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Stepping out…for work?

To tell the truth, as much as I can remember, I’ve never worked in a place where the dress code was exceptionally smart. Having said that, I must have worn a shirt, and trousers, back in the 70’s in an office, and I guess, jacket, and work quality shoes too, though hardly surprisingly, 40 years on, I cant really remember all the details of that.

What I do know, is that the last 3 roles, pretty much covering the last 12 years of my working life, the dress code has been smart casual, at most. I think Blue Square was respectable casual, but its over 10 years ago now, so again, dont quote me on that. Of course, the last 8 years or so, have tended generally between top and slacks, or blouse and slacks, generally. I did, a few times after transitioning, wear a skirt, but not all that often. And yes, the one internal interview I did, in the last few months before I left, was done in my best black dress.

Of course, in this round of job hunting, I’ve always worn smart dress, and suit jacket, for interviews. But yes, you’re right, the reason for this blog is nothing to do with the clothes I wear to work, its to do with the shoes!

Clearly, in the pre-transition days, I either wore shoes with a flat base, or very low heels. In truth, even post transition, I’ve tended to do the same, though maybe the heels are a little bit higher than they used to be. Fine, they are, but anyway…What I never wear, are stilettos, my knees simply are so beat up, I’d never be able to walk in them, due to balance issues. I do however, from time to time, wear what I would call medium height heels. As long as there is a decent base, I can do it, with surprising ease, nowadays, in fact. But yes, walking very far in them, or wearing them for more than a couple of hours, no thanks! They make my ankles ache, my knees certainly grumble, so thats about my limit. So yes, wearing them for a full working day, I dont think so.

Oh, that job interview at Hills? Yes, I wore them for that. How? Simple, I took them in a bag to work, put them on a few minutes before the interview was due to start, and they were off again, a few minutes after getting back to my desk! Mind, they were a bit higher than normal, so…

Yes, I know, in the ‘old days’, women were expected to come to work in high heels, pure and simple. I guess I would have got used to it, and coped, but glad I didnt have to. Nowadays, I assumed, as long as the shoes were smart, and respectable, flats were fine, as they should be.

That was, until last week, when I read the article about the temp secretary who was relieved of her duty in an office, because she refused to wear high heels. Yes, her shoes were smart, but they were flats! Anyway, as social media would have it nowadays, public outrage ensued, quite rightly, and a few days later, said company changed their shoes rule. Oh, and by the way, as you’ve worked out, the men didnt have to wear heels, just the women. In fact, she did say that if the men wore heels, she would, but no, it was one rule for her, and another for the guys. So good for her. I suspect, despite changing their rules, that firm are going to be unpopular with temp agencies for a while, somehow.

Would I wear high heels in an office, if ‘required’, I hear you ask? Well, I guess that if I have to wear them in the office, I could do it, as long as I didnt have to walk very far, wearing them. But hopefully, it wont ever be an issue for me, nowadays.

Of course, this did bring about that classic feminist facepalm moment, as one or two of the more radical types suggested that the men in that firm would soon be looking to have all women wearing dresses (probably with a corset underneath) in the office, which is taking the issue way too far, and hopefully a totally unrealistic claim. Its why I have as much to do with that type of feminist, as I do with that type of transgender activists! Ah well…

Right, the video. Yes, this 80’s number, is mentioned in the blog title.

The high heels issue

Yes, I know, its a day late, but to be honest, last night I couldnt think of anything inspiring to write about, given I havent actually been out the last few days, and all. But thankfully, today, along came the Cannes Film Festival to inspire me.

Under normal circumstances I avoid high heels, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, when you’re the best part of 6 foot tall, you dont need them. Well, OK, if I want to intimidate most men from about 6′ 4″, then fine, wear them. If I’m meant to be the demure little lady, well, maybe not?

Equally, there are times when I will wear them, as a must. Job interviews (though the last couple, due to knee issues have been low heels) are pretty seen as a must, even if it does leave me taller than the person who might employ me, but anyway…Also, any nice event, like dinner out with the others here, or the Film Noir party, absolutely!

But otherwise, flats, or the low heels are my norm to wear.

Now, I’m not ever likely to walk down the red carpet at Cannes, or anywhere else. I guess one of my books could be adapted into a movie, but even then…rolls eyes! Last night, at Cannes, women were being turned away from the cinema, unless they were wearing high heels! Yes, fine, if you can, but some of these people had good, medical reasons for not wearing high heels! Yes, my knees are a pain, but medically unable to wear heels, of course not!

Thankfully, this seems to have caused quite a furore, and has left people at the Festival trying to rescue themselves by not saying that high heels are a must, but seemingly it is. I suspect it will come down to the organisers trying to protect themselves, but as people would say, that ship has probably sailed by now, full of bad publicity!

Whatever next? All women must wear corsets, maybe? Hey, I might, but can you imagine any man thinking that bringing that rule in wouldnt bring the wrath of everyone down on them? Yes, high heels, for ‘posh’ events are seen as a done thing, but for those who cant wear them, for good reasons, sense should prevail.

OK, rant over.

The video? Well, you could say that if a sexy young woman was wearing high heels, she might be up for this? Sorry!

A day at the races?

Well, I had a couple of options lined up for tonight, but given the seeming popularity of the last post, maybe I should follow up in the same style? I may come back to the other matter, if I lack for ideas on Saturday, but for now… more of the joys of womanhood.

When I was a guy, a very, very long time ago, I used to go horse racing. No, I never gambled great sums of money, it was more of a fun day out, though if I could win a few pennies into the bargain, then great. But otherwise…

Most of the meetings I went to, back then, were humble affairs. The like of Taunton, Wincanton, Newton Abbot and Exeter in the 80’s never had dozens of women dressing up in style. Some would dress nicely, but a good percentage, well, they were just there for the racing.

But even back then, when the big meetings came along, the men would be nicely dressed, the women dressed up even more so, but to be honest, those werent generally the meetings I went to. Besides which, most of those were on a Saturday, and in the betting industry, even more so back then, you never got the day off.

Now to be fair, I havent been racing in this country since 2001, when I left Newbury. I dont know, even when I worked at Blue Square, and William Hill again, I didnt show interest in going, no idea why? But yes, many a time, at Huddersfield station, on race day, principally at York, I would see the ladies dressed up, in dress, and heels, heading off to the races. Maybe its a flat racing thing, thinking about it? And yes, just maybe, I have wondered what fun it would be, to square that circle, and go racing as a woman?

No, I dont think I’m ever likely to do it on my own. It either seems a couple thing, or a group of girls thing, if its not just men heading to the races. But yes, maybe one day, I will have to get to the races, in a dress, and high heels (eek), and see what its like, to see it from the ‘other side’ of life. But given I’m unlikely to get such an invite…ah well…

As for Royal Ascot, I dont think so! But I suppose nowadays, with the right hat…just maybe…?

The video, a slight connection. One of those Monkees songs that doesnt get remembered as much as others

Boop, boop a doo!

Well, I’ll warn you now, if you’re looking for 500 words of wisdom, wait for the next blog. A bit like a Trans Pennine Express train, it will arrive, err, sometime soon! I could jokingly say that today, and tomorrow are the only days in the year that their trains aren’t late, and thats because there arent any! On the other hand, if you want a picture of ‘the dress’ and a couple of other shots from today, you’re in the right place!

So getting started, at long last, here is a picture of that delicious pink, flapper style dress, complete with bared knees.

flapper dress 2

Next, a picture of a wonderful present, a necklace that is absolutely gorgeous, and fits in with the look

necklace close up

Yes, as you might quickly spot, this was taken before I changed, and I’m wearing a ‘most expensive’ grey/silver dress, which is lovely to look at, and equally nice to wear. I’m kidding about the cost, its one of my charity shop specials, and did not cost a fortune! A full length shot of it next

full length grey dress

My thanks to Nicole Woodhouse for taking the photos for me.

And seriously, thats it, holidays over, back to work tomorrow morning! I still havent made the final call, tempted to wear a dress to work, possibly the grey/silver one here, though I would have to wear a top underneath, to fit in with dress regulations re bare shoulders. I do have a couple of other dresses I might wear, the blue one being the favourite, as its the warmest one I’ve got. Equally, I might just go for blouse and skirt, I’ll make the final call on that later, or in the morning. Heels for definite, either way.

Handy, isnt it, having a taxi to and from work lol, I can be a little rebel, wont have far to walk outside!

What else can I say, a wonderful day, a wonderful meal at lunchtime about sums it up.

The video, well, the song is actually from the 30’s, but sums up things so wonderfully

Someone fetch the oxygen bottle!

Yes, the title is facetious, nothing for anyone to really be concerned about lol.

So lets talk about what is supposedly one thing girls can never have enough of, shoes.

Yes, alright, I’ve got a pair or 3, I’m not going to deny it. Especially if you include a few pairs of high heels/stilletos that I’ve been presented with over the years, that I’m never going to wear beyond that one fun, and often wobbly moment. I have got things against high heels, I’ve got a pair of less than perfect knee joints, and so wearing heels would just be tempting fate, and just asking to destroy a knee joint or something. Also, there is the fact that I’m nearly 6ft tall, so I dont exactly have the need to wear heels, as a height aid, anyway.

Having said that, most of my recent shoes (apart from my winter boots, very flat) have got a very slight wedge heel, its almost impossible to buy womens shoes without them in all honesty. But 4″ heels, or anything like that, you’ll be waiting a long time to see me wobbling in anything like that.

So, getting to the point. As formerly being a guy, I’m used to wearing socks with my shoes. And yes, I know, most women dont wear socks unless they are wearing trainers and boots (and even then, some dont), and if in shoes, its bare feet, or stockings/tights. So I know, I shouldnt, but still do, probably out of habit, and nothing more. But then you get a day like today, when I’m a good girl, wear shoes, and no socks. Snag is, thats when I discover that the size I need with socks, is a bit large for when I havent got socks on. So being curious, I went in a shop in Dewsbury this afternoon to hunt down a pair a size smaller, and try them on. Guess what, they fitted perfectly! So now, the next time I buy a pair of shoes, I need to decide in advance, socks or no socks lol! Should be no socks, but with winter coming, am I that brave? I guess if its that cold, I’ll be in my winter boots, so yes, smaller size, I guess? 😉 Until then I’ll have an excuse for keeping wearing socks, my shoes slip off otherwise!

Oh, if anyone wants to know my shoe size, ask!

Now, the moment of hilarity you’ve been waiting for, I tried on a pair of heels. No, not the lethal kind, these were what I would term as raised wedges, generally I guess 2 or 3 inches off the ground, but the heels were a couple of inches more. Now, I didnt quite reach the ceiling, but…I was so tall! Funny thing was, I tried a few steps, and yes, walked in them fine, but of course its a flat base, so no reason I shouldnt. But the heel was raised more than I’ve done in a while, and it felt fine. Of course, the difference between a few minutes, and several hours (or all day) is quite a big one.

But no, I’m sticking to flats, just because of the height thing, but otherwise, well, I might have got them if I was 4-6 inches shorter, they were super! Anyone know how to shrink me a little lol?

Did do some other shopping, found 4 nice new tops in a couple of charity shops, along with a pair of trousers, and a pair of leggings. Oh, and a couple of padded seamless bras. I know I’m not flat chested, but I’m not Dolly Parton either lol, so a little help… I love the seamless ones since discovering them, it really doesnt feel like I’m wearing a bra, but I can feel the weight of the boobs, so best of both worlds lol.

The music, no, I know nothing about her beyond the name. I just typed ‘too tall’ into You Tube, and this was high up the picks. But its quite pleasant on the ears, is quite fun, so…enjoy if you want to.

The hazard of wearing heels

And I dont mean wearing high heels either, I know they hurt, but thankfully at my height (5ft 10 or so) is that I really dont have to wear them unless I’m feeling daft, crazy or something, or the day I head to Royal Ascot or the like, now wouldnt that be something!

No, I mean just little wedge type heels, nothing drastic, only an inch or two at most, but you should see the state of my feet, and ‘hear the complaints’ I get now lol! Why write this today, well I’m off to the podiatrist later, and I know she’s going to say something. I dont know why its got this way the last few months, I’ve been wearing this type of shoes for nearly 2 years now, but its only just started happening as badly as this, no idea why? And no, I have absolutely no desire to wear stilletos lol!

As I say, I dont need to wear heeled shoes at all, but I cant deny I do enjoy the feel of doing so, well other than when my feet complain loudly of course! Maybe if I’d worn them all my life, my feet might be used to them by now, but anyway…? I have now got a new pair, with supposedly more comfortable inners, but of course, until I get my feet done, its hard to tell how much better they are really. So after today…

Oh, and finally, for those who only come here for the video links…guess what I need for the winter? Mind, I’m not looking for heels, but…a 60’s fashion ‘classic, as well as a fun song. I suppose in a sense this has a bit of a female dominant feel to it, so if any man wants ‘Mistress Stephanie’ to demand he buys her a pair of boots lol? 😉 Size, style etc on request, and no, cheapies are fine. breath holding, nope! Anyone worked it out before clicking the link?