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They think its all over, well the first one is at least!

Yes, I know, some would say the Olympics are over, and I suppose in a strict sense, they are. The ones that are to follow are the Paralympics (or however they deign to spell it), but its the same venues, the same amount of BBC hype, so…

Thankfully I’ve managed to avoid most of it, though I was guilty of watching a bit of the athletics Saturday evening, but that was really the main bit I saw. My excuse for that, things finally did calm down Ssturday night, so while tidying up a few things, I switched it on. At least it enabled me to settle a few athletics bets at work while doing so. But that really pretty much has been it. I’ve seen the odd bits on TV, but follow it closely, no chance! And the soccer has naturally been avoided like the plague lol!

At least one thing seems to have come out of it, Britannia still rules the waves, at least when it comes to rowing and sailing! One thing I avoided totally (apart from news highlights) was the hulabaloo of the 2 ceremonies topping and tailing the sporting party, I’m sure I’m glad about that. In the sense of the medal table, no great shocks, with USA top, and China next. GB third, but after last time (and with home support) I think that was pretty expected too.

So next, in about 2 weeks (so they tell me), we get the Paralympics. I have no idea if my firm plans to have several thousand betting options on this, but nothing would surprise me. Worse for me, in the interim, the overpaid hype that is the Premier League starts on Saturday, letting those massive egos, and small brain cell counts, known as footballers loose. Even worse are the people who think everyone is interested in the game, some of us couldnt care less! I dont know, or care who “Fred Bloggs” plays for, neither do I know exactly what league teams are in, and nor do I want to. But people just assume I do, because they do!

Yes, rant of a middle aged woman lol! But 5 weeks from now, for a while at least, I’ll forget them completely, thank goodness. How long for, lets wait and see!

Right, the video! I did consider something by the Animals in tribute to football fans, but lets be a good girl for once. So lets have a classic Kinks moment, one that came totally out of the blue at the time. Lets face it, there was plenty of this at the closing ceremony last night, though sadly without the mops!

The sporting summer

In a follow up to a recent posting, the wonderful BBC commentators are still at their best. If you believed all they told us, Great Britain would have won about 6 gold medals by now. Err, the grand total so far, 6 less than that lol! The biggest piece of over hype was Mark Cavendish in the road race, didnt even get a medal! Then totally ignored, our mens gymnastics team got a bronze today, against all odds!

From what I read tonight, its not only the medal prospects they’re getting wrong, seemingly there are multiple comments on network sites re poor pictures, commentaries etc…ah well…Still, another fortnight or so and it will all be over! Sadly that means the start of the football (soccer) season over here, and all the hype (and overpaid footballers acting like idiots) to the fore. Ah well…under 7 weeks from now until my escape for a week, really cant wait!. ūüôā Yes, summer really is passing by now, but at least it seems to have finally arrived here.

Another reason why I know that, the pre season for the NFL starts next weekend! Alright, its still 6 weeks to the serious stuff, but…its coming home lol! Hey, I can start dreaming of the Bills in the play offs again.

Also in September is a chance for the Irish to ‘bloody a few noses’ at the 20 over version of the World Cup Cricket, the first game of which I will be in the US for, but thanks to the internet, I will still be able to find out whats happening. The second qualifier is the day after I get back, might need to get that as a day off lol! For getting over jet lag purposes of course, nothing more lol!

Oh, right, the video you say, just get to it. Well this includes NFL (and Baseball) as well as a few sporting bloopers too. You could say our Olympic hopefuls are in Dire Straits (or maybe not?)

Derby Day!

Until 1995, the Derby was always ran on a Wednesday, and was a special occasion midweek in June. Then someone in their wisdom decided it should be run on a Saturday, when in theory, more people would have the opportunity to see it. Though the idea might have been good, in practice, it hasnt worked.

Why, probably because before, it was an event away from the ordinary working day for many people, now its more just another sporting event on a Saturday, and has therefore become less important, just the opposite of what was aimed for. When ran on a Wednesday back then, it was the main meeting of the day, probably only one other meeting in the afternoon as a sideshow. Tomorrow afternoon there are 6 meetings in all, just one of which is Epsom’s big day. Therefore airtime, will be more limited, and shops will only flick to the pictures mere moments before the horses enter the stalls, probably shortly after one of those dreadful virtual races, now part of the wall to wall coverage in betting shops.

The BBC coverage will probably show a bit more of the build up, but will their hearts be in it? I doubt it, the BBC are giving up on racing coverage after this year, and its been pretty feeble for many years in all honesty. And given that this year we have a highly touted, short priced favourite in a small field, its hardly going to appeal to the small punter, is it?

The ‘classic’ today wasnt a lot better, yes we had 12 runners, and a reasonable betting market, but one trainer had 5 of the horses in the race. As it was, his main horse didnt win it, but one of the others did all the same. Great for him, and his connections, but for everyone else, it probably lacked something.

I used to get excited about the Derby, for me it was the 2nd biggest race of the year, after the Grand National, but in recent times, I havent got excited by it at all. Camelot, the hot favourite may well win tomorrow, but can I start to get excited by it, no I cant. The likelihood is I’ll probably get a call from a shop during the race, asking something inane, that they could have waited 2 minutes to ask. But will I really regret missing it, probably not!

No, like many things, you cant bring back the good old days, but I think the Derby’s greatness has been damaged by the Saturday switch. Maybe more will watch (though how many non racing fans, who would watch it any Saturday will do so?), but many used to stop on a Wednesday afternoon to watch, or listen to the race for 3 minutes who probably wont now.

Maybe I’m just a ‘grumpy old woman’ lol?

Right, the video, very tenuous connections here to the favourite, which hopefully someone will get at least, even if it means using Google lol!

Is there a big race this week?

Yes, I am being cynical here, I know, and I suspect many others do as well, that this Saturday, the Grand National will be ran at Aintree, as (with the exception of war years) it has been for over 150 years. The most famous historical thing, the name of the first winner was called Lottery, rather apt for said race.

One thing that many may not yet know, is that in this country at least, it will be the last time its covered by the BBC for at least the foreseeable future. No, I’m not going to go into the politics of BBC sports coverage in the last decade, but suffice to say, they have cut back rather dramatically lol!

The first Grand National I still remember is 1967, probably because of events then, more about which shortly. I must have seen them before then, just dont remember them at all. Since then, working in the industry, I’ve seen a few things concerning this race. The void race fiasco, the bomb scare that delayed the race until Monday, and of course, Red Rum and his 3 wins.

No, I’m not going to hand out tips, I dont really follow racing enough for that nowadays to be honest. Probably wont stop me throwing a few pounds at the bookies though lol! Besides which, as mentioned, its all a bit of a lottery anyway, though less so nowadays, with¬†some of the fences tamed somewhat.

The film, no music, just film (in colour!) of that first National I still remember. What can I say, just proves you should never say a horse is out of a race until it actually is!