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Yes, that day has finally arrived!

Yes, after what has felt like 18 months of campaigning, which makes the UK’s look brief, it has finally happened, Election day in the US. Actually, it probably is about 18 months, as I remember when in New England, 14 months ago, the Republican debates going on. Or was it when I was in Hollywood last October? Regardless, its all been going on for over a year, but its nearly over, thank goodness!

As to my comments about the candidates, I’m not going to say too much, as I’m not really a fan of either. But fine, its not hard to work out who is the more LGBT friendly candidate, so yes, they might get my backing, if I could vote! All I will say, to all my US readers is that whoever you want to vote for, go out and vote, please! I might, or might not agree with your choice, but go do it, all the same!

I must admit, my friends list varies in taste from those who are so dedicated to Bernie Sanders, that they cant face voting for Hillary, right through to those who think Trump is wonderful, and all stages in between. And yes, I’m still friends with them all…just!

Oh fine, for those who must know, I’d hold my breath (as I dont admire her greatly), and vote for Hillary as the lesser of 2 evils, but I wish there was a better candidate for my tastes! Now you know, but please dont let that influence you. Probably Jill Stein would be the logical candidate for me, but seriously, she’s not going to win, so…

The most interesting difference, the fact that the people (of sorts at least) get to choose the candidates, whereas over here, we have to take our chance with whoever the political parties decide should be their leader, regardless of what we think. Doesnt mean either system is better than the other, but I suspect their might be a few (especially in the Republican party) who wish someone else was their candidate!

But anyway, at some point tomorrow (UK time, at least), we will know who will be President of the US, in all likelihood, for the next 4 years. At least then, it might be over, though knowing politics, not for very long!

Alright, the video song is the obvious one for today. The beauty for me, its live, its recent, and its filmed in Los Angeles. Warning, those of a politically sensitive nature, you might want to stop it before the end!



I guess I must have been in the US in the build up to the 2008 election, but I dont remember any details of that, and given that my entry point is pretty much always Chicago, that wouldnt give me a clue as to where my end point was back then. But in all honesty, I dont remember there being much build up to the impending election, despite all the fuss about Palin at the time. Maybe its just different over there to the UK, its not like a local MP for every district, with all the hand shaking etc, you cant cover the US like that, even now with jet planes! I suspect also they focus on the close contests, and maybe I wasnt in one of those states?

This year might be different! Mitt Romney, the republican candidate is from Massachusetts. And guess which state I’m flying into next month, lol? So I’m expecting to see a bit of action this time around, or maybe not? No, he wouldnt get my vote, I suspect I lean more to Democratic policies, as much as I can tell from over here. Took one of those silly question things on the matter today, and yes, they came top, closely followed by the Green party. But given its pretty much a 2 party thing over there, the latter doesnt really matter too much about that!

Alright, any of the candidates want to offer me a green card, I’ll vote for them, but I┬ádont think that will influence them too much lol!

The video, some would say a light hearted, less than serious, and quite dated look at a US election. 1972, but its not from the Nixon campaign, but the Furnier one, slightly less successful at the time!