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There’s nothing I know of, in Rio

Well, apart from a forthcoming Olympics, I guess? But fine, that should give you a clue to tonights video at least. That really was a two way choice, but hey, this is the preferred choice. I wouldnt be surprised if you dont get the other later this month, anyway.

So, given it starts next Friday, and apart from tomorrow, this is the last posting before then, I thought I’d better give it a quick mention. No, in truth, I wont go out of my way to see much of it, especially given that the evening entertainment, which tends to be the highlights, will be overnight here in the UK.

In truth, so far at least, its beginning to look a slight non event. A vast majority of the Russian competitors are banned, due to past, and present drug enhancements of their talents, their weightlifters even being pulled, because their Federation pretty much admitted they are cheating the system. Not that I suspect that all the competitors from other countries are innocent, much the opposite in fact, but anyway…! Its fair to say that one or two sports are so tainted, it would be the ones not cheating who would be the exception, rather than the other way around!

No, I’ve never actually been to an Olympic event, which is probably something I will regret someday, especially when they were held in London, but it was my choice. Funnily enough, I’ve been to a few cities where relatively recent Olympics were held, and seen a few locations used, but thats about it.

In that sense, the obvious place to start is London, where the last Olympics were held. In fact Stratford wasnt very far from where I lived between 2003, and 2005, but given I left just after the announcement, I havent seen the stadia in person. Yes, it might have been fun to have gone back, and seen the area in 2012, but given the prices of most tickets, the travel, and accommodation costs I would have incurred, I passed on that. As I say, give me a few years, I might regret it, but for now… As I say, 1908, and 1948 really arent relevant now.

The other city with special Olympic memories for me, is Athens. Not from when it actually happened in 2004, but from when it didnt happen, but they assumed it would, in 1996. There seemed to be some confident assumption in Greece that they would get said Olympics, as the centenary of the first one held there. Thing is, for whatever reason, they didnt, Atlanta beat them, and lots of recriminations ensued. My amusing memory of all this, going out there at the end of September 1990, on holiday, and seeing numerous shirts, and tops, proudly proclaiming Athens Olympics 1996, and of course, it wasnt going to happen. Surprisingly, not, they were being sold off cheap! Yes, I got one, though of course I dont still have it now. I did actually get to see 1 historic stadium from 1896 in Athens, but that was it.

The one city where I have seen Olympic venues, is the obvious one, Los Angeles. In fact, some of the venues from both 1932, and 1984 survive, and I saw them last year, on both trips. There is talk that they are going to try to again hold them in 2024 (the reason why Metro trains are going to be connected to the Airport), but we will see. In truth, unless I’m living in the area (I only wish!) by then, I’ll probably pass, for a ‘quieter’ time in the city, a merely relative term. Its why I’m amused by the fact I love the city so much, as it, especially Hollywood, is so unlike me, but hey, it happened anyway!

I have also been to Amsterdam, but as it was held there only in 1928, there wasnt much to see!

The video, as I say, was a 2 way choice. Given my love of the eclectic humor of Mike Nesmith, my love of The Monkees as a group, and the feel of the video, this was the obvious choice.


Monday, Monday, not just another day

OK, so I guess people want to know how it went? Fine, fine…

Mundane stuff first. No, I avoided the high heels, which my knees appreciated. I did wear heels though, just low block type heels, much easier to walk in, and more comfortable to wear. Having said that, my knees were still grumbling a little by the end of the day, but less than they would have done had I gone with the high heels.

Now, I’ve done a job interview in a dress before, but that was a short hop to Leeds, not all day to go down to London and back. But yes, it was fine, it was fun, and I loved every minute of it. Black, traditional, I know, but its what they seem to expect, so…

To be honest, both train journeys went fine, not a lot to report. Most fun moment of the journey down, was Starbucks, at Leeds. As you may, or may not know, when they’re busy, they ask for a name, to put on the paper (or whatever it is) cup, to make sure you get the right one. They were, and asked my name. Cool as a cucumber, I replied ‘Harlow’, always wanted to do that. Good job they didnt want a first name lol! What? Jean? Oh absolutely!

As I said, everything went fine, so I ended up at Paddington with 30 minutes or so to spare. So another coffee, pre interview, again purchased by Ms Harlow. That is just so much fun!

Then to the interview, all seemed to go pretty well, I must say. Looked good, felt good, answered well, and all that.

Then back to Kings Cross, and…because I was trying to save money, by buying advance tickets, I had to commit to a certain train. So, I allowed plenty of time, and…I ended up getting back to Kings Cross nearly an hour before my train was leaving! So fine, lunch.

I did live in London for a couple of years (03-05), and knew the place was more expensive than the rest of the country, but seriously…anyway, I paid up, had a toasted sandwich, and coffee, before heading off for my train.

Platform 2, they said, and lo and behold, there was my reserved seat waiting for me. Only thing is, about a minute later, we are being redirected to Platform 3, and no reserved seats! Thankfully, all was fine, train wasnt too busy, so…arrived back at Wakefield on time, train to Huddersfield on time, and all that.

Oh, I heard last night, by email. Again (seems a popular call of late) I did really well, but only ended up as the bridesmaid, not the bride. Ah well, there’s always Plan B, or C, or whatever lol!

The video, sums up the end result of the interview, I’m afraid

A sad anniversary (twice over)

The main anniversary I got reminded of today, was something that happened 9 years ago, the series of bombings in London, that left over 50 people dead, shortly after the announcement of winning the right to hold the 2012 Olympics. Coincidence, I think not.

I still remember July 7, 2005 in fact, in some ways. Eric and Nicole were away, I believe if I remember right, on a friend’s boat, just off the Isle of Wight. I hadnt gone, as I was working, of course. I thought they knew this was my day off from work, but as events showed, maybe they hadnt, or maybe when the news struck, they simply forgot.

Anyway, simple fact, when the bombs started to explode, I was down in Leytonstone, getting some shopping. So of course, what happened, they rang home to check on me, and got no reply. Then I get home, hear the news, but dont know they called. That evening, they called again, were relieved to hear the news I was fine, had been no further than town, and relaxed.

You could say I was lucky, and maybe I was, though none of the explosion were on any route I would have taken, but getting home would have been awful from Highbury, so…

Yes, it could have been a lot worse. Lets just remember all that died that day, in those awful events.

The second anniversary? On this day, in 1973, Veronica Lake died, in Vermont. RIP, honey

No music tonight, just wouldnt be right.