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The joys of shift working

As some here will know, and others soon will, I work shifts in a call centre. This means I can be working anywhere between 8 in the morning, and about 9.30 in the evening, so there probably isnt a time of the day I havent travelled one way or the other, within reason of course!

Snag is, I live in Huddersfield, work in Leeds, so by the time you throw in travel time (especially early and late, and Sundays/Bank Holidays), it makes the timings even more fun. And yes, that is me being cynical, and yes, I have an 8 am start tomorrow, which means being up by about 4.45

Alright, it means an early finish, but I’m not really the type who can come home and grab a couple of hours sleep then, besides which, even if I could, it would only throw my sleeping patterns out for the next night. One of these isnt too bad, but next week I’ve got 2 in a row, really not looking forward to that.

Dont get me wrong, its part of the job, so fair enough, but that wont make it any easier tomorrow morning, it has to be said. Thankfully, coffee is my friend, and will hopefully keep me going lol! The only time its a real killer is when I have a late the night before, then a very early, but those are pretty rare it has to be said.

To be honest, otherwise, shift working isnt too bad, even if for some the idea of working weekends would be strange. I dont mind in all honesty, if I want to make appointments, or get other things done, its usually easier midweek anyway.

OK, fine, this is just a bit of a ‘grumpy old woman’ posting, because she knows she’s not looking forward to the early start in the morning, but it allows me to let off steam, might amuse my readers, and sneaks in a blog posting so I dont feel like I’m ignoring you. So there! 😛

Alright, the music video, for once there’s no clue in the title, though the more senior of you might have an inkling what the tune might be. Sorry, cant find a live video for this, might be something to do with the song being over 40 years old lol!

And no, neither of the blondes are me!