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Trying new things

Well alright, if the price is right, I’ll give most things (within reason) a try, though I have absolutely no plans to try living as a man again, thats just too painful! But what I do like trying are new beauty treatments that I havent done before, if only to find out what they are like! And yes, I have done that fish pedicure thing, actually comes recommended to be honest.

The bulk of my treatments are done locally by a wonderful lady, Linda, and between the 2 of us, I’m well and truly hooked on having massage treatments. Not that my back is complaining in the slightest about this, its better than it has been in years to be honest. I’ve also been waxed in several places that I never would have dreamed of, before I started transitioning anyway. No, not bikini line though, lol!

There is also a great place in Leeds, which principally I use for my laser treatment called Skin Genesis. The staff are great, very friendly as well, and definitely T-friendly, for anyone in the north of England, thinking about these things. Laser treatment isnt cheap, but it does make an amazing difference after just a few treatments, I must say.

As a good Yorkshire lass, I tend to put value on money, and therefore most of their treatments, however fascinating they may look, I tend to think they arent what I would term value. They probably are, but when you arent on a high wage etc, well, you get my drift.

This month however they are doing a selected number of half price deals, and alright, I cant resist trying something new under those circumstances. So today I’m off for a skin analysis test, in preparation for trying one of those chemical peel things later in the month, at half price. The thing is, you have the option for a free mini makeover after the test, and you dont expect me to resist that either, surely? What I do wonder is if anyone at work will even notice! Ideally I want the peel that transforms my looks into those of a pretty twenty-something young lady, but suspect that  hasnt been created yet, lol! Mind, if they did, I’d probably want a full body treatment, not just the face!

But yes, I love trying new treatments, just wish I could afford some of them!