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My favourite addiction

Oh darlings, if you’re expecting anything sensational here, disappointment will abound. After all, by now you should all know that sex holds zero interest for me.

Never smoked, never done drugs (other than those prescribed by doctors), and though I have the very occasional sip of alcohol, its certainly not an addiction. There are some that might say chocolate, but to be honest, I eat a lot less of it than I used to, definitely proving its no addiction lol! So whats my wicked vice, I’m sure you’re wondering, its coffee!

Put up your hand if you’re disappointed by that revelation lol! To be honest, I dont quite know when it started to become a serious thing, because I used to be mainly a tea drinker, but somewhere along the line I almost stopped drinking tea, and drank coffee all the time. My suspicion lays that it was around the late 80’s, when I first travelled abroad, and found out the old saying about other countries not knowing how to make a decent cup of tea came true, especially in Eastern Europe. So as I drank coffee, I switched over to it while away, and never switched back. Not strictly true, I do very occasionally have a cup of tea, usually when no milk is available, as I can drink tea black, but cant abide black coffee!

Not that I’m a coffee snob, it should be said, most of the time I drink instant, of various qualities. I do sometimes treat myself to a nice cup of coffee, usually a latte, usually when work has run out of milk, and I’m gasping for coffee, after a burst of black tea, which I can drink, but really enjoy, might be another matter lol! So yes, guilty, its all about the caffeine I guess? But then, late at night, I drink decaffeinated, so that blows that theory lol! But yes, that first cup in the morning, pure pleasure. No prizes for guessing what I’ll be doing when I’ve finished this blog either!

And no, if you did a blindfold test of Starbucks, Costa and a couple of others, I couldnt tell the difference. Yes, I can tell the difference between them and instant, especially the lower quality ones though, believe me!

So sorry, darlings, if you were expecting something risque, or exciting here, look away. If you wanted to know my secret vice, well you do now! x

The video, well again you get a double delight, or in this case, should that be a double shot? The first, the modern(ish) version from Manhattan Transfer, a group from my music buying years,

The other, much older, call this the Brooksie era version from the King Sisters. And beyond what Wikipedia tells me, no, I know nothing more about them