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Looking at life from both sides

A couple of days ago, a friend sent me this link, and wondered what my thoughts on the matter were

Because, lets face it, most people havent seen this from both sides of the fence, as I have. To be honest, I dont know if this truly shows as an issue of trans folk in senior positions, or women as a whole? And maybe, unlike these people in the report, I havent really chased promotion too much at work, either side of the actual change, but on the one occasion I did, I didnt get the job. Maybe it was because I wasnt the best candidate (quite possible), and it might have nothing to do with being trans, or a woman, but, if you look around our management at work, its all male! Fine, when we had that round of supervisor interviews, I think I was the only woman who applied, but…

For me, I’ve got past the point of concerning myself too much with promotion issues anyway, I dont quite say I’m sliding happily towards retirement, but actively chasing promotion, probably not, I think my days of doing that have passed. But I do hope things improve (especially for us MTF trans folk) in the future, because I feel they need to!

Oh, and on a ‘lighter’ note,

Yesterday lunchtime, Huddersfield station…

Yes, the train was late, but thats nothing new! Lets just say I got the train before mine, and it left after my scheduled one should have done, not that this is about that, so…

A woman came up to me on the platform, started off chatting generally, including comments about the train service. Anyway, for a couple of minutes, during which I was wondering what status I had in her eyes, she put me straight. Something along the lines of, if I curled my hair a bit, and wore make up, I would look really femme. So yes, I told her that the make up issues will be sorted out in January (at which point I guess I’m going to have to start using foundation, or even sooner on that), and that next week, the hair will be getting plenty of curls, when Sophie gets hold of it.

Anyway, we split at Leeds (yes, the other end of the journey) and she wished me all the best for the future. So maybe, for her, I didnt pass perfectly, but I’m doing a decent job.

Last, but not least, for today.

Last night, I was working until 10.00, and that entitles me to a taxi home. Sometimes you get a taxi to yourself, sometimes you have to share. Yesterday, initially, I was down to share one. About 2 minutes later, an updated list arrives by email, and I have a taxi to myself, and their name has disappeared from the list. Now, there might have been a perfectly good reason for this, or it might just have been…perish the thought!

Fine, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, hardly surprising under the circumstances for some, as I’m trans, and not a shrinking violet, shall we say? And no, I have no idea what brought about the change, but I await with interest the next time I’m due to share with this person, and see what happens! Well, assuming I remember this in about 3 weeks (the next time I will need a taxi), but I’m like an elephant, I dont tend to forget! Anyway, I got home earlier because of it, so swings and roundabouts, but…his loss!

OK, fine, I’ll try and come up with something more cheery on Sunday, which will be the last pre break blog, as I finish next Wednesday afternoon, my days off tacked on to the start of my holiday

The video, well, as so often, the clue is in the title