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What to wear?

Where, to the works christmas dinner of course, darlings!

Its funny, every year at the Queens, its been very formal, suit for the men, dress or suit for the ladies. Yes, I know I could have been an utter rebel, and worn a dress, but I really have no desire for controversy and the like, so I’ve always worn a trouser suit, albeit very much a woman’s one. If anyone wants to argue that, the jacket lining is pink, so…! I think if there was such a thing as a formal blouse and skirt, I might have gone with it, but a dress…no, step too far for some, I suspect, and I like to keep my job.

Therefore I assumed this year, despite the new venue, that the rules would be the same? Got a nice blouse or two picked up over the months, and the suit is around, err, somewhere! Its in my room, just dont ask exactly where lol!

But like with so many things, I was wrong. There is the option to dress formally, but there is also the chance to go in fancy dress, and there will be prizes for such things. It could actually be fun, those that are considering it seem to be doing so with style, so it should work out fine. No, I’m not trying for the Cinderella ballgown look before you ask, couldnt afford one probably even if I was feeling that brave! And besides, I cant think of anything classy femme fancy dress, within a reasonable budget that would fit the bill anyway, especially if I’m excluding nice dress styles lol! The thing is, I sort of gather that a few (maybe more?) expect something from me this year, given I suppose you could claim that fancy dress gives a transgender girl more options to dress in style?

Clearly one does at least, and I doubt she’s alone. Sunday morning, someone (no name, though a few at work might guess) turned round to me and said, “And I expect you to be wearing a dress this year now!”. It has to be said no one agreed, or disagreed with her, so whether thats a general view, or just hers, not a clue! What didnt get specified was if she meant a normal dress, or a femme fancy dress, though my suspicions go to the former, with my get out (if needed) being the latter as a reason for doing so. Lets face it, I have got dresses, though they are nearly all of the practical kind, not the evening wear type, and the latter would tend to give away that the cleavage isnt entirely natural anyway, though I guess that wont surprise that many, but…

My main concern is what I call the ‘other departments’. My department know, probably wouldnt be totally shocked to see me in a dress in one sense, though as they’ve never seen me before in anything but trousers, they might still get a surprise! But there are other parts of the building, who dont know me, only ever see me on one night, and might not see it as favourably as some, and as I say, I have a job to keep, if nothing else! So no, I think that person will be disappointed, just dont tell her that in advance!

But on a fancy dress front, would a flapper girl look qualify, do you reckon? I could go get my hair bobbed I guess, though not that short, I’d hate people to think I was a guy lol! But a shoulder length bob style, maybe…? But no, flapper dresses are generally far too short anyway, I need something below the knees, injuries ensure they arent a pretty sight! Maxi length flapper dress anyone, one that doesnt show too much cleavage, hmm…?

No, seriously, my money is on the standard trouser suit, but…just maybe…

The video, lets just call this ‘Flappers having fun’ and leave it at that!