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If I was a Carpenter, I could build Harlean’s house!

Alright, I’ll attempt to write a fairly short blog (I know!) just to let you know the news, I have finally got around to requesting the deed poll certificate in my new name. Yes, it had to wait until I got back from the US to get it done, as I didnt want any fun flying to LA, and back, but now its done. Seemingly, if I’d kept it to myself (and close friends), I could have done it beforehand, as its only when you officially present the paperwork to the authorities that it becomes formal, but anyway…all sorted now, and done.

And yes, the clue to the chosen first name is in the blog title, eventually I settled on the one that I really wanted in the first place, despite my concerns about the name match, to some degree. But in the end, I knew I had to do it, so…

Last night, I ordered the deed poll certificate in my new name, Miss Harlean Stephanie Carpenter. I’m guessing most who know me will carry on calling me Steph, or Stephanie, and lets face it, I might take a little while to get used to anyone actually calling me Harlean anyway lol! But I’ll enjoy it when they do! Now, if anyone can transform me to look like the original Harlean (Harlow) Carpenter, I’d appreciate it!

I did it now, on the grounds I’m either going to be in a job in the next couple of weeks, and not needing a passport for ID anywhere, or I’m going to be doing my clinical research trial, and not needing a passport for a while, for ID purposes at job interviews! Once I get the certificates, I’ll need to go to the doctor’s surgery, and get my name changed, at which point I’ll request the letter from him, confirming I’ve lived as a woman for 5 years, have no plans to do otherwise in the future, and then apply for the passport, as a woman! Yes, the last element of maleness will be gone! 🙂

I might still get the Gender Recognition Certificate at some point, though given the passport is the last thing that shows me as male, its a moot point. I really couldnt justify the cost at present (£140), though maybe when I (finally) get a job, or the money from the research trial, I might just get it done anyway, as a true last step to being a woman.

Anyone wanting to like this news, or congratulate me, would be nice.

Fine, lastly, the video. Yes, the clue is in the title, focus on the first part. Fine, I cant see anyone offering to marry me, and I’m definitely not having any babies, but otherwise…

Had to ask her, her name

Its funny how my attitude has changed to the whole name issue, since transitioning.

At the time, not only did I just literally tweak my Christian name, to something bi-gender, to make the whole thing easier, even the change I made to my middle name was made on the same basis, rather than doing what I probably should have done, and properly became Stephanie Louise, and lived by it. Yes, I changed the surname completely, back to my mothers maiden name, so that it made me look like the great unmarried spinster that I was, lol!

I mean, for many issues now, I could (and sometimes do) say my name is Stephanie, and live by it, though of course that might cause fun on any matter that requires my passport, but anyway, I could always say I used to prefer not to use the formal version, or something, I guess? Or I could just formalise it again, by deed poll, but…my one concern with that, is the only place not willing (or not last time around at least) to change my gender to female, was the passport office! Who knows, they might change their minds now, after all I’ve been living formally as a woman for 5 years now, but I wouldnt want to hold my breath! (It does seem now, that if I got a letter from the doctor, confirming I had lived as a woman for over 2 years, I can now get one as a female, phew!)

The other thought I’ve had, is to change the name completely, and start all over again. And yes, Harlean Carpenter has a very sweet sounding ring to it, I must say. No, I wouldnt take Harlow as my middle name, though I could be tempted to take Jean, all the same. I know, I could take Jean as my first name, but as I’ve already used Harlean a few times, I might even be used to it by now. 😉 Otherwise, I might just keep Stephanie, for old times sake! Also, that way, if I should have problems remembering my name, I can always use my middle name, as many others do!

There is also the beauty that Harlean is very much a name used for both genders, though very rarely used at all nowadays in any case!

To be honest, I’d probably go for it, like a shot, but for one thing, the cost of a new passport…again! Most of the other stuff just involves taking your deed poll to various places, getting your new name changed, and leaving it at that. Yes, there is a small cost for the deed poll as well, but besides that…its that passport fee!

I wouldnt be able to do it now, before September anyway, as I have a flight pre booked under my current name, but after that…I might become Harlean, for real! Or at least get rid of that ghastly abbreviated Stevie, and make it Stephanie, at least.

I must admit, I’ve noticed this recent fund raising craze, and did wonder if I should be cheeky, and do a funding request to get my name changed. To me it seems cheeky, but others have certainly done it for far more money, for fairly light matters, for more than I would need (about £100, by the time you add in photos, and the like), and had donations made! So who can tell? Maybe I should give it a go, cant lose a lot, I guess?

But yes, either way, I have a suspicion that the days of flying the name ‘flag of convenience’ may be coming to an end very soon. And you, my blog readers are the first to know!

Right, the video. Where I might be living very shortly, if I choose the name I’m seriously tempted to. OK, fine, it wont really be my house (I only rent), but close enough. I know nothing about this group, it was just one of those silly searches on You Tube, thats all!