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Yes, its arrived at last, the first blog post of the new year. To be honest, today has been a typical January day here in Huddersfield, wet, very windy, quite cold, and no, I havent ventured outdoors, I’ve got more sense than that. I’ve not been at work today, but one race meeting quite literally got blown away. Always the way, get a very quiet day (just one meeting) when I’m off, grumble, lol!

The funny thing is, I’ve got my first holiday of the year in just 3 weeks time. No, I’m not daft, our holiday year is April to March, and I’m not one for taking a lot of time off during the main part of summer. So got a week off then, a few more days at the very beginning of March, then that will be it until, ooh, April! Even Seattle wont be as wet as Huddersfield today, famous last words I suspect!

Plans for my holiday, none really, though friendly banter on one of the Forums I inhabit has got me looking at a few days in Porto, cheaper than I thought it would be, to be frank. No more than 50/50, but thats often a fatal number with me all the same! Otherwise, just a few day trips from here I suspect. Hopefully the weather will be better than today, thats for sure.

On the other side of things, as usual January has brought up the latest round of rail fare increases, nearly 6% which is ridiculous given the service we get. I wouldnt mind paying more if we had a punctual and reliable service, and a decent chance of getting a seat, but…thats getting into fantasy land, here, with the most expensive rail fares in Europe, and one of the lousiest services!

Alright, rant over, lets get to the music. Something apt, something very 70’s as well. Enjoy,