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The holiday starts with the long, boring bit

Yes, you all know what I mean, the Transatlantic flight.

To be honest, it all went very smoothly, I hope thats a good sign for the rest of the week.

OK, smoothly, in one sense, hmm…?

Every other US airport I’ve been through, you queue up nicely for your turn with the immigration official, do as you’re told, and move on. Nope, in Atlanta, for those of us who have already used our ESTA thing, we can use this machine to do all that.

All fine, but it didnt want to know with one of my finger prints, and the photo was a battle too, to get the right distance away etc, but after that… Seriously, I have never passed through immigration, and customs as swiftly as that, in my life! Even re doing security at Atlanta was quick. Shame is, I have to do Philadelphia in 2 months time, and I suspect that wont be as easy!

Beyond that, not much to say, met Kate, rode to hotel with Kate, and had bite to eat. Then got up to date on here, and went to bed. Bed is amazing, and huge, I could easily do the Harlow sprawl on there, as below, with ease

Harlow reclining

No, I havent got that nightwear though!

And really, for now, thats it! Baseball game later today, which along with any other Sunday happenings, will be mentioned in the next blog.

The video, guess which state Atlanta is in?