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How long?

No, I’m not talking about the length of my hair, post cut, though if you really want to know, its about shoulder length, and apart from the front (grr), its doing its best to resemble a long bob style lol! The front, well, I’ve got a fringe, and lets leave it at that! And no, no one here has commented since their return today, but I’ll put that down to their long day travelling back from Cyprus. The cats can now get back to their normal feeding, and begging arrangements until the next time lol! I think one of them still doesnt believe my food is for me, not for him!

In that case, it has to be, yes, you’ve guessed it, the work shift tomorrow! Lets see, I start at 9.00, ends at 9.00, and the shift is longer than one minute lol! Thats right, 12 hours! Even worse when you think I’ll get home about 10.30, get to bed somewhere after midnight (going to have tons to catch up on, internet wise), and then be up by 6 the next morning to start work at 9.00. No, not another 12 hour shift, but all the same… Coffee might be a critical ingredient by then lol!

Thankfully Euro 2012 takes a break tomorrow, before the quarter finals start, but all that means is that the shops will be ringing up for prices on the Icelandic 3rd division, and any other games desperate punters find to lose money on, in leagues that no one with any sense would take a second glance at. But anyway… Oh, and the second day of Royal Ascot to keep up with as well!

Its funny, it used to be we would get 5, 7.5 hour shifts in a week, and that would be it. Nowadays a 7.5 hour shift is a rarity, though I have got a couple at the weekend! Yes, they do get countered back, its why I’ve got 5 hour shifts Thursday and Friday, but I suspect that wont be much consolation tomorrow evening!

So no, dont expect a blog tomorrow lol! 😛

The video, well some might say that in a sense the title is a dry comment about tomorrow

Oh, and I only wish my hair looked like this!


Can someone tell the weather that its June!

Here I am, sat at home, middle of June, and I’ve been thinking about putting the fire on this morning. Even now, nearly noon, and the temperature has barely crept into the fifties. I know, its not the height of summer yet, but…all the talk is of flooding, not heat at present.

Or is summer over, those few (and I do mean few) glorious days we had a while back was it? I hope not, but it feels positively autumnal at present, it has to be said. Alright, I dont expect, and certainly wont get wall to wall sunshine at present, but some, and decent temperatures to match would be nice.

The rest of the household are away in Cyprus at the moment, where the temperatures are up in the eighties, what a difference! Still, hopefully it will warm up here in time, and be nice when I go off to New England in September too. No, no bikini, but a few less layers needed hopefully then lol!

Apart from the cold, everything is pretty normal here at present, but just wanted to write something, to try and keep readers interested, while I have the chance. Yes, working a late shift today, which is why I can type this now. Dont expect more before Sunday though!

Yes, I’m surviving the football, not actually seen much of it, though I suspect I will have it inflicted on me today, as I’m working till 9.15 tonight. Ireland playing, but no, not expecting anything from them lol!

Oh no, not a month of football (soccer), aargh!

Warning, tongue in cheek posting lol!

Yes, this blog will be all about that boring football tournament that starts tomorrow, and goes on for the best part of a month. But dont run away screaming, this will be less than adoring of the game, and certainly any comments made on the teams etc will be far less than knowledgeable! So why do it, because I’m going to have put up with this rubbish for a month, so lets have some fun with it.

I know, I work in the betting industry, in a call centre, but that doesnt mean I enjoy every sport. Cricket, dont deny it, and Baseball and NFL, pretty much addicted as well. Others including Horse Racing, Snooker, Golf and Rugby League, I can take in reasonable sized chunks. But Football, or Soccer to my American friends, cant stand it. Possibly not helped by having to deal with shop staff in certain areas of the country (specifically Liverpool and Glasgow) who think everyone should be as keen on football as they seemingly are.

So no, before you ask tomorrow, we arent offering odds on how many times Gerrard spits on the pitch, or on which boot Rooney laces up first. Please, get a life, and use a braincell before ringing up and asking these truly idiotic questions. Equally we arent betting on how many of the team will actually sing the national anthem.

Some readers might think I’m being less than serious here, and granted, none of these have been asked… yet. But some equally inane questions, I’m afraid so!

Mind, the guys at work are just as bad at times with football. Yes, I can understand their need to have the pictures on a large screen, maybe 2, one at each end, but do we really need it on 6 screens out of 8. Yes, its happened before!

Right, rant over, be prepared to be entertained with some truly clueless previewing, from someone who knows little or nothing about the teams. Comments re favourites etc apply to my companies website, so might not follow everywhere.

Group A, not hard to see why Russia are favourites, their club teams have a decent record in Europe, though whether this is down to home born players, not a clue! I guess Poland are next in the betting because they are the home nation? But twist my arm, Czech Republic second team through

Group B, they arent top of the betting, but Holland for me. Would love to see the Germans go out (long standing thing for Brits), but suspect they might get past Portugal, and Ronaldo’s massive ego.

Group C next. Spain are a certainty to get through here, and before the latest scandal, Italy were certain to join them. I know, Ireland are in this group, but seriously, they arent that great. Neither are Croatia (as far as I know) but lets face it, there is a 50% chance Italy will implode totally, or they will be so resolute, they’ll beat Spain! Me, I fancy the former in all honesty.

Group D, which French team are turning up? The ones that would struggle to beat Guam reserves, or the ones who could beat Brazil? No idea, until they play lol! England will mess up against someone, just a matter of who, and if it matters. Ukraine (the other host team) being in this group makes it even more of a mess, so any guess who is going through.

Seriously, for the tournament, Spain are favourites for a good reason, judging by results. Twist my arm, Holland are my fancy, Russia if you want a bigger price are a bit of a dark horse, with a seemingly soft group. Therefore top scorer, Van Persie seems obvious.

But seriously, my best bet for the whole tournament, ignore it completely, and hope it all just goes away. Unlikely, but I’m entitled to a wish, arent I? Sadly I wont be able to avoid it at work, but certainly will at home.

Oh, the song. One of those songs by so called celebrities that the football fans go out and buy, just because its about football. My vote would be not to click on it, dont say you werent warned if you do!