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Apartment hunting

No, not for me recently, but had fun helping someone else find somewhere, not that I’m ever likely to visit it, seeing its in Alabama! Maybe that made it easier, knowing that all I had to do was make suggestions, and let him do the hard work. Glad to say he did find somewhere, indirectly at least guided by my suggestions, if nothing more. But yes, it was fun, perhaps surprisingly so, and alright, I started looking at a few other places in the US that I’d love to live in, but arent really likely to, unless they have a major change on immigration rules, or I win the lottery lol!

To be honest, its over a decade since I last looked for somewhere to live for myself, but like riding a bike, it soon came back to me. Even more so when I got guidelines on the area I was searching in, never having been to that area of the US, let alone that locality. But being honest, I suspect if I’d had to do the footwork, it might not have been as much fun. The main thing that surprised me about complexes over there, as opposed to here, are the facilities provided. But then again, I should know the differences, because its more or less the same as comparing hotels between the 2 countries. Free wi-fi internet in hotels over there is the norm, not the exception, and to only a slightly lesser degree its the same with rented apartments, judging by the ones I looked at, at least. I checked, for curiousity sake over here, and beyond the luxury stuff (and even then…) it doesnt happen over here!

Where did I look, for those who are curious? Well, its a pretty obvious list if you know me, either literally, or through reading this. Seattle, Wichita, Rochester and Albany are all on the list, cant think why. San Francisco would have been, but I know there wiuld be out of my budget, or so I’m told! Didnt look at New England, though that was tempting. Again, Alaska was tempting, but didnt take a peek. And no, for those who know me, there was nothing in Cherryvale, Kansas lol! Judging by house prices around there, renting isnt really a likely option in that area, you’d be more likely to buy.

But yes, apartment hunting would I think be fun again, even more so doing it as a woman for the first time. I’m tempted to try and look at a few places in Seattle next month if I have the time, but suspect that might be tricky without any proof of being able to live and work in the US.

The music, a very tenuous link! But given that I found apartment hunting fun, and they were a great group, we have…

Spring is here!

Well, so they tell us, today was officially the spring equinox, so I guess they must be right? Somehow, around here at least, if that was winter, it was definitely quite a tame one. Somehow I suspect we wont get away with it that lightly somehow? The old joke about snow at the start of the cricket season next month, quite possible I suspect?

And yes, the clocks go forward this weekend (in the UK at least, before my North American friends say something) which means the loss of an hour of precious sleep. And yes, I’m working both days this weekend, so I will notice it lol! Thankfully for me at least, not too narrow a split, so I’m sure I’ll survive. And I will get that hour back… eventually! The irony is we spend me more of the year on summer time, than on the natural time zone, but hey, if thats what the politicians want…? I’ve never been one to quite grasp the logic of why we do it, but I suspect most people feel the same way?

Well, in a sense at least, the countdown to my holiday has sort of begun. Had my nails painted (or more correctly, gelled) today, and the next time that will happen is the day before my holiday, appointment already made. Will get the full work over then, including waxing one or two places, but not anything too painful lol. Plus the much needed massage and facial, a girl has to look her best after all. I need to get my hair coloured as well, I’m amazed how well the extensions are holding up though, I must say.

This holiday will have at least one original moment, the need to use the ladies toilets while out, assuming I can actually find any public toilets in the US! Now I’m wearing the enhancers full time, any possibility of choice goes straight out the window lol! But as I seem to pass to most Americans, I’m probably worrying far more than I need to anyway! Distinct likelihood I will be flying wearing them too, as it seems there is no problem getting through airport security wearing them, according to Manchester Airport, and the TSA. I do need a new pair though, so ideally I can get them before I go, pack them in the case, and wear the old pair for flying, just in case anything does crop up. Last year I flew as a relatively flat chested lady, whereas this year, a bit more buxom lol!

Back to work tomorrow, so I dont quite know when the next blog will be, but currently the shifts arent so horrendous, so I might get a chance before Monday, next day off. Mind, given how many viewings I’m getting here of late, maybe I shouldnt worry so much about that?

Lastly, the video. Sorry, its a bit old, 82 years old to be exact. But I typed Spring is here on You Tube, and this is the first thing that came up. Besides, its from an era that a flapper should feel at home with, and so…

Oh, and talking of that. I had one of those style test things sent to me in an email by TK Maxx. Guess what, I came up as a Gatsby Girl, shock horror! Rofl 😉

Different lifestyle

Its funny, both blogs today relate to a roughly similar theme, get the same video, but in case anyone does know the secret of both (and there are at least 3 who do), they arent identical other than that.

Me, I’m in my fifties, so I remember what life was like back in the 70’s and 80’s, and even the 60’s through the eyes of a child. So I remember a time pre mobile phones, let alone the early clunky ones that weighed a ton. Hey, I remember when there were only 3 TV channels in the UK, not 300 or more! In fact, I just about remember when it was just 2, but only very vaguely. But go back another generation or 2, and by modern standards, things get very basic! The fact that by the standards of their time, they had modern gadgets too, but…hey, go back to the 50’s, and smoking cigarettes was trendy, unlike today!

What got me thinking this way was actually a story for my writing contest under my other persona, which included a reality TV programme. Cant stand that sort of TV, but the story was fun. But anyway…What I was thinking was that these Big Brother contestants think they suffer for their 15 minutes of fame. Hey, I only wish they suffered more, but besides that…Can you imagine how they would cope with a 70’s, or 80’s lifestyle while in ‘The House’, instead of the modern one they get. Take it back to the 20’s or 30’s, I hope you’re roaring with laughter at the thought as much as I am!

Seeing them find out what life was like back then, hey, even I might watch some of Big Brother to see that! So, to those awful people who produce Reality TV, try thinking outside the box for once. As for those awful singers on X-Factor and the like, if they really had to sing, without technological assistance, hmm…?

Its funny, looking the opposite way to wonder what life will be like 40, 50, or 80 years from now, a whole different world quite literally I suspect? I will be too old (or dead, quite likely) to worry about it, but suspect some of my readers might. Anyway, as a thought about this, and to pay reverence to my whole Brooksie thing, just think, this was a highly radical step in the 20’s!

Apologies for the film titles, but its worth it for all the expressions Julie Andrews provides, I think?

Yes, I’m back!

Well no one can say I didnt warn you it would be a while before I posted again! Yes, the Cheltenham festival is now over, but got another long day tomorrow, so dont expect anything then lol! Hopefully something in the few days after that.

So what has happened in the interim since I last posted? To be honest, most of it has been so manic, I cant really remember! Well, I know what happened today, in numerical terms at least, I got one year older! The best present, not having to go to the madhouse for one whole day! Seriously, had a lovely meal tonight, but the main thing has been just doing not too much for the day. Oh, and reminding myself that 5 weeks tomorrow, I’m off to Seattle for a week. Not looking forward to the flights, but looking forward to seeing the city again.

The Iditarod dog race has been won, though the back of the field probably wont finish until Sunday. Havent heard of any dog fatalities, which is great, though lets get every team home before we celebrate that fact.

The only other main event in my life has been a far sadder one, an anniversary that I wish wasnt. I would have loved to have posted this on Tuesday, but hey, a 10 hour shift, plus a combined total of about 3 hours travel on top of that is a killer. And thats just an ordinary length day this week! On the 13th of March, last year, a close internet friend died of cancer. Unfortunately it was only nearly a fortnight later that we got confirmation of the news that all her friends feared. So 3 days late, I’m going to do the memoriam she deserved, and say, Sara Castle, you arent forgotten by us, RIP dear.

OK, the video is going to reflect on todays date though, a song from over 30 years ago, its called showing my age lol!

From the sublime to the ridiculous

No, not Trans Pennine Express, though the latter wouldnt surprise me in the slightest to be honest, at any point with them!

No, my work shifts actually. Having worked 1 day in the last 10 (day off splits, plus 4 days holiday), I now get to work 9 days in a row! At least they are kind enough to let me have my birthday off, which is something. Yes, you’re right, thats my next day off after today! And yes, not nice standard 35 hour weeks either, though there is a very good reason for that next week, namely the Cheltenham racing festival. But agreed, if I’m blonde enough to agree to do overtime to help out, well, I cant complain too much I guess? Well, alright, I can, but I dont expect sympathy lol!

Only consolation, 7 weeks from now, I will be several thousand miles away, in Seattle. Not so good, in all likelihood, that will be the last holiday until September. Yes, our holiday year runs April – March, in case anyone was wondering, and this was the last of this years holiday I’ve just taken, had to be used up, or lose it. So…

As you might therefore guess, blogs might drop off a bit over the next week or so, I will try and post something, but dont hold your breath. I will definitely try to post something on my birthday at some point, but thats the only promise you’re getting! Depends how much in the way of Brooksie e-cards I get on my birthday! Not true, but no harm in reminding folk, is there? 😉

Oh, for anyone wanting entertainment, or an autograph, in Leeds, I will be in one of our shops on Thursday, paying a visit to see what its like. I know what its like, spent the best part of 20 years until 2001 working in one, and its got harder since then, so I’m told. But will be interesting to see behind the counter again after so long, and see all the changes, not all for the better.

Right, talking about the sublime, and the ridiculous, lets get to tonights music video. Lets just say its the most sublime piece of ridiculousness I know from the music industry. I was tempted to inflcit the 12″ version on you, but then you dont get the video. So, try to enjoy


Its funny how these things happen, isnt it? Very happy being single, so it doesnt matter if you have the ‘right bits’ down below or not, and then it creeps up on you. You start chatting to a guy via a Forum (no, not a dating one, heaven forbid), and you start to get on alright, and then things move on, and so…Its strange, someone who has posted a few comments on here in the past always told me that somewhere out there might be the guy for me. To be honest, I always thought that a crazy idea, but now I’m beginning to wonder myself.

No, its definitely not love, I’m so far from a point where I could fall in love with anyone, that I’m not reaching that point anytime soon. But like, and even maybe like a lot, then yes, I’m beginning to feel that way about him strangely enough. But yes, you’ve guessed the obvious snag to anything happening, he thinks I’m a woman. Well, alright, in all senses but one I am, but as far as a guy, and sex goes, thats a pretty big thing that lets me down. Well, OK, that thing isnt very big as such, but its not the right thing for a woman to have lol!

Thankfully, though perhaps with a tinge of sadness as well as everything else, its not a relationship thats going far anyway. I’m in Yorkshire, he’s in California, and thats a lot of miles between us. Possibly its for the best, as I’m not entirely the woman he’s looking for. Maybe 90 odd % of me is, but the critical bit isnt! But yes, for the first time in an incredibly long period, there is someone out there who I fancy meeting for reasons more than socialising, and yes, alright, much to my surprise, I feel good about that. Also I suspect I’m far too imdependent by now to really live with anyone, as a couple at least.

Adding a touch of realism, it might be a case that even if I did have all the ‘right bits’, it might not come to anything, indeed quite likely it wouldnt, but you never know. Sadly, because of my gender dysphoria, I’m never likely to find out anyway! But hey, its been a long time since I felt this way about anyone, and I’m surpised how much I enjoy it.

No, its not tempting me to look for anyone else, I’ve had enough knockbacks in my life, that I dont need more of them. But yes, James, I never thought I’d say this, but you might well have been right about that special someone all along. Just wish I was 100% what he wants though!

Oh, and an early hint, 2 weeks yesterday, I’ll be even more decrepit than now, numerically at least. Yes, on the 16th, I will reach the grand age of 54. The only thing that really frightens me about that is the fact that I’m only 6 years away from the old peoples bus pass over here, aargh! Anything Brooksie inspired, especially e-cards from anyone would be appreciated. A quality (and I do mean quality, as I’d want to wear it out) ‘helmet’ wig, preferably dark would be heaven, if anyone has more money than sense! My hair is good everywhere but the fringe, if I could solve that, I wouldnt need a wig, lol!

Music, a wonderful piece from the 70’s, and yes, as so often, the blog title is the giveaway here. I remember the Dooleys, do you?