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Why I fly Aer Lingus to the US when I can

No, its nothing to do with them being the best airline, or anything like that, even if they are pretty decent, it has to be said. No, the beauty of flying Aer Lingus to the US through Dublin, or Shannon (my preferred option) has nothing to do with that.

That beauty, that makes it all such a dream, is something called US pre clearance while still in Ireland, where the queues for immigration, and customs, well, they are a bit quieter than Boston, or Chicago, to put it mildly! Its not quite as dramatic as in this video,

but its not that far from the truth either lol. Sadly its not an option I can use often, which is why Chicago immigration, and American Airlines know me so well, and indeed I’m an advantage card holder with them too. But on trips like this time, to Boston, guess who I’m flying with? 😉 Its interesting, you get to take a back route at Boston, avoiding Immigration and Customs, because though you come into the international terminal, on an international flight, you are strictly a domestic passenger.

Oh, and hopefully this year, unlike last year, the baggage carousel wont break down after 30 seconds, and the third case. Took someone 10 minutes to decide to reset things, but after that…

But no, this isnt an advert for Aer Lingus, just pointing out some information that might be useful to some.

Oh, and as you might have worked out, this will be the last post from the UK for a while. If you’re good, and lucky, you might get posts from the US, though unless I get good internet speed, you might have to live without the videos.

Bye for now, from the UK at least.

Setting foot on Irish soil

Well if I say its 5 years or so since I last set foot on Irish soil, I would be lying. But for the Republic, then yes, it is, probably one of the longest periods without visiting that I’ve had. Been to the North a few times in that period (3, I think) but not south of the border, but will make that return at last on Saturday…and then again the following Sunday lol! Neither will be lengthy, and neither will be beyond the boundaries of an airport (Shannon out, Dublin back), but its a start.

Partly its convenience, if I go to Belfast for cricket, I dont have to change currency, I can still (for now at least) think in miles, not kilometres, though I suspect thats just my age, nothing more! Actually one of my amusements with the south (or was the case, dont know if still is?) was the fact you could come to one signpost in kilometres, turn off onto a minor road, and distances would be in miles, on an old fashioned milepost!

Itrs not hard to spot why I tend to go elsewhere for my holidays, its called being a non driver! Despite the comment that everyone drives in the US, public transport in the big cities (and indeed most places) is good, reasonably priced, and quite regular. Whereas beyond the biggest cities in Ireland…! Getting to Kerry might be practical, but getting around Kerry for a non driver would be a whole different thing. Noit sure if Offaly even qualifies on the first front!

Shannon I will be at least able to catch my breath in, Dublin is just going to be a whirl of Immigration, and then the plane home! It will still be nice to visit my ancestral homeland again, its been far too long.