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It all happens at once

Its funny how things happen. One moment you seem to be suffering a quiet week on the job hunt, then everything happens at once! Initially, all I had booked for the last week, was the long standing interview with the DWP, to work for the DWP! Yesterday afternoon, on the outskirts of Leeds, fine!

Then, I got an email at the beginning of the week, asking me if I could do an interview with a company, just outside Dewsbury, on, yes, you’ve guessed it, Friday! No, no other day, so fine, I gave in, and went for it. Yes, I think both went well, but then again, how often have I thought this before, only to get the rejection call/email a few days later. I will say, if there’s one thing I hate, its trying to do 2 interviews in 1 day. Oh, and when they are miles apart, on top of everything else…yeah, wonderful…not.

Its not only the travel that kills, though at my age, that doesnt help. The last time I did this, I had one in Halifax in the morning, then over to Bradford for the afternoon, and yes, I faded before the finish. This wasnt so bad, smaller gap between them, though the journey was a bit more complex. The snag this time, was my feet! I got myself a new pair of low heels, for occasions like this, and I thought they were fine. Snag is, wearing them in at home, and walking a distance in them, is 2 different things. So yes, the backs of my ankles are a bit tender at present!

The other snag, is what you call revising for the interview. With one, you can check out the company, do your stuff, and go for it. With two, not so simple! I tend to end up not doing justice to either, and thats not a good thing.

Oh, in the meanwhile, I proved perseverance works! I’d applied twice before, for customer service positions, with a company in Halifax. Rejected both times, just on the basis of CV application! Anyway, I thought I’d give it one more go, and lo and behold, phone interview, and now I’ve got an assessment center, the week after next! Oh, and next week, on Tuesday, as a result of a phone interview last week, I’ve got another interview in Huddersfield! I’d just given up about hearing anything, when it arrived. Its only 30 hours per week, but pay is decent, so I could survive, given the lack of transport costs, so…

No, I havent finished yet! As I was walking in yesterday afternoon, trying desperately to get my shoes off, as quickly as possible, I had a phone passed to me. A company from Greece (I dont think its the same one as before?) wanting me to work out there. At the moment I’ve shown interest, and I’m due to do a Skype interview with them on Wednesday lunchtime. I dont think I’ll go out there, due to the dodgy state of finances in Greece, I wouldnt have thought it was the best place for an ‘elderly’ lady like me to be heading to!

Oh, last but not least, for those who read the last blog, I’ll just say, yes, today I sent a speculative email to ESPN about a certain possible job opening. No, I dont expect to even hear back from them, but no harm done, I guess?

Right, the video. how interviews seem to occur with me of late!