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On A Saturday Night

Oh, and anyone expecting Whigfield to be the video, sorry!

Alright, lets tell the tale of the whole Saturday, but yes, most of the details are about the early evening.

In the end I went with the obvious choice of outfit, a dress. Yes, I know, I was horribly overdressed for work, but anyway, it was fun that way. The other entertaining moment of the morning related to dear old First buses. I get the 7.27 bus from here, with the aim of getting the 7.50 train to Bradford on a Saturday. Given it takes just over 10 minutes (even early on a Saturday morning), I shouldnt get the 7.30 bus, right?

Yes, you guessed it, I saw it heading towards the bus station inbound, behind my bus going into Huddersfield. Mind, given it took until 7.45 to turn up, I was almost thinking of taking my chances of going by train (actually was on time, amazingly), but got the bus anyway.

The actual day at work was straightforward enough, beyond the entertainment value of a wonderful team leader sat behind me, doing call quality checks. Yes, she’s not dull to listen to, doing those!

So, just before 4.00, we finish, and given we’re not meeting for the meal until 5.30, me, and said team leader go off for a pre dinner drink at a local casino. Me, I’ve been in one before, many years ago when I went racing at Philadelphia Park, and the grandstand was the top floor of the casino building. No, I still havent gambled in a casino lol! The lady who sits next to me at work joined us about 4.30, and we settled in for the wait with a drink or, err, two. Now remember, I’m not a great drinker, but I was fine, especially as I knew where we were heading was a no alcohol place.

Now the snag with that was, Bradford City were home yesterday, and traffic was a bit busy when we were heading to the restaurant. Lets just say we got there respectably late! The food was good, even if my stir fry was a little more spicy than is ideal for me, I survived quite easily! Dessert was chocolate pudding, with chocolate custard, wonderful comfort food!

After that, the rest went off for a drink (or more, for some at least), and I headed for home, given the distance I had to travel. Shame I couldnt join them, but maybe next year I’ll bite the bullet, and book a hotel in Bradford for the night, and come home Sunday?

Right, I have to add, that job wise, it might have taken me about 14-15 months to find a job, post redundancy (allowing for when I really started looking, to confirmation that I’d got it, assuming I passed checks), but now, I’m grateful for that. In truth, I’ve got a wonderful group of workmates, some super bosses, and hey, the pay is pretty good too. Add in that the hours suit (beyond the Friday night/Saturday morning switch, maybe?), and yes, I’ve found a wonderful job, and place to work.

Yes, at present, its going to take a good theater, or general acting part to get me away from there, believe me! So folks, you might be stuck with me for a while, lol!

Alright, video time. Yes, as mentioned, I did think of Whigfield, but equally, I thought that if I could find a film version of this, I’d go with this instead. Yes, that is Jona Lewie, of ‘Stop The Cavalry’ fame!

Justice at long last, for Hillsborough

Yes, 2 blogs tonight, given I wrote the following for my other blog on Wednesday, and in truth, as I get more UK readers here, it seemed crazy not to post it across.

Given that the only soccer team I’ve ever followed was Bradford City, who suffered a tragic fire at their stadium in 1985, I know how awful it must be for the families of those who lose people in these tragedies. When I say, follow, it pretty tenuous, as I havent barely looked at any soccer in over a decade, apart from a couple of remarkable events. One of which was Bradford making a cup final, in recent times, but anyway…

What I do remember, was that in 1989, at an FA Cup Semi Final in Sheffield (they play these things at a neutral venue), 96 Liverpool supporters sadly lost their lives, as they got crushed to death, as the police allowed excess numbers of people into the stand. I can say that safely now, because yesterday, finally, after 27 years, an inquiry decided that South Yorkshire Police were to blame for these events, and not anyone else, as they opened the gates, and thousands of people literally flooded into one small area of stands.

To know that its taken this long for justice to be done, is sad. But given that most of the reason for that has been a police cover up, only makes it more shameful. Anyway, today, the current Chief Constable of the force has been suspended from duty, probably forever, as he was due to retire at the end of this year. You may be asking why he’s going like this, when he wasnt here in 1989, I hear you say? Well, because for the last 4 years, he’s been putting up a campaign to discredit the football supporters on that day, and blame them, and not his police force, even though all signs signaled that wasnt the case. The only shame, he continues to get paid for now, an injustice, for sure.

The only blessing for those poor families, is that it is finally over, and sorted. But isnt it awful that because of the Police, trying to avoid admitting the truth about events, its taken this long? But finally…

As to the video, some might say its not an apt choice, given the nature of the lyrics. But the idea of Police, singing about losing people, just seemed loaded with irony.

RIP, those 96 unfortunate people

Those David and Goliath Moments

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not a football (soccer) fan in the slightest. But every so often, something comes along that amuses me, and this weekend has provided plenty of those moments.

Yes, that wonderful English tournament, when David gets to come up against Goliath, and try and give them a surprise. Well, this weekend, its been a bit more than surprises.

It actually started off last night (TV, and sport timings, ah well…) with the minnows of Cambridge, taking on the might of Man United. If you havent heard (and I have no idea how you havent), the game ended as a draw, and in all honesty, from reports, Cambridge deserved to win.
To say the Man United manager blamed everyone, but himself, and his team, would be putting it mildly. Bad loser syndrome, and all that.

A fellow workmate (passionate Cambridge supporter) enjoyed that no end, and I gather he plans to go to the replay.

On to today.

Liverpool only drew, at home with Bolton, and get to live again, the week after next.

But, for 4 of the top teams in the Premier League…oh dear!

To be fair to Tottenham, and Southampton, they were playing other Premier League teams, but they were at home, the opponents were well below them in the league, so all in all…

Then we come to the 2 that amuse me the most, the top 2 teams in the league, at home to lower league opposition.

Firstly, Man City hosted Middlesboro (a league below them), and lost 2-0. At least their manager was gracious enough to admit that once their opponents scored, they deserved the win.

But lastly, but very much not least, for a Yorkshire lass, Chelsea hosted Bradford City (2 leagues below them). To cut a long story short, Chelsea led 2-0, and seemed to be cruising…to defeat! Yes, Bradford came back, away from home, to win 4-2! Truly amazing stuff, and as someone born in the Bradford council boundaries, I’m thrilled.

The Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho may have justifiably called his teams performance a disgrace. I have no idea, havent seen any of it. But what seemingly he did do, was go into the celebrating Bradford dressing room, and congratulate each player personally, a lovely touch.

And for those with long memories, of the Bradford City fire back in the 80’s, you would understand that the club has a special relationship with the local burns unit at the hospital. Chelsea FC gave them £25K towards that cause!

But no, despite these 2 wonderful gestures, I’m still thrilled that Bradford beat them.

An Abba tribute to all those big names, no longer in the FA Cup

25 years ago today…

Yes, I know, I’m not a football fan, but its hard to overlook this awful landmark, all the same. Besides which, despite some comments here, its less controversial than the other thing I considered posting, so… Make the most of it, no idea when the next football related posting will be!

On April 15th 1989, Liverpool were playing Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup Semi Final, at Hillsborough, a football ground in Sheffield, for any readers from outside the UK. Just one thing, back in those days, stadiums were not all seater places, as they are today, back then, most people stood on what they call the terraces (I believe?). Unfortunately back then, alcoholic drinking before matches was heavier than it is today. I’m not saying the fans are sober now, but generally, if you’re too drunk now, you dont get in!

To be honest, details of exactly what happened are vague, partly because of the nature of things, partly because the South Yorkshire police forces would probably prefer not all the details to come out, as most versions of it, put them to some degree of fault as to what happened next.

Just before kick off time, the crowds rushed out of the pubs, and headed for the ground, all trying to get in before kick off. Seemingly the turnstiles couldnt cope, and the police gave instructions for the gates to be opened, and thousands flooded in. Which might have been fine, but momentum carried them into the people already standing there, and people got crushed. After 6 minutes, the game was stopped, when there were clear signs of problems, but sadly, 96 people died in the chaos that ensued. There has been previous enquiries, another is indeed going on now, but the police have always been slightly vague as to what exactly happened that day. Will we ever know the full story, somehow I doubt it, but lets hope.

All games this last weekend (closest full list of matches to the event) in the main leagues in England kicked off 7 minutes late, as a tribute to this, well justified. I just hope that nothing like this ever happens again, is all I can say.

The video, this is pre match at Liverpool, on Sunday, the best tribute I could think of

Of course for me, its not the football disaster closest to my heart. That happened just under 29 years ago, at Valley Parade, Bradford, a ground I was taken to games at a few times when younger, in the hope of making me ‘more of a man’, I guess, that boyish initiation into the rites of football. I showed some interest, and indeed went a few times on my own, but now its about 10 years since I went there. But for 2 games that I escorted Eric to, at Huddersfield, as treats, I havent been to a game in all that time, and not likely to change.
The day of the Bradford disaster was a Saturday, and I was at work in Yeovil. Someone came in with the news, knowing they were ‘my team’ (as much as any was) and someone had a radio (yes, no TV in betting shops back then!) and I was able to get details that way. 56 people died, no one I knew thankfully, but anyway…I hoped then that it was the last time I would hear news like that, sadly it wasnt.

So today, we remember those poor 96 people who died at Hillsborough, 25 years ago today.

Rest in peace.

I know I’m not a football fan, but…

Even so, it would be wrong of me, as a Yorkshire lass, not to mention the culmination of a certain football event last night. Yes, incredibly, Bradford City of League 2 are in the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley next month, after knocking yet another Premier League team out last night, Aston Villa. Apparently they have now beaten more top flight teams this year than one team in the Premier League, crazy or what?

No, I didnt watch it, credit me with some taste, I cant stand football! Well, actually, in the dim distant past, I have been to games at Valley Parade, but that was when relatives, and indeed myself, thought I was male, and therefore should do ‘men things’ like going to football matches. And being that my original roots were Haworth, they were the local team, so it was them I was taken to see. No, I dont remember anything of those early games, all I know is the ground has changed considerably since then.

Of course, one of the big reasons for that, was the tragic fire that engulfed the ground in May 1985, and the loss of 56 lives. It was meant to be a day of celebration, it turned into a day of tragedy. I was hundreds of miles away, working in Somerset at the time, but I knew people who were at the ground that day, thankfully they all survived. Given these were the days before TV’s were allowed in betting shops, the details I got at the time were hazy, but I was able to catch up on events on the news later. The other big change was when stadiums became all seater, and it has to be said, it was strange sitting in a stand, where I used to stand and watch them play when young.

By the time I moved back up to Yorkshire in 2005, I was all but officially female. I knew by then, just a way from finalising things in any way, but football was not a girl thing, and I had no great interest anymore. I did go once more, soon after that, but that was it, I’ve never been in the stadium since, and now I dont even bother to watch football at all, unless I really have to at work lol! Alright, at home, I watched the penalty shoot out against Arsenal, but only because it got mentioned on Facebook, which I looked at, at the right time, but that really is it. Will I watch the cup final? Only if I’m at work I suspect lol! You never know, if they win it, you might get another football posting out of me yet lol!

Right, the video. Well I tried pot luck, typing Bradford City in the search thing at You Tube, and it came up with this. I wouldnt blame you for not listening, but the option is there if you desire.

Oh, and somewhere, I’ve got a very old style Bradford City shirt, probably from the turn of this century, or thereabouts. I guess on February 24th, it might get worn again, but probably not!