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Working as a woman?

Confused? Oh, I hope so. Yes, I do, every day, I know. But as I’m sure all readers know (or should know), that hasnt always been the case. Indeed, technically, my current job is my first one where my passport states that I am female, but in at least 2 jobs before that, to some degree or another, I had already come out as a woman.

The first of those jobs, it was known by some, but apart from one day, I never dressed literally in a female style, but pretty much everyone that needed to know, knew.

The next job was the one where I officially started to transition, including the first name change, and acknowledgement of being a female worker, though reaction was mixed at best, and from some, not as good as that. A few insisted on using my old name, even though they knew it annoyed me, but it was a ‘mans world’, so maybe they just thought they were being all macho by doing so, instead of just coming over as jerks!

So yes, part of my choice to take redundancy from there was definitely related to that, though the new conditions of work werent really to suit, and the redundancy offer was good, so…

Now we come to my current job, and surrounding events, primarily tomorrow, and the tale of working as a Transgender person in the Civil Service. Some know which department, for others, does it really matter? I’ll be honest with you, the main line I will use tomorrow, is the comment that its the same as any other woman working in that department! Yes, honest it is. Oh, and do you know what, thats the best way for it to be. And before you ask, no, its no secret, and doesnt need to be, perfection! I suspect there might be 1 or 2 around the building who keep out of my way, just discreetly, but no, I’ve never had any negative reaction come back to me, from anyone!

So yes, for me at least, the talk tomorrow will give a very positive view of working as a transgender woman in the Civil Service. Officially, the dress code is smart casual, so I could get away with a nice top, and slacks. But yes, you’ve guessed it, its going to be a dress for me! I know, I’ve only worn a dress in the office a few times since starting there, for later events, but it has been done, so lets do it again!

Its going to be interesting doing the speech. I’ve performed to far bigger audiences in my time, but not in a while, but I’m sure I havent lost the knack. Fine, I havent got a script this time, but I’m sure I’ll survive. But yes, at this moment at least, I’m looking forward to doing this, I must say. Whether I might feel slightly differently at 11.00 tomorrow, who knows?

But yes, I am officially, just a woman, working in the Civil Service, who just also happens to be transgender, end of story.

The video, I’m told, is the original Helen Reddy version of this song. If you know different, then fine, but its what someone says, and 44 years on, I have to go by what they tell me lol!

Delta dawned, and made me proud

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a member of a couple of airline loyalty schemes, 2 of my preferred trio from the past life. I have no idea why I never joined Aer Lingus, but besides that…Yes, the conglomerate now known as American, who gobbled up my other loyalty scheme with US Airlines, and Delta.

I’ve checked American’s site, and changing my name, and gender, while keeping my mileage stored there, not seemingly an issue. No, not actually done it yet, as it will be next year before I fly with them at the earliest. Irony, their miles only last 18 months, so I had to give back 1,000, to keep the other 34,000 via a charity scheme, but thats fine by me.

So then I look at Delta, expecting it to be the same situation, but no, you cant even change your name by yourself, let alone your gender. Must be crazy when people get married, but anyway…The big snag? Well, on their website, it says that to change such things, you have to send it in writing to Atlanta. Yes, fine if you’re in the US, but if like me, you’re in the UK, not a serious option, especially if you might be booking with them in a month or so. I know, I could open a new account, but again, I have about 35,000 miles on the scheme with them, and even if I’m never likely to travel enough for an international flight, fitting in a US domestic one, hmm, as they dont expire, ever!

So, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I sent in a question about the matter, and included in the attachment, the deed poll of my name change, and half expected them to say, fine, but you need to send it to our UK office or something. No, the first working day (Monday) after I did so, I came back home to a lovely email saying all was fine, account was changed, name and gender, and wishing me all the best for the future!

To be fair, the September trip, if its into Boston, and out of Boston, I’m flying Delta after that! I prefer them anyway, as you get more leg room options than Aer Lingus. If either way involves flying via Hartford, its probably going to be Aer Lingus, and make my knees suffer, simply because they have the direct flights, that Delta doesnt to that airport. But yes, if its only outward from Hartford, I might look at Delta, now, all the same.

OK, video time. Fine, it took me seconds to come up with this one. A not greatly edited version of the obvious song, but its live, and not only do you get Helen Reddy, you get Glen Campbell too

Oh, and while we’re talking transgender airline moments, 50 days from today, my first flight as a woman, cool! šŸ˜€

Those ‘real’ people you get to know on Social Media

Yes, tonight’s blog is a tribute to those lovely people who contact you by social media, and email, that you’ve never heard from before, and are never likely to do so again, once they’ve dealt with you. Yes, all the variations of scammers.

Lets be honest, I can’t imagine there is anyone who hasn’t had one of those emails from West Africa (mainly Nigeria), offering you a large sum of money, if they help you to secrete money out of their country. I know, I think that was the first major scam that people fell for, mainly I suspect through pure greed. Yes, the only people who got rich out of it, were the scammers! To be honest, the only surprise is that people are still sending it out, and more frighteningly, people are still falling for it!

Not that I’m totally innocent of being scammed, they got me not so long ago, unfortunately. Yes, I got done, by my sad situation, of trying to find a job. Thankfully, it only cost me Ā£100, not more, as many probably get stung for. Fine, the wages looked too good to be true, and so it proved. Unfortunately, it was only after I’d sent the money, and not heard back from them, that I did a little investigating. The website looked genuine, until you looked between the lines. All the favourable reviews were from Australian companies, which for a firm based in Somerset, would be a bit strange. And yes, when I put the phone number into Google, I found out the bad news, I’d been had! Why anyone wants to prey on the poorest, most desperate people, I have no idea, but it seems they do. Amusing thing was, when they tried to pull the same routine on me, just a week later.

Only consolation now, is that if its not an agency, or a major company, and they contact me direct, I look before I leap. Yes, 3 more have tried it on, but I havent bitten. One was a financial company, seemingly with a London phone number, but that was fake! Yes, if you ever see an 0203 phone number, its almost certainly a scam! Another was some Chinese company, a very weird email, but when you checked the email address out, warning signs come up! The third was supposedly a US company, but the snag was, the head office phone number was on the East Coast, but the company address was in Texas! Yes, fake!

But what brought out this blog, is a couple of things I saw on Facebook today. Firstly, a good friend of mine posted this on her page

scam photo

And yes, before you ask, Juice Plus is genuine, I’m told its very good, so if you want agent details, let me know, and I’ll put you in touch. Me, I might, if I had any money! But yes, what I love is the comment about how many people believe that a random stranger on Facebook wants to give them large sums of money, just for liking, and sharing their posting! Please, get real! These people are simply after large lists of names, and details, that they can use for other purposes.

The one today that made me realise just how many people fall for these things, was made clear, by someone trying to pretend to be Delta Airlines. Yes, a page on Facebook, opened this weekend, called Delta Air. 2 postings, one offering 950 free first class tickets, plus $500 to anyone sharing their page, and posting in the comments. The others was 15 $1500 vacations for groups of 10 people, plus $5000 each to spend. Yes, even if I didnt already know that Delta are just Delta, not Delta Air (I’m a silver frequent flyer, for heavens sake), 2 clicks gave away the fact its a scam. If nothing else, if you have to privately ask what Delta’s website is…

Scary bit, combine the 2 pages together, over 200,000 people had done as requested, and I’m sure their details will be passed for people to abuse! Fine, some had probably done both, but even so…Why do I suspect no one bothered to check through to their page on Facebook? Just saw the crazy offer, and…

Yes, fine, if someone offered me a million now, that could be genuine, I’d probably request to meet them personally to get the funds! So yes, Bill Gates, send me a flight ticket to Seattle, as well as the million pounds! Or anyone else, you get my drift?

Lastly, the video. Well, as a tribute to a non existent airline

Hiding something away

Its fair to say nowadays that I’m pretty happy with most of my body, even more so given that no hormones have been involved in this transformation, though I do wonder if hypnosis has somehow activated all those female hormones laying latent within me, and brought about some amazing changes.

So alright, my boobs arent huge, but then again, a number of natural women arent really any bigger than me, though possibly they have more of a full curve than mine do at present, but quite possibly they are getting there. And maybe the waist and hips ratio isnt perfect, but its not bad either! The chin and hairline, well they arent doing badly either. So all in all, seemingly for a good majority of people, if not more, I seem to pass as a woman. Of course the irony is that you only hear when people dont think you pass generally, because otherwise, lets face it, why would you say anything to a woman about looking like a woman?

So it comes down to one thing that annoys me about my body, irony is, I’m generally the only one that sees it! But even so, yes, the penisĀ lurking down thereĀ does annoy somewhat! And yes, I would love to be able to hide it from view, if not more.

The one thing you never know with these blogs, is who your readers are. Alright, I have a good idea about some (yes James, that does include you lol), but others, well you dont know who they are, or what their talents are. There may be no doctors, designers, inventors or otherwise, but if you dont ask, you dont find out.

So to the medical readers, the question is, is there some way of raising the penis and balls (surgically or otherwise) so that they either disappear completely from sight, or pretty much do so. All I’m interested in is enough to make going to the toilet possible, and beyond that,…and lets face it, a girl should have labia lips anyway. Complete change would be great, but as I’ve said before, I’ve really not the fight at my age to take on the Leeds NHS again, and that would all take time anyway, and at my age, well, the sooner something changes, the better.

Designers, inventors, whatever you wish to be called, this next bit is for you. Could something be designed to fit over the penis and balls in such a way as to just leave an opening for toilet needs, and nothing more? And by this, I mean something that can be worn pretty much on a permanent basis, not the odd day here or there. I know its covered up, but it would be lovely if when I lowered the pants, I didnt see him there!

And no, not looking for a freebie or anything, though I wouldnt say no, but dont expect it. If the gadget, or ‘surgery’ really worked, then it would be more than worth the cost, simply because its the only thing I need to get done for a pretty remarkable change to a natural woman anyway. Or at least the look of one, as bits would not get removed (presumably?) of course.

So, if the right person reads this, or someone who does, and knows the right person who could, then please let me know. Oh, and if any wealthy benefactor out there wants to buy me a boob job for Christmas lol…not sure I want them huge, just fuller really, but…I cant afford, or justify the cost to myself, thats for sure. They at least are blooming, more important to me is the disappearance of something else, if only from visible sight.

Oh, dont worry, the video is coming, I do wonder how many look at these choices too? Maybe this is a bit cheeky, as I’m not natural, or even post op, but it certainly works for me as my mindset at least