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Love Our Lurkers Day

it seems that there is annual tradition here on WordPress, that the 12th November is known as Love our lurkers day, and seemingly this is now the 8th time its happened.

One thing is certain, I have a good share of lurkers here, the stats show me that, even if the comments box has remained unused, or virtually unused for a very long time now. But since posting a link to the blogs on Facebook again, on posting days, its not unknown to get 20-30 views on here, and quite often getting close to, or just into double figures on non posting days. But no one ever says anything, not even hi!

I could understand it if I was posting anything controversial, or naughty, but unless supporting a trans person is controversial (and I guess to some it might be), then really it isnt. My ‘other’ blog, well, I might be naughtier there sometimes, but you wouldnt know about that! Well, one or two might, but otherwise…

What would be nice, especially in terms of transgender related issues, would be to know what people would like to hear my views on, or maybe ask me a few questions that I could do my best to answer. I’m off all next week (Monday – following Tuesday, in fact), so I should have time to do a quick Q&A session, or answer something in more depth, if a lurker wants to ask.

If you dont want to post a real name on here, then fine, make one up, post anonymously, or just email me at ,if you dont want the world to see.

But it would be nice, if just one or two lurkers would come out of the woodwork, and say hi, nothing more, if thats how you feel. Even Yankees fans are welcome, you know. 😉 Oh, alright, you pushed me, even Patriots fans too. Love you, Kate btw lol.

So be brave, I dont bite unless you want me to, just delurk, for one day of the year, and let me see who reads my pieces, and maybe watches the videos.

A suitable video, what you readers are from me, a secret