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Viva Las Bradford?

Tomorrow night is that annual tradition known as the Works Christmas Dinner, version, who quite knows? There were a few while at William Hill in Leeds, and this wont be the first Civil Service one, but its certainly a more interesting location than the norm. Why, dinner is at a casino, darlings!

In my life, I’ve been into 2 casino’s, and thats it. The first of those was actually at Philadelphia Park racecourse and casino, and I simply passed through the building on the way to the racecourse viewing area via a lift. Just a way of getting somewhere, never looked at anything. I have also been to the one we’re going to tomorrow night in Bradford, on a Saturday afternoon, after work, with a colleague, to waste an hour between the finish of work, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the works Christmas dinner! Must have been the 2016 version, because I was able to drink back then!

The amusing thing for me tomorrow night, beyond the opportunity to dress up a bit, is that one of the things that we get for our price, is a £5 gambling chip! No, I dont expect it to last more than 1 play, lol! And what to play it on, no idea! I suppose that if it was a real Hollywood movie, I would walk up to the roulette table, coolly put the chip on a number, and it would win! But given the most glamorous place I ever acted was the Octagon Theatre, in Yeovil, its fair to say it will lose! Yes, its still there, about 30 years on, so I didnt close it down, lol! In truth, I knew it survived at least until 1999, when I left Yeovil, but have never been back since, so had to check on Google!

No, I dont think its going to get me back into any form of gambling habit, somehow! Beyond the race that everyone in the UK bets on, the Grand National, I havent had a bet since 2013, until now. I dont think I’m going to say I broke that streak for 1 free chip in a casino, lol. Maybe I should get into cool flapper mode before playing that chip, mind? Not that I can smoke (not permitted by law), or drink (not permitted by painkiller pills I’m on), but I can think the part! Oh, and partly look it, at least.

Yes, the hair, darlings! Had it done today, so I’m ‘properly’ blonde again, with a neat layered bob look, and probably the attitude to match? I did actually go under a hair dryer today, but unfortunately it wasnt in the mood to ‘transform’ my thoughts into those of a 20’s flapper! Ah well…

Oh fine, if this is the last blog for a while, you know I broke the bank at Bradford, and have moved somewhere warmer abroad. So yeah, you’ll get a blog again soon, probably Saturday (recovery day after tomorrow), rather than Sunday (out for some of day), but anyway, just saying…  😉

Right, video time. Another one from the TV series set in Blackpool, a rather apt song for tomorrow night. Sadly the very dishy David Tennant isnt seen in this one, ah well…


Rainy Days And Mondays

Are supposed to always get you down, and yes, that is a huge clue as to what the video is lol!

But given summertime is now over, on both sides of the pond, its pretty clear that very soon, winter will be on its way. Indeed, just about an hour ago, they showed the view from Foxboro, where the New England Patriots play, and it was snowing! Hopefully there wont be too much of that in Albany, in 3 weeks time, but at the same time, I wouldnt be shocked if there was.

The biggest change at work, is the horse racing. It now starts much earlier, and in terms of the non floodlit meetings at least, it has to end earlier too. Lets face it, most sports nowadays pretty much take place under lights at all times anyway. Flat racing does, though for obvious safety reasons, jump racing doesnt.

So, the baseball season is finally over, after about 7 months of non stop play, I’m sure the players will be grateful for the break. Kansas City fell at the last step, a shame, but after 29 years of nothing post season, pretty awesome all the same. I must admit, Ice Hockey and Basketball dont have much interest for me, though I do plan to take in an Ice Hockey game in Albany, while away.

Yes, 3 weeks from now, you’ll be getting blogs from there, the next big event in my seemingly growing social schedule. 2 weeks later, the works Christmas dinner, for which I booked my hotel room earlier today. I will probably wear the new dress, though the mischievous Harlow element in me wants to wear the much shorter, sexier, blue sparkly dress instead, and show off some leg! I’m sure sanity will prevail, the longer dress, but we will see… 😉

The other thing I did today, was to book the rail tickets for Newbury, for January, after which I will definitely have the Harlow look, in style! Not that I’m as shy as I used to be, but I suspect that once I have the full look (including beauty spot) I might be even more confident in my new self. As far as I know, Paula has no way to make me think I’m actually Jean, but…

Oh, and the boring winter thing, I need to get sorted in the New Year, an eye test, and new glasses, I suspect. If I can find an optician, offering 30’s style frames…they might get some business! if anyone knows one, in the UK, let me know!

Yes, you should have worked out what the video is, at least I hope you have

Boop, boop a doo!

Well, I’ll warn you now, if you’re looking for 500 words of wisdom, wait for the next blog. A bit like a Trans Pennine Express train, it will arrive, err, sometime soon! I could jokingly say that today, and tomorrow are the only days in the year that their trains aren’t late, and thats because there arent any! On the other hand, if you want a picture of ‘the dress’ and a couple of other shots from today, you’re in the right place!

So getting started, at long last, here is a picture of that delicious pink, flapper style dress, complete with bared knees.

flapper dress 2

Next, a picture of a wonderful present, a necklace that is absolutely gorgeous, and fits in with the look

necklace close up

Yes, as you might quickly spot, this was taken before I changed, and I’m wearing a ‘most expensive’ grey/silver dress, which is lovely to look at, and equally nice to wear. I’m kidding about the cost, its one of my charity shop specials, and did not cost a fortune! A full length shot of it next

full length grey dress

My thanks to Nicole Woodhouse for taking the photos for me.

And seriously, thats it, holidays over, back to work tomorrow morning! I still havent made the final call, tempted to wear a dress to work, possibly the grey/silver one here, though I would have to wear a top underneath, to fit in with dress regulations re bare shoulders. I do have a couple of other dresses I might wear, the blue one being the favourite, as its the warmest one I’ve got. Equally, I might just go for blouse and skirt, I’ll make the final call on that later, or in the morning. Heels for definite, either way.

Handy, isnt it, having a taxi to and from work lol, I can be a little rebel, wont have far to walk outside!

What else can I say, a wonderful day, a wonderful meal at lunchtime about sums it up.

The video, well, the song is actually from the 30’s, but sums up things so wonderfully

Stayed another night

At the Holiday Inn Express at Leeds on Thursday, but lets face it, its not a hotel review you’re looking for, is it? No, its the events surrounding why I was staying there that you want to hear about.

So, the preparations. Well, yes, the dress fitted fine, as expected, though the world would have been grateful for the fact I wore leggings underneath it, to both cover up, and protect my knees. Yes, it was cold, and they wouldnt have enjoyed the trauma of having that inflicted on them. Nothing to say about the scary sight of my knees anyway lol!

Then came the fun bit, putting on the wig. Which in fact worked, and didnt look too bad at all. Bit of a fight hiding all the blonde hair underneath, but in the end, I just about won the battle. Then I made the fatal mistake, I tried to put the headband on, over the top of it, oh dear! Not sure if it was the amount of hair (natural and otherwise) that I was trying to get it over, or simply the ‘jewel’ getting caught, but it wouldnt work as a combo. And then, giving up on that, I then couldnt get the wig to sit right again, aargh! So, finally I gave up on the wig, put on the headband, and went blonde.

The venue, well, unlike last year, everyone could see I was going with the flapper look at least, so one up there at least. The meal, didnt think it was up to last years standard, but still better than the previous place we used to go to! On the whole though, the night was pretty good, with the highlight entertainment being one workmate who quite literally bought Santa to the meal. He had told me in advance that his outfit was appropriate, he wasnt joking!

The hotel wouldnt in all honesty get a high rating from me. Bit like the meal, not as good as I remembered it last year. Added to which, I requested an alarm call that never happened, but luckily I was awake before then anyway.

So, all in all, I’m glad I went, even if it wasnt as good as last year. Will I repeat next year, assuming I’m still there? Probably, if only to see what someone wears then!

Sorry, no picture yet, I will try and get one done here tomorrow, so you can see the dress. But until then, you will have to stay another day with this video. No, not the Christmas version, I prefer the original in all honesty.

Its Christmas!!!!!! (well, the season starts here at least)

Yes, firstly, you aren’t seeing things, I have finally taken down the Boston Red Sox style page, and replaced it with something else, for a while at least. Its called retro, it looks retro too, so pretty near perfect for me, I guess?

I know, I know, strictly Christmas is still just over 3 weeks away, but the first (of not very many) social events for me, at Christmas is just 2 days away. Yes, the works Christmas Dinner on Thursday evening, in Leeds. Oh, and if anyone is prepared to do a mini makeover on me, on Thursday evening, so that I’m ready to leave the hotel somewhere just after 7, feel free to shout. No, alright, dont worry, lol.

So yes, guess what, have you seen the weather forecast for Thursday, especially around here? Ah well, at least I’ve got a good reason to wear leggings under the short dress, I have circulation issues, and its going to be cold. Oh, alright, I was going to wear them anyway, given all the surgical repairs my knees have had, but thats beside the point! 😛

Yes, hopefully I’ve got the look this year, that might have some wondering which decade they’re in, hopefully 1920’s. I thought I had last year, but some thought 70’s, or 80’s but less doubt this year, I trust? Yes, assuming I get some in time, I will post a picture of the look, so that you can get to see it for yourselves. No, I did resist the cigarette holder that so many flappers loved to carry, no point for a non smoker, plus you couldnt use it indoors nowadays anyway! My, have things changed in that sense! Then it was trendy to smoke, but now…

The wig will be fun, see how many do, or don’t recognise me with dark hair now, especially with a whole lot more fringe than they are used to. Flapper headband as well, should all be fun, and at least I know where I’m going this year!

So yes, as work would say, and as Slade sing, its Christmas! Well, the first dinner of Christmas at least. I’ll let you know how it went on Sunday, dont expect to hear from me before then. Right, the song is still mimed, but a later look version of the famous song than normal. Hard to believe this is 40 years old, and I bought it the first time it came out. I think its been released every year since, mind!

Outsiders do win sometimes!

Yes, I did end up wearing the dress today, after all! And alright, I’m still wearing it now, but I am most definitely not wearing it to work tomorrow all the same lol! Planning to wear the blouse and skirt I’d planned to wear dinner time though. But yes, unless the weather is awful, I’m wearing the heels into work, as I wont have far to walk in them, thank goodness. No trains, so being dropped off, and picked up just outside work, and hey, I can cope with that distance lol!

So what happened, you might be asking? Simple, I normally put on a posh dress for Christmas morning, just for pleasure, and hey, its nice to do something special while opening the Christmas presents, even if thats not the longest job in the world nowadays lol! So yes, as they hadnt seen me in it at home, I put on the gold dress, just so they could see. Then anyway, the question was raised as to whether I should wear it when we went out lunchtime for our dinner, or not. Pretty fair to say, the vote was yes, I should, so I did. To be honest, I dont think anyone even blinked, and I must say it was wonderful for me too. Yes, I know Nicole, I pass, so I’ll leave it at that lol!

If only I could convince myself that another battle with the Leeds NHS was worth the effort, and I could probably do the full change. To be honest, a few hormones, and one surgical change is all I need anyway, its well over 2 years that I’ve been living as a woman anyway! So I’m over the time limit for such matters in every eye, but theirs. No, I dont feel its worth the fight again at my age, living as I am anyway, but…again yes, Nicole, I know I probably should!

To be honest, I couldnt see me wearing a dress to work anyway, no one else seems to, it just doesnt seem the thing nowadays. Funny to think, 20 or 30 years ago, the sight of a woman in trousers would be considered shocking, nowadays its the absolute norm, its hard to spot any dressed otherwise, I know I couldnt see any in our section of the office on Saturday when I looked, my last day in. But maybe I can start a trend tomorrow, just by wearing a skirt? Probably not, and probably a one off for me, but again, dont quote me on that! I’m pretty sure I’ll wear the wedge heels when the weather improves, assuming it ever does in this country!

Weather permitting, we have our traditional big Boxing Day race tomorrow at Kempton, and making a fool of myself, I’ll put up The Giant Bolster as an each way selection. No, I’m not an expert, and I wont be putting any money on him, but just think he’s better value than the short priced favourite. Just dont remind me I said this after racing tomorrow though lol!

The video, for once, absolutely no clue in the blog title, a rarity in itself. Lets just say its an absolute Christmas classic, and leave it at that.

Its that time of year

Whats that you say, one week today, whats the day? Why, Christmas Day of course! I have no idea what celebrations are like in some Pacific Islands, but by now, for most of the world, presents will have been opened, and for many, including myself, turkey will have been eaten, and millions of people worldwide will again be saying they will eat less next year, but they never do lol!

There is also the religious significance of the day, but sadly for too many that rather gets lost in the rush of present opening and greed. But without that event, just over 2000 years ago, well, we wouldnt be looking forward to this date, would we? Of course nowadays, there is some view that the likelihood that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, in the year 1 BC is pretty slim to put it mildly. The general date I’ve heard mentioned is 5 BC, because of the guiding star likely to have been a comet, but at this length of time, thats all hypothesis anyway. All we do know, is that somewhere around that time, Jesus was born.

But as I say, nowadays, for many its all about the presents! Me, I wont get many, but then again, I dont have to give many either lol, so what do I expect? Well, unless my followers here plan to surprise me, and no, I’m not expecting that lol!

For me this year, I’ve actually got a decent break at Christmas, though many wouldnt see it that way. I finish at 8 pm Saturday, then thats it until…Boxing Day at 9 am, and thats a good break! And as they say, thats all folks! And I only get that because of the way my shifts play out. I suspect that December 25th is the only day in the year I’ve never worked, though I know many do, and I admire them for it. Hey, I know some will, because this household are out again for Christmas dinner, as has become the norm. No, I’m not planning on wearing the dress, or indeed any dress, but as they say, strange things may happen lol!

Right, the first Christmas music of the year, a piece of pure lunacy from the Wombles. This is actually the video from last year, and maybe fans of the X Factor, and/or Jedward should look away now, or not click the link.

I’m still standing…just!

Yes, its been a little while since I wrote here, but thats life, and work shifts for you. Hopefully things might get a bit calmer now, but if I disappear again for a few days, dont panic, well not too much lol!

So lets fill you in on life, before I get all whimsical again, probably tomorrow as I have a day off, whatever one of those is?

Thursday was the Christmas dinner (as has been mentioned before), but lets throw a delicate veil over the meal by saying it wasnt good. Food, especially the main course was definitely ‘cool’ by the time we got served, and no, I wont go again next year unless its somewhere different, or I have a total bimbo moment and accidentally say yes when asked lol! Hotel I stayed at was OK, though had the amusing moment of having to pay a £10 deposit for a TV remote.

Friday,Saturday and Sunday, lets just say my shifts came to a combined total of 30 hours for those 3 days, and leave it at that. Irony, my shift today, 5 hours! <rolling eyes emoticon> Worse, I finished at 9 last night, got to bed about 11.45 by the time I did everything, and was up soon after 4.30 this morning for a shift starting at 8! Day off tomorrow, and 8 will be the earliest I get up tomorrow I suspect.

Yesterday was even more entertaining, the new railway timetables started over here. Not that mine seem to have altered, and neither has the ‘reliability’ of Trans Pennine Express! Well actually you cound say they were consistent, train was 14 minutes late arriving yesterday morning, and same again today! Joke is the word that comes to mind. Something went wrong, the train this afternoon ran on time. Last night, didnt get one, got collected, so no idea!

Hard to believe it, 2 weeks from now, all the hype will be done and dusted, and I’ll have done a day back at work. Yes, some of us work Boxing Day, shock horror! Havent had any requests for a present list yet though from any of my readers. Well alright, Nicole has, but thats an inhouse thing, so…

Teasing folks, as I suspect you know by now, but all the same…

The song, I’m sure the title is a big giveaway here. it’s Elton showing off some wonderful dry humour, and I’m wondering whether this is just after he outed himself judging by the lyrics and the video?

’cause I’m a blonde

Yes, those linking through facebook might have already seen the video, but if not, you get a second chance! 😛 Oh, and James, you might have seen it at the other blog too!

I’ll be honest, if I’d known what a reaction mentioning I was going to get blonde hair extensions was going to cause, I’d have had a whipround for a collection to pay for it earlier lol! It seems a lot of people want to see it, others want pictures posted of it when done, what a crazy world! Its not like I’m even a natural blonde in the first place, but maybe that doesnt matter to some? I’m also not sure if not being a natural girl has raised interest or not, hard to say I guess, but I suspect it has? Any wealthy benefactors want to help put that right lol?

I’m sort of hoping to get some done post make up as well, but that might depend on time and occasion, because unless I manage to get a solo picture taken, I wont be able to use any from the works dinner of course. Funnily enough, people at work are also quite keen to see the ‘extra’ blonde me as well.

Oh, and lastly tonight, its amazing what good buys you can get in charity shops over here. The four of us went off to Ilkley in the rain today (had a hat in my bag, but didnt wear it. Some will get the inside joke I trust?), and us two girls went in a charity shop there. I found a wonderful silver sequin (for want of a better word) top, that not only appeals to a certain kink, its so 20’s flapper like in style, its quite amazing. Yes, I love it, apart from the fact that when I got it back I found out it was dry cleaning only of course, aargh! Wont say the price, lets just say it was a lot less than I suspect it cost originally!

Oh, and really lastly tonight (well apart from the video), I’m back in ‘print’ as an author today, its been quite a while, but Chapter 1 passed the test with the wonderful man at the website, and was posted up tonight. No prizes for working out who it might be based around though! Her first name was Mary, though thats not the name all know her by! 😉

The video, just love the sentiments of this, though my blonde hair wont be as easy to remove as the beauty pageant girl!

Having a wonderful Christmas time?

Yes, sorry, December has now arrived, so I thought I’d better get started now on that front. Apologies in advance if some think the quality of vdeos go down this month, lol! I know, the big day is still 3 1/2 weeks away, but the social season seems to be starting at least already.

The works Christmas dinner is a week today, and the ‘secret santa’ ernail arrived in my box just before I left last night, though later enough that I didnt get to read it, but will do so today I’m sure. Never sure about these things, I always seem to draw someone I hardly know, and I suspect most get the same if they draw me! Its not compulsory, but… yes, I suspect I will get involved again, however wise a move that might be!

I’m not really a social party animal, but yet again this year I said yes to the works dinner. Why, I suspect partly because its a rare chance to get something back from the company lol! Mind, by the time I’ve bought a new top, got my hair done and paid for the hotel in Leeds for the night (too much like hard work getting this far home afterwards), its not quite the bargain it seems lol! Yes, I’m going for the hair extension, getting them done next Tuesday, so at least I should have a wonderful show of hair for the do, not the usual hiding how thin it is routine! Coloured as well, so I might even fool some I’m a natural blonde then…probably not though lol!

Budget hotel in Leeds, same one I stayed in last year, seems more than decent enough for me at least. And only about 100 yards from where the dinner is, so not too far to walk either. Make up, yes, getting someone who knows what they are doing to do it though, before I set off to Leeds. Have told her I fancy a 20’s look (I swear Louise Brooks is playing with my mind lol!), so will have to wait and see what happens there.

Yes, a top and suit, as I’ve said before, I’m not rebellious enough for a dress, also there might be idiots about in Leeds that night, so no point taking chances. Flats, not heels as well I might add. But I will definitely wear one of my bras that shows my natural cleavage off to its best effect, thats for sure. Enhancers? Cant see any point, as 90% of the people there know how much cleavage I’ve really got anyway!

So, as you can see, Christmas is coming, as are the Christmas videos. The You Tube link says this is Paul McCartney, but its not, its definitely Wings.