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Not everything is visible

A few weeks ago at work, something happened that I didnt exactly feel thrilled about, but decided to give it a pass at the time, but then yesterday, to misquote Jean Harlow in Dinner At Eight, “I was reading an article yesterday, and…” discovered that someone else at work had also suffered a similar issue, which for want of a better term, I shall call ‘Invisible Disability’.

The shameful thing, for which I blame the fact that I was reading it between several phone calls at work, is that I cant remember her exact issue. All I can remember is that someone called her out at work, over a disability that most of her colleagues knew about, and that he either didnt want to accept, which I think it was, or was the one person in the office who didnt know, but either way, she was rightly distressed by the events, and I dont blame her in the slightest for being so.

Mine, funnily enough, I can remember. I arrived at work, and headed for the lift, to get up to the first floor. I can just about cope with standard stairs, though even then, I dont tend to tackle them unless I really have to. No, that doesnt yet stretch as far as using Eric’s stair lift at home, but other than that…I tend to be practical. Down isnt as bad as up, but Bradford Interchange is still the only place (other than home) where I tend to do that, but only because there is only 1 small lift, which has actually been out of order for quite a while, but anyway…

Oh, and workplace is an old mill building, those steps are large! So no go, either way, believe me! So yes, I use the lift, but then again why shouldnt a (partially?) disabled old lady do so?

Fine, what happened, I can hear you shouting! There was one other man waiting for the lift by the time it arrived, having been outside for a smoke. Anyway, he started asking me why I was using the lift, and why shouldnt I use the stairs. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt, explained the situation (lets face it, my brace is hidden under clothing), and he wasnt impressed. So, I showed him the brace, same reaction. But agreed, I shouldnt need to have to explain why I was using the lift in the first place.

But you know, the reason I still nearly reported him, he got off at the first floor as well! Admitted he was just using the lift because he couldnt be bothered to go up the stairs. Anyway, rather than asking him why it was fine for his lazy self to use the lift, but not a disabled lady, I just walked/hobbled away before I erupted in his face, and let off the verbal backlash.

Strangely enough, he’s avoided me ever since then!

So yes, people, before any of you comment about a ‘lazy person’ using the lift, instead of using the stairs, just stop and think, there may be an unseen reason why they cant use the stairs, before putting your foot in your mouth. Not that it seemed to concern him, but anyway… Just please, dont let it be you, next time!

Right, video time. Some old Genesis for you, with as apt a title as I could think of.

When someone is on the line, 625 of them!

Lets just say that you never know who has seen you in the past, and I dont mean stalkers!

My first appearance on National TV, I never got to see! Why? Because I was about 12 at the time, and BBC pictures of Live Sunday League Cricket seemingly caught me on TV. I was at Gillingham, watching the game live, and seemingly my mother had it on TV at home. Yes, you can put two and two together, she saw me on TV. And because nothing was recorded back then, it was before the days of video recorders, and all that (hey, we only had black & white TV at the time, early 70’s), so its safely lost in time. I gather I followed up on a couple of other visits to cricket games (Kent were a strong side, reached cup finals back then) being on TV for at least a few brief seconds!

My first ‘proper’ showing on TV was soon after I started at William Hill in Somerset. It was a ‘well known fact’ that the government were going to change the betting tax rules at that point, and they wanted a representative from within the industry to comment on TV about it, for a couple of minutes of interview. Fine, head office was nowhere nearby, they knew I’d done some acting, so got asked if I would do it, and said yes. Again, I never got to see it, as I was still at work when it was shown on local TV. I did do a couple more related pieces for them before I left there in 1999, but it was unpaid work, and not exactly regular work either!

I did a couple more after moving to another shop in Newbury, again both betting industry related, though I did manage to catch at least one of  them on TV! Nothing to get excited about, it lasted about 30 seconds post edit, but hey, I’d seen me on Local TV! I also gather that a play I worked in, during that time was filmed for TV publicity, though I have never seen it, so I have no idea if I appeared in the background or not!

After that, I managed to do a few more TV appearances, most of which I’ve never seen, because they were for foreign TV companies. I did some fembot related documentaries for a Canadian company, and a couple of US companies, which as far as I know, never showed over here. I did at one point have a video tape of the Canadian one, but have no idea where it is now! So no begging me to put it on You Tube lol!

Since then I’ve done a few diversity related appearances, pretty brief pieces, and no, I dont remember seeing them either. Again mainly because it seemed to be studios from across the Atlantic that was attracted to me! The British ones, no idea, but dont remember seeing them at least.

I’m told I’m in a few pieces on You Tube. An eclectic mix of snippets of said TV performances I suspect, some of the acting performances got there after they happened, and one rather lengthy hypno piece that I did with someone in Chester, about 4 years ago, that I blogged about. No, dont bother going looking for it, its tagged as private, so the only way you’d find it, is if you asked me nicely for the link! The others are out there somewhere, though I have no idea what they are, or where, never looked for them!

The only thing I know of recently (unless I’ve been in a crowd shot at a baseball game) that has been recorded, was the diversity presentation inside the Civil Service last winter. As far as I know, that was only recorded for internal purposes, so sorry, folks.

Where is this leading to, I hear you ask? Well, earlier this week, someone ‘friended’ me on Facebook, and told me that he’d done it because he’d seen me on MSNBC a few years ago. No, courage failed me to ask if it was robot related, or diversity related, though I suspect it was the latter. But yes, isnt it funny how fame can suddenly come back into your life? Fine, not real fame, but at this point in my career…

I suspect now, if I was to do anything, it would be LGBT diversity related, though its not so long ago that a fembot related documentary could have happened, had I been in Southern California, but I wasnt, at the right time. A couple of months later, but they wanted it done, so…who knows? But yes, if I was to do any speaking now, on any media, I suspect its more likely to be about LGBT, old age, disability, or combination thereof! In fact, someone would love me to do that to a Trans group in Florida, but fine, finances are my issue! But yes, I would, if I could!

OK, video time. Its a well known group, but one of their lesser songs. There is a clue in the blog title, but I doubt anyone could work it out from that!


Paper Date

No, dont worry, I’m not signing up for any paper dating line, or any other kind of dating line, I was just looking for a play on words for the video.

Yes, a rare treat for some, but probably what people expect me to blog on occasionally, transgender issues.

Now dont get me wrong, I’m not the prettiest trans girl in the whole wide world, in fact, far from it. And lets face it, at my age, I wouldnt expect to be anyway! But at the same time, apart from a few sniggers from young people, I dont tend to attract much bad attention either.

Actually, in an ironic sort of way, it amuses me who does react sometimes. On a Friday, or Saturday evening in Leeds, many young girls seem to regard it as a challenge to wear as few clothes as possible, without being arrested for indecency. Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen them elsewhere, the skirt/dress barely covers their modesty, and wearing heels they can barely walk on. And if I finish at 9, or 9.15, they can be seen throwing themselves at men by that point, generally having over imbibed on alcohol, I trust.

But for all their behaviour, no, they arent the ones who inspired me to write this.

When I’m on a late shift (shift working wise, I’m on a run of 6 in a row!), I tend to stop off at the Sainsbury’s in Leeds, to get some food for my meal, before heading to work. Nothing exciting, I concentrate on calories to keep me going at those times, not gourmet delights. Outside the main entrance there are 2 men sat, selling the local evening paper. As much as I can tell, they arent the brightest bunnies in the world. Lets face it, if you are, you dont spend your days trying to sell newspapers to passers by, do you?

I dont think I’ve ever seen people buy one to be honest, probably because they are ‘slightly’ crazy in peoples eyes, for whatever reason. I’m not sure if its crazy, or mentally limited, but anyway…

One of them has recently taken to shouting at me as I go into the store, that I should act like a man with him. No, I just go hastily by, into the store, its not worth the hassle, but I do wonder what he means.

Does he want me to go and have a drink of beer (or something) with him, and talk about man issues, or what? I’m tempted to ask him if he wants me to put on a strap on, and take him up his back passage, but I doubt it somehow lol! Ironically, I think the only ones who take any notice are him, and his mate, and no one even looks at me when they are shouting at me, clearly their crazy reputation goes further than me!

Thing is, I’m not sure who employs them, I assume its the newspaper group, or would it be the supermarket? No, I’m not really likely to report them for transphobia, I think its as much amusement for their simple minds as anything else, but I do wonder? Until its more than words, I’ll leave it be for now, but given there is a Morrison around the corner, I have considered changing my loyalties. No, Sainsbury’s wont notice the difference with one person, but am I the only one?

Ah well, the delights of being trans, I guess?

The video, well, it rhymes with the blog title, some Genesis for your delight.