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Will you still love me now I’m old, and falling apart at the seams?

Yes, you’re getting a bonus blog tonight, but sadly, for the wrong reason, I never made it to work today! I know, I know, its my 19th sick day, in 42 years, so overall, still a good record, but in terms of the new job, ah well…

Its not actually the first time that back trouble has struck me down so badly that I’ve had to go sick with it, its actually the second. Strictly, there was one other time when my back kept me out of work, but that was more down to a fall from an attic, than just issues with my back.

Yes, I’m getting old, and the body is beginning to disintegrate even more seemingly. The physical issue I’ve actually had longest are my beaten up knees. Those I have suffered with since I was about 9, or 10 when I had a disagreement with a pony about jumping a fence, and my knees ended up tangled in the poles from said fence, and it was not good. Therefore I have little, or no cartilage in either of my knees, which means there are times (especially when its cold) when they get sore, and flex less than normally.

The back is an on and off issue (mainly off) that crops up very occasionally, but when it does, I tend to know it! Normally not quite so bad that I cant work through it, but seemingly, now I’m getting older…ah well!

What happened Friday, was that the weather was colder than recently, and walking to work in Bradford, my knees decided to complain about this fact quite badly. So I changed my walking style, to try and take some pressure off the knee joints, and it seemed to work. Snag was, as it turned out, I ended up putting more pressure on my back, and it objected…loudly!

Though I’d been noticing it since Saturday, it was Sunday evening that it first got towards the limit of being able to ignore the pain. Yes, fine, yesterday morning, it hurt, but I felt not enough to stop me going to work, so I went. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe it was the bus seats, and not much leg space, but by the time I got off in Bradford, I was stiffening up a lot. The walk helped, but again, by mid morning, I had issues. A paracetamol later, and I kept going at work. Besides anything else, I’d have had the challenge of getting home anyway, so I stuck it out.

A stronger pain killer later, and I couldnt feel any pain. Yes, I knew it was an illusion, but it helped! So fine, another paracetamol later, just before bed, and fingers crossed I could get through the night, and get to work today with the aid of the stronger pill. Ah well, the best laid plans…

I woke up about 3.30 this morning, in a lot of pain. I tried to move, no go! Eventually, after about 20 minutes of effort, I managed to roll over, and check the clock! Fine, even then, I gave up on the concept of getting to work today! Finally I got up about 7.45, having tried for about 10 minutes to find a way to stand up! I managed about 2 steps before the back gave out completely, and after a few moments of trying to do it gracefully, I slumped on the floor. Thankfully, after about 10 minutes, I was rescued by Eric, and managed to get up again. I rang work, let them know I wouldnt be in, and at about the third attempt, I managed to sit on the toilet, and do, err, what I needed to do.

Some pain killers (of varying strength) later, its generally verging on bearable, with just the odd brutal spasm! Yes, I can actually walk now, something at least, though I’m not going to win any awards for speed walking. But yes, tomorrow, unless I relapse overnight, I plan on going back to work.

But yes, I know, I’m getting old, I’m getting (even more) decrepit, but I’ll have to try and get by, I guess? I would ask the question in this song, but I’m pretty sure already that I’m not going to be loved now I’m no longer young, and beautiful. Beauty might always have been an issue, but besides that…!

Yes, the video clue is in that last line, a song from the most recent making of The Great Gatsby. If only we had anything beyond a trailer for the 1926 version, it would be wonderful, but…