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…talking Italian

So alright, lets have a lighter entry into the weekend, and still got 2 working days ahead of me to look forward to, lol!

Actually, I dont speak Italian, cant even remember learning any for my holiday in Italy many years ago. Some would say thats why I go the US and Canada nowadays, no languages to learn!

I have learnt a few languages in my life on a serious basis, a few more for holidays, which unsurprisingly I cant now remember any of. Apart from the obvious one, English, and dare I say it, American English, the languages I’ve dabbled in more seriously are French (school), Gaelic (my Irish ancestry for you) and, wait for it, Estonian! In case anyone wonders, or cares, I loved Tallinn so much that I thought about going out there to work for a while, and studied accordingly. As with so many things in my life, it never happened in the end, but anyway…just be warned, its not the easiest language to learn lol!

Nowadays I might scrape a few words of basic French together, but that would really be it for foreign languages. I can still scrape a few words of Gaelic, but without a translator like Google, it would be risky trying it in public! Estonian, sadly allĀ forgotten now, but at least I tried.

Alright, so fans of 80’s pop may have worked out the video tonight already. Its not a ‘classic’ song, but a good piece of three (and a half) minute pop, it does work, so…


Just wishing my readers a good weekend, whatever you’re doing, and just think of me working hard. Best wishes, speak to you again soon.