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Raise your skirts, girl!

I had an amusing moment recently at work, and one that came totally unexpectedly. At lunch, I went across the road to get something to eat, nothing shocking there, I grant you, Greggs must see me coming by now, and given I win no prizes for originality in what I buy generally, they can probably even guess in advance what I’m going to ask for.

No, the amusing moment came when I got back in the office afterwards, and jumped in a lift to go back to my floor. There was another woman in the lift, about my age, at a guess. So I just press my floor button, she does the same, and the lift moves off.

So I hear the line, “About that skirt you’re wearing.”, and lets face it, I thought this was going to be, err, fun. Well, fine, it was, but not in the sense I was expecting. Her complaint about my skirt was about the length of it. And before you jump to conclusions, her complaint was that it was too long!

When I pointed out that my knees arent a pretty sight, so wearing a short skirt isnt practical (and above the knees is meant to be a no-no at work, though others seem to just ignore that), her firm reply was that there was nothing to stop me wearing a midi length skirt though! And yes, she’s right. But it just proves that you shouldnt assume what the complaint is going to be about, as yes, I was expecting it to be about me being in a skirt!

But fine, I’m still wearing an ankle length skirt to work at present lol. Though yes, going out today, I did wear a midi length skirt, so I can do it! Snag was, I sat at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to go to the beauticians, and it was trying to blow the skirt up over my knees!

I suspect for Kansas City, all I will need is a shorter, lighter skirt, so they might get more wear yet, but I’m not sure I fancy that for the cooler weather fast coming in this country. But maybe, if the weather is warm in September, well, I might have to show a bit more leg at work!

But dont worry, guys, no mini skirts, or short dresses for me! My knees might be seen as WMD’s to eyes, lol!

OK, to the video. What girls, in shorter skirts want to do, by the brilliant group known as Postmodern Jukebox