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So Lonely? Hope so!

Fine, I havent done any sport in a while, so lets do some tonight, of sorts at least.

For those who care about football/soccer (depending which side of the Atlantic you are), the World Cup is on, in Russia. Irony, given its in the country of Trump’s best buddy, the US arent there, so probably a lack of interest over there, maybe? Or maybe all those ‘immigrants’ he so hates, and I dont, are celebrating Mexico’s victory over Germany earlier today?

But yes, tomorrow, at 7 pm my time, just as I  come out of work, England start their campaign, against Tunisia. Yes, I know, I’ll miss it, what a shame, she facetiously says. No, I havent watched a minute of it yet, nor do I plan to. But what this does mean, with luck, is that most of the English male population will ensure they’re home, watching the game! Which hopefully means a few less people on the streets to the bus station, and on the buses tomorrow night. Of course, knowing the awful service provided by First Buses, I am assuming that their bus drivers will still be working, and not watching the games themselves, and therefore the bus doesnt turn up! Thankfully Northern Rail arent on strike again until Tuesday, so I have a back up at least!

But yes, with luck, a quieter journey home than normal, unless I pass a bar showing the game, I guess, then all bets are off!

The video, a Police oldie, one of their lesser hits, but a hopefully apt one.

Lets all take a breath, and count to ten, and then…

Yes, let me say I was saddened greatly by the news that came out of Finsbury Park in the last couple of days, in a similar way to how I felt after the London Bridge incident, before anyone points out that I didnt comment on that. Sadly, when I only have time to do 2 blogs a week, and other things do happen in my life, some things get thought about, but not mentioned here, and that was one of them. Add in the Tower block fire last week, and London isnt having a good time of late, lets face it.

Equally, can I say that I wasnt entirely surprised when that horrific incident in Finsbury Park happened, because I wasnt. Such is political, and religious extremism at the far end of the spectrum of late, that no, I wasnt surprised when a white supremacist type decided to take a stand for himself over the matter. Thankfully, both sets of incident are few, and far between (very much so, in fact), but the press, and TV tend to over focus when they do. When parades of thousands of Muslims, protesting against terrorism happen, they have a tendency to ignore, as it just doesnt suit the underlying tendencies of too many in power, trying to scare people nowadays, lets face it.

I only hope that this can be it, that people can see sense, and we have no more retaliation, from either side. I know, as John Lennon said, ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one’, at least I hope I’m not. Unfortunately, the people I’m appealing to with this piece are probably the ones least likely to read this, but I can hope that in some way, the message can get out. Yes, I know, I’m a very liberal type, but I think that most people, with a cool head would be able to see that just continuing the violence isnt a great idea, from either side.

So all I am saying, to quote another Lennon song, is to ‘Give peace a chance’, please. And yes, let me add that if there was a way I could wear a burqa/burka (I’ve seen it spelt both ways) in support of my Muslim friends, without it being religiously offensive, I’d happily do so. I dont deny it, I’ve seen women wearing it in Bradford a number of times, and wondered what it was like. But no, I dont want to offend anyone, all the same. But if the chance arose…?

Right, the video. No John Lennon, no Dusty Springfield, which a few might have thought of, from the blog title. Instead, a live Police classic from 2008!

Justice at long last, for Hillsborough

Yes, 2 blogs tonight, given I wrote the following for my other blog on Wednesday, and in truth, as I get more UK readers here, it seemed crazy not to post it across.

Given that the only soccer team I’ve ever followed was Bradford City, who suffered a tragic fire at their stadium in 1985, I know how awful it must be for the families of those who lose people in these tragedies. When I say, follow, it pretty tenuous, as I havent barely looked at any soccer in over a decade, apart from a couple of remarkable events. One of which was Bradford making a cup final, in recent times, but anyway…

What I do remember, was that in 1989, at an FA Cup Semi Final in Sheffield (they play these things at a neutral venue), 96 Liverpool supporters sadly lost their lives, as they got crushed to death, as the police allowed excess numbers of people into the stand. I can say that safely now, because yesterday, finally, after 27 years, an inquiry decided that South Yorkshire Police were to blame for these events, and not anyone else, as they opened the gates, and thousands of people literally flooded into one small area of stands.

To know that its taken this long for justice to be done, is sad. But given that most of the reason for that has been a police cover up, only makes it more shameful. Anyway, today, the current Chief Constable of the force has been suspended from duty, probably forever, as he was due to retire at the end of this year. You may be asking why he’s going like this, when he wasnt here in 1989, I hear you say? Well, because for the last 4 years, he’s been putting up a campaign to discredit the football supporters on that day, and blame them, and not his police force, even though all signs signaled that wasnt the case. The only shame, he continues to get paid for now, an injustice, for sure.

The only blessing for those poor families, is that it is finally over, and sorted. But isnt it awful that because of the Police, trying to avoid admitting the truth about events, its taken this long? But finally…

As to the video, some might say its not an apt choice, given the nature of the lyrics. But the idea of Police, singing about losing people, just seemed loaded with irony.

RIP, those 96 unfortunate people

So which do you want?

Do you want the details of the day, or do you want the tale of someone who is no longer a Facebook friend of mine, due to homophobic comments.

OK, fine, a bit of both.

Right, for want of a better term, I did my last lap of jersey today. Yes, the alert ones amongst you will say that I’m here until Saturday, and you’re right. But Saturday will be pretty much just pack, and dash, and tomorrow, after a brief trip out, will be to say goodbye to St Helier, for, who knows? I doubt I will return again in 32 years, I’d be 88 then, if I’m still alive, which doesnt seem to be a guaranteed event, even now, with people living longer. To be fair, once the body, and insurance rates say that I can no longer travel to the US, then for as long as I can, I might holiday nearer home, but even so…

Today, I did what most sensible people would do (but I’m blonde) at the start of their holiday, I did the circular tour of the island, heading out east, then looping around at a nice pace, till we got back into town. The east coast, I did up to Gorey under my (helped by buses) steam, and the west coast, as you know, I’ve been all the way round to Greve De Lecq. But lets just say that most of the north coast, plus the east coast above Gorey is a ‘challenge’ by public transport, not really doable, so that was nice for me.

The woman next to me on the coach, even more so, as she left us at Greve De Lecq, having done most of the ‘tricky to see’ bit, though she missed out on the very north west corner, but hey, I can understand not waiting around an hour at lunchtime for that. But I’m glad I carried on, if only to be able to say ‘How much!’ for the items on sale at Jersey Pearl.

Fine, the second bit. Today, in the UK are some elections, both local council, and more critically the EU ones. I could have arranged a postal vote, but I didnt. I know, dont complain about results, but…So, when I got back on here, and logged into Facebook, what did I find?

A supposed Facebook friend (not that I know him, I suspect he befriended me from one of those ghastly ‘do you know?’ lists, as it was showing 2 mutual friends when I checked. Basically his posting was something about being proud to vote for UKIP, and hoping they’d see off those gay b******s in the country. Might not have been his exact words, but get my drift?

Now, given I have the whole gamut of LGBT folk among my real life friends, am Trans myself, and either lesbian, or bi, if I was interested in romance, you can imagine how I felt! Lets just say the jerk lasted about 5 minutes (while I ranted on Facebook) before being rapidly defriended!

His politics, no, I’m not a fan, but I wouldnt unfriend him just because of that, of course the killer was his homophobia, sadly there are still too many people like that about. I’m left wondering why he friended me though, unless he didnt realise I was trans! But thats not the point, his attitude just sickens me.

OK, last but not least, the video! No relevance to the post, its just that I’m on Jersey, and this was mine, and Sue’s song. Oh, and it was on the radio at breakfast this morning, which reminded me.

Of ghosts of long ago

Yes, I said, I’d work on the lyrics this week, just hope Andy McCluskey doesnt let me down at all! Forgive the brevity, but its getting late over here!

Well, the day has been a much warmer one, I was actually carrying my coat around this afternoon, quite something after yesterday. Given that this years breaks pretty much revolve around Louise Brooks, one of this weeks challenges was to find the apartment where she lived here in Rochester. Its one that cant occur in Wichita, the Brooks house there is no longer standing. Cherryvale, yes it is, but need to get there for that one, and well…

Thankfully the address is findable on Google, and helpfully the Science Museum that I visited today is about 100 yards from that address. So having been there, I headed off to find it. Good job I knew the address, because otherwise there is absolutely no clue to be seen as to who lived there until her death. At least in the UK, you would get a plaque or something, but over here, not a thing!

Though to be honest, its a pretty ordinary apartment block, with no great redeeming features, just one famous resident in the past. No, knowing which apartment she lived in, no clue whatsoever. Tomorrow, I plan to visit her gravesite, and pay my respects, as least that is marked suitably.

Then, for me at least, another ghost from the past, a visit to Lake Ontario, to stand and admire the view, as I did 25 years ago. I’ll let you know if a ghost appears tomorrow, but I wouldnt put good money on it.

The video, not Police’s best, but in a way quite apt