont want ‘vanilla’ folk to know about, both blogs will be the same while away. The chances of that happening, very slim, I would say!

Right, before we get to the LA stuff for the next 10 days or so, lets start off somewhere cooler, Greenland! Because of the route to fly to the West Coast of the US being a more northerly one, than when heading for the East Coast, I had the privilege of flying over the southern section of Greenland yesterday. To see all those glaciers, and the like, perfectly white, even at this time of year, truly something. Fine, the glare off the ice eventually got too much, but you get my drift? And no, no sign of humanity whatsoever.

The sad thing is, 100 years from now, or possibly even less, people just wont get that view, unless climate change gets stopped. No, I’m not getting all political about it, so please dont either, just stating a fact. Besides which, unless I’ve been turned into some sort of robot that lives forever, I wont be around to know, or care by then, anyway. All the same, I’m glad I got to see it once, in my life.

Right, most of the rest of the flight was nothing exciting, until we’re about to pull on to a gate at Los Angeles, about 5 minutes early. Then we stop, and wait. According to the pilot, he was given the wrong gate number, and we had to be towed back out, and then do a lengthy journey to where we should have been. Then they could only get the entry portal thing to connect to the door partway down the plane, so more delay. So fine, now 35 minutes late, finally off the plane.

Now in the past, I’d been told that the first time you use a passport, even with ESTA, you have to go through the full process. Yes, my first time, with new name. No, I get directed to the ESTA kiosks, which rejected me, as I thought it would. So finally, into the standard queues, and wait, and wait…in truth, about an hour from entry, to getting through Immigration, not awful, given everything.

Then finally, get the case, and get met by a huge queue to leave the building. I have no idea what was going on, because all of a sudden the queue went from tortoise pace, to quick, and finally through.Handing over receipts to allow you in, but why this suddenly sped up, no idea?

Ah, the shuttle. I finally got there about 5.00, and she said one would be along shortly. 20 minutes later…and then we did a lap of the airport terminals, slowly, being rush hour, so finally got out of there about 5.45. We then had a nice guy in the shuttle, who knew where he wanted to go, but had no idea where that was. And the shuttle drivers GPS seemingly didnt want to help either! But anyway, finally about 7.15, I got here.

Yes, apartment is nice, and all I need. Bed is very comfortable too. TV is being moody, but landlord says he can solve that today, so…not that I want it much, beyond baseball, but… First thing today, get the phone active, then head out, probably Pasadena, but dont quote me on that. And that, dear readers, is about it at present. Been a lot of helicopters flying overhead this morning, so who told them the actual Jean Harlow is staying here, no idea, lol?

Right, finally, the video. What I would like to say to those amazing glaciers in Greenland, in truth. Though one or two might think its a subtle hint to a woman in Bailiff Bridge, but anyway…No!