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You have to at least try these things

Yes, I know, one of the things (probably the only one in fact) that I dont like about most of the 30’s images of Harlow, is her eyebrows. Seriously, how anyone back then thought these were attractive, no idea, but they were, incredibly so in the 1930’s

jean harlow preen

I mean, I keep mine natural, and I give them as much of an arch as I can get away with, but to get them looking like that, no way! Fine, if you take them off completely, just use an eyebrow pencil, it could be done, but…besides which, because of my slight hand tremor, I couldnt regularly draw a line like that on myself anyway.

But, if you want to be a true 30’s girl, I suppose you have to at least give it a go? And given the blessings of modern make up, with enough concealer, I’m told it can be done, without actually having to remove my eyebrows, or have it for more than one night. So…fine, I’ve decided to give it a go, and I hope Jean is proud of me for doing so. But not just yet, so you will have to wait for the evidence.

In November, Eric has his birthday, and normally, we would go out for a meal that night, to celebrate. But, I wont be here, I’ll be in Albany by then. Anyway, I suggested that we go out as a group before I go, and he’s agreed. So, whether we go on the Thursday, or the Friday, thats the day I will get everything done, and include a make up session, and yes, get those eyebrows done! I cant seriously believe I will want them for more than one night, so I dont see it as a problem, but at least I will have tried it…once! I will certainly have to wear a 30’s style outfit that night, for sure!

If by some miracle I do like it, I’ll have to get a friend down south, who does this permanent make up thing, to do them for me, but I cant see it being a problem!

Oh, and thats not the end of my adventurousness either. To be fair, I’ve heard, and seen some horrific stories of spray tanning in the past, with the ‘orange look’ and things. Well, apparently you can have 4 different degrees of tanning, including the fairest one, which would probably work quite well for ‘Harlow with a tan’, so I’m going to give it a try. My initial plan was to do so for my holiday, but Linda has suggested trying it before then, so I’m going to, on my next visit. If I like, get it done again for Kansas, where my thinking is that not being quite so pale might be a good idea, if I dont, then I will go with the very fair look lol!

If it does work, I’ll probably get it done again, for Hollywood, but otherwise, no! Or so I say now at least!

The video, well I’m getting the lashes for the holiday, I’m getting the eyebrows for one night, so given the colour of my eyes…

2 happy anniversaries, and 1 less than happy one

So fine, lets start with the less than happy one, as that’s the biggest milestone of all. One hundred years ago today, World War 1 officially started. It had been boiling up for a month or so, ever since the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, but this date was the one where the first shots were quite literally fired.

The rest is in the history books, as many millions of brave young men died, on the whole, led by fools! I know, its easy to say that in hindsight, but looking back now, history doesnt cast a great picture of those military leaders, whose ideas were by then, clearly behind the times.

Rest in peace, all you brave men, the ones known, and unknown, who died in that 4 and a half year slaughter.

Fine, moving backwards in time, on this date, in 1905, in Brooklyn, a young baby girl was born, Clara Bow. Despite everything in her early impoverished life, in 1921 her picture was sent to a movie company, and the rest was history. Despite her mother’s efforts to end her career before it started, threatening her with a knife, she survived, went to Hollywood, and found fame. 12 years later, she retired from the business, never to make another film, until she met her maker in 1965.

Last, but not least, and the most important in a sense to a Jean Harlow lookalike, is a gentleman born on this day, in 1892. His name, William Powell. Thats right, the man romantically linked to Jean Harlow at the time of her death, and the man who financed the stunning last resting place of both Jean, and her mother. There was actually a 3rd space, for Powell, but as we know, a few years later he remarried, and was buried with her, when he died in 1984. Maybe if its still available, that third space, for me…? No, I know lol!

The irony is, long before they met in Hollywood, Powell, and Harlow (or Carpenter as she was back then) lived no more than a few blocks apart in Kansas City, Powell’s family having moved there in 1907. But obviously, given the age difference, their paths didnt cross for another 20 years or so, and then…

Many years later, when a biography, and a couple of films came out about Jean, Powell is famously reputed to have said that the only things they got right, were ‘her birth, her death, and her movies’ and pretty much the rest was pure fiction! If he said that, I know who I’m inclined to believe about her life.

The video, an extremely tentative connection to Powell. His most famous series of parts was as ‘The Thin Man’, so I thought of this…rolls eyes

Happy birthday, both of you, and rest in peace.

Something to put me off marriage

Even if anyone was crazy enough to want to marry me in the first place! The thought of me, as a bride, hmm…can’t see it happening!

But no, its not the sanity of men, or women that is putting me off marriage, though strictly in that case, its more likely me putting them off marriage. Its something that has grown in popularity in recent times, the hen party! Please, I do not want to get involved in something like that, from what I’ve seen of them at least.

Unfortunately, Leeds seems to be a popular destination for these affairs, especially on a Friday, or Saturday night. When I finish about 8, or 9, as I head down to the station, you pass these groups. Somewhere between 4 and a dozen women, usually drunk (or verging on it), even by that time of night, out on the prowl. They might be too young to fit the ‘Cougar’ definition, but on a search for men, oh yes! Mind, usually the biggest giveaway is the sash, or badge, that says hen party anyway lol!

But on Friday, it wasnt in Leeds that I hit the hen party that inspired this blog, it was on the train to Leeds that lunchtime. Now, I dont want this taken disparagingly, but a bunch of 8 women, from Liverpool, already very drunk, with all but one dressed in bright pink, with the hen party sash, and a frightening pair of those pink headpiece things, also with hen party written on them, was the sight that met me.

The thing was, any man passing them, down the train, in either direction (including the conductor) were subject to sexual innuendos, and in at least one case, physical groping! Thankfully, I was clearly in pass mode, because not a word was said to me! Thankfully, they were going to York, so I wasnt subject to their escort when the train stopped at Leeds.

I know, I know, for some, its a lot of fun, but as someone who has never seen the point in getting drunk, just for the sake of it, and most definitely cannot see what you get out of sexually teasing a man you dont even know, I have no idea.

Oh, and it wasnt my last. Yesterday afternoon, I ran into another hen party, on the platform at Huddersfield. Definitely not sober, definitely not quiet, but angelic compared to the Liverpool mob!

Seriously, if you have to have a hen night, to get married, I’ll live in sin! Not that the situation is ever likely to arise, but…

The video, a Liverpool band (seemed apt), and my chances of finding anyone wanting to marry me!

In The Summertime

Depending on your opinion of things, something has either gone right, or wrong this summer so far, the weather is gorgeous. So much so, I cant remember the last time I shut my bedroom window at night. Yes, I know, tempting fate and all that, but lets chance it. Fine, so July and August over here, should be hot and sunny, but how often of late it hasnt been, is a moot point.

Hey, not only am I wearing a skirt to work now, better ventilation and all that, I’m wearing a thin summer skirt, albeit one down close to my ankles, but thats due to the state of my knees, more than anything else. No, I dont plan on pushing my luck with summer dresses for work, though I went out in one today, albeit most of the time in a car, but at present, I really dont need more. Mind, I do wonder if anyone at work would blink if I did wear a dress to work, but not likely to find out! Well, maybe something less flimsy on Boxing Day, when its a taxi both ways, but they should have forgotten I said that by then lol!

But…it reached 85 here today, and is still 79, even after 8.00 (data care of Weather channel website), but compared to Kansas City, its not that hot, its currently 98 there, mid afternoon! Yes, I know, by September it should have calmed down a bit, but even so…Maybe the brave folk of Missouri and Kansas will have to put up with the sight of my knees, in a shorter skirt! Summer dress, we will see…Lets just say that Albany, in November will need something warmer!

Only snag is, getting to enjoy it. Yesterday I did 10.5 hours at work, tomorrow its 11.75! Yes, some of it is self inflicted overtime, but even so…Mind, I wont be complaining in a few months time about it, will I? 😉 Funny, normally I’m not one for overtime, but this is the last week where the extra pay will go into the August pay packet, to help with holiday costs, so…

Oh fine, you’ve guessed the video? Some shocking sideburns here, I guess things were different in 1970?

A 30’s girl, and modern technology

One thing that always amuses me, is the look on people’s face when I say that I dont use a mobile phone…ever! I would love to say I dont own one, but that wouldnt be true, and strictly, I actually own two. But on an everyday basis, I dont use a mobile phone.

One is actually a US phone, that wouldnt work over here anyway (different transmission systems) which might, if its lucky, get used for 2 weeks a year, and thats it. Pretty much got it for the convenience of Kate, and a couple of others being able to contact me, when over there, and not in the same hotel. As in, when Kate was at work last year, it was easier to ring me on there, as regardless of whether I was in my room, or out, she could get hold of me. Also handy with all these hotel shuttles if I can ring up, and arrange a lift of course. But 50 weeks a year, its not used.

The UK mobile, that got even less work, even when I was actually bothering to carry it around, so much so, that the credit expired, then the SIM card expired, so for at least 2 years, its been sat on the side, in my bedroom. No, I have no immediate plans to reactivate it, but maybe, one day…

I do occasionally use the land line at home, though there is no truth in the rumour that the phone looks like the one in the picture below. It would suit me fine if it did, but the others here might object!

Jean on the phone

And no, that isnt me, despite rumours lol!

Alright you say, how can a true 30’s girl own a laptop? And yes, guilty as charged, its about my one allowance to modernity, in all honesty. And fine, I have a nice colour TV, complete with cable, but hey, TV existed in the 30’s, just looked a bit different back then! 😛

But sorry, to have a mobile phone, that you literally have to have with you, at all times, no thanks! Unless someone wants to create one for me, that looks just like an old fashioned phone, then I might consider it!

The video, a quick one tonight, which pretty much sums up the life of so many mobile users, especially those with those trendy internet connection things

Not getting married in the morning!

Yes, I know, I really wasnt expecting some beau to come and whisk me off my feet tonight, but a girl can dream. Seriously, no, it didnt happen, big surprise. Ah well, there is always Kansas City, wouldnt be a more apt place for it to happen, though I guess Hollywood would be a decent second prize, for a Harlow lookalike lass.

But yes, the sparkly blue dress, the high heels, all got worn when I went out tonight. Seriously, I’m amazed how easy it is to walk in heels, though that doesnt mean I’d want to wear them for the full length of a working day, and I certainly wouldnt want to have to run for a bus wearing them, that is for sure! But for a couple of hours, for a nice meal, with friends, absolutely.

And yes, it is nice going out wearing a dress, dont do it often enough, but I dont get that many chances, but must take at least 1 nice dress away with me in September, I must say. I did last year in Richmond, but given it was the night I was flying solo, I saved Kate from that sight. Maybe this time around…I’ll see what she thinks! As nearly all over there treat me as a woman, I’m sure it would be fine, but I must respect her views too. Plus, how many dress up in finery nowadays to go out for an evening meal, anyway? But yes, for me, its fun to do.

And no, I havent even looked at one of those dating sites, I really dont think I’m the romantic kind, even without ‘other issues’!

The video, well, this is more than 50 years old, and maybe it shows? But then again, so am I, so maybe that shows too? This is a lovely song, if not my favourite version. That is by 70’s group, Middle Of The Road, but I cant find that on You Tube, well not via the search engine, anyway. So lets go with the original Shirelles version

Or as an alternate (or extra if you’re greedy), a version by my favourite Bradford band, Smokie

PS Seemingly the 400th blog, wonder whats the most anyone has read, other than me?

Watch out boys, here she comes…

There may, or may nnot be an element of tongue in cheek in this piece. Your call, depending on how brave you are!

Though I wont exactly call it dressed to kill (no make up, due to my hand tremor, but otherwise…), I will be dressed up tomorrow night, thats for sure! Dress, high heels, the works, boys, you are warned! So, unless you’re feeling brave, maybe avoiding a restaurant in Huddersfield about 5.30 tomorrow night, might be a wise move. Of course, there may be some men (or indeed, women) out there who fancy the challenge of me as their beau?

The dress, yes, given the hot weather at present, I’ve pretty much settled on the dress I’ll wear, a glittery 30’s style blue dress, to stun all the men in town, until they are worshipping at my feet. Yes, I think that last comment is of the tongue in cheek kind! Though, in life, you never know…

Yes, someone’s birthday, so off out for a meal with the group from here, should be good. I know, high heels. Should be fine, I havent got too far to walk in them, and I’ve managed in the past, so…

If anyone is crazy enough to want to come and woo me, ask for the details of venue etc, I’ll let you know. Fine, I wont wait for a rush of requests lol! Lets face it, currently, even if you’re into Harlow lookalikes, I have one little snag, unless you’re a surgeon, in which case, you can probably solve it quite quickly!

No, I’m not going into Cougar mode, in all honesty, I’d be better off with someone closer to my own age, but its fun to suggest otherwise. I do wonder, if I put up some of the more attractive pictures of me on one of these ‘match making’ sites, whether I would get replies, even if I mentioned I was pre op trans, who knows? Possibly get a few more if I advertised as a woman, but I dont feel that would be fair, or possibly a safe move.

But yes boys and girls, sexually active (at present) I might not be, but sexually confident, or is that sexual gender confident, you bet I am! Fine boys, I promise to be a gentle little kitten with you, honest I will…maybe? 😉

The video, what could be more apt?

In their wildest dreams

OK, so many around here know that one of those remaining sports that I still support as a woman, is cricket. And alright, I heard some really funny cricket news today!

An indoor cricket stadium.

So, maybe, with a retractable roof and all that, then maybe one of the major test playing nations might think this is a good move? Maybe, but this is not one of the top cricket nations we’re talking about. Hey, this isnt even one of the elite non test playing nations we’re talking about, this is Canada! And reputedly, it will cost $700 million to develop, and build it.

Hey, lets talk realism, even for the big boys, this would be a major outlay, for someone like Canada, its just plain crazy! Mind, having said all this, there are no design plans yet, no planning permission, and no sign of any of the money, so I suspect the chances of it ever being built are the same as me becoming US President (note, nowadays, only people born in the US can do that, so…)

The irony is, that just at the time that Canadian cricket seems to have gone into total freefall, its threatening to spend money like there’s no tomorrow! Maybe its a North American thing, because the other big joke in cricket at present, is the USACA, one of the 2 major boards squabbling for power in the US.

Dont get me wrong, it might be possible, there are (or have been) a good number of indoor baseball stadiums, more than capable of holding cricket matches, but they all have artificial turf, not grass! There is of course Seattle, which has grass, has a retractable roof, but its only shut when its raining (during, and just before matches), not much of the time as would need to be the case in Canada, where winter is a lot more brutal!

So, an interesting whim, but that is as far as I expect it to get.

This video title seems to sum up the chances of this happening

A sad anniversary (twice over)

The main anniversary I got reminded of today, was something that happened 9 years ago, the series of bombings in London, that left over 50 people dead, shortly after the announcement of winning the right to hold the 2012 Olympics. Coincidence, I think not.

I still remember July 7, 2005 in fact, in some ways. Eric and Nicole were away, I believe if I remember right, on a friend’s boat, just off the Isle of Wight. I hadnt gone, as I was working, of course. I thought they knew this was my day off from work, but as events showed, maybe they hadnt, or maybe when the news struck, they simply forgot.

Anyway, simple fact, when the bombs started to explode, I was down in Leytonstone, getting some shopping. So of course, what happened, they rang home to check on me, and got no reply. Then I get home, hear the news, but dont know they called. That evening, they called again, were relieved to hear the news I was fine, had been no further than town, and relaxed.

You could say I was lucky, and maybe I was, though none of the explosion were on any route I would have taken, but getting home would have been awful from Highbury, so…

Yes, it could have been a lot worse. Lets just remember all that died that day, in those awful events.

The second anniversary? On this day, in 1973, Veronica Lake died, in Vermont. RIP, honey

No music tonight, just wouldnt be right.

I want to ride my bicycle

But no, in that sense, its not the obvious video. In another sense, its even more obvious than that!

This weekend, the incredible event that is the Tour De France, came to Yorkshire! And yes, I at least got to experience it, if not entirely in a good way.

Put it this way, back when I was a guy, I used to quite enjoy watching ‘Le Tour’, principally in the days of the legends that were Lemond, Fignon, Indurain and Pantani. Yes, a while back! I also remember watching Lance Armstrong, but lets say no more about him!

Now, like a lot of sports, since I’ve become a woman, I’ve lost a lot of interest in them. Yes, I know, its amazing what a gender change can do! Golf and Snooker seem to have suffered the same fate to be honest. Horse racing, now thats a funny one. I couldnt see me now going as a gambler (very modest stakes, even back then), but going out socially, all dressed up, just maybe?

Anyway, cycling…

The main man for me in those years was an Italian called Marco Pantani, who made going up very steep mountains look like a stroll in the park! In that very handy thing called hindsight, it seems quite possible that those climbs were ‘assisted’ by illegal substances, though nothing was really proved at the time, but anyway…his mountain climbing was a delight to watch.

As I said, this weekend, the Tour came to Yorkshire…starting in Leeds on Saturday. Yes, where I work! Lets just say the train that pulled into Huddersfield station at 7.45 wasnt the normal one. An ancient goods engine, pulling lots of carriages that hadnt seen public action in a long time. Hey, they were slam door stock, not the modern self locking ones, I’m sure Health and Safety would have had a fit! The train was busy, despite the large number of seats, hardly surprising given how many wanted to see the start of the race.

Clearly the train had seen better days, and it laboured most of the journey to Leeds, losing the best part of 15 minutes on a 20 minute journey! Painful was the word! Actually, getting to work through Leeds was easier than I feared, a bit of congestion crossing the route, but not that bad. By the time I cam home, it was all gone.

Today was stage 2, and it was passing through Huddersfield, my home town this afternoon, about 2.30. No, I avoided town, I was always going to see far more on TV, lets face it, though I guess I might regret not going in time. To be honest, I started watching earlier than expected, for a while, then switched back on about 30 minutes before it was due through Huddersfield, planning to switch off soon after.

Err, I didnt! Indeed, I delayed my bath until after the race was over, in Sheffield, it was that exciting! No, I dont think I’ll get heavily involved in Tour watching again, but it was fun today, and brought up a few nice memories.

The video, yes, a pretty obvious one in all honesty.