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Out there, and proud!

Firstly, seriously, is there now any day left in the year that isnt “something” day? There must be a few I guess, but nowadays they must be getting few, and far between. So fine, today is actually one of those that actually means something important to me, Transgender Visibility Days.

Me, I’m pretty visible most days as transgender, though fine, generally outside, I’m more likely to wear slacks, than a skirt, but then again, so do most women? But yes, I do go out in a skirt sometimes, and certainly when I go out for an evening meal, its a safe bet it will be a dress, and heels that I wear.

But do I hide the signs that I’m living as a woman, no chance! I know its not as easy for everyone, I fully understand that, but I’ve got to the point in life where really, I wouldnt have it any other way! As to others, I wish more were able to go for it, just like me, but…

To be honest, however much I dislike, and suspect the motives of Caitlyn Jenner, there is one thing for sure, more people with biological gender issues are coming out about it, and hopefully in time, will be able to sort them out. One other blessing is that the surgery becomes more practiced, and carried out, the surgery we’re going to get, is only going to improve.

But fine, here, I’m talking about progressive (to varying degrees) countries, not all of the world. There are many parts of the world where being any part of the LGBT rainbow, is a pretty dangerous thing to be. Only today I read, that Saudi Arabia are attempting to bring in laws to make giving any sign of being any of those 4 things, a case for execution! Not just on the street either, but online too! Mind, before the West gets too smug, new rules just brought in by North Carolina, and Mississippi are pretty awful too. Georgia only avoided taking the same route because of pressure from very major businesses within the state, so they have nothing to be proud of. Mind, given their past record, Mississippi would probably like to bring back another form of segregation, but anyway…

Who, me, visible today? Yes, you could say that. I had an interview in town today, for a position in a bank, as a customer service officer, serving people in the bank. Suit jacket, dress, and high heels, absolutely! Whether the bank staff will have the courage to give the position to a Trans person, no idea? Not that strictly they know, my passport says I’m female, so as far as they know…? Yes, a very transgender visibility role, amazing stuff.

Me, and that final op? I honestly say that if something happened in my life, that would justify it, I would still get it done. But with my health, and my age, and how complex it is, I cant see it happening unless there is good cause. Apart from losing that thing (and getting a vagina instead), I’ve now pretty much got everything I want, so unless a man, or a woman comes along that wants me with pussy, probably not. I might regret it, at my dying day, but in truth, we’ll see.

Right, finally, the video. A nice gender blurring song, from a group called Blur!


Male and female

Or a slight variation on the theme for the video at least! Just another one of those issues that most dont even think about.

I cant claim to have come up with the idea of this, it actually came up on a Trans related group thread on one of the boards I frequent. We must have all seen them by now, the dreaded online survey thats on so many websites nowadays. Also, at one time I was a member of a survey group, though I dropped out of that a while back now.

Yes, you can guess where this is heading, the traditional question near the end of all these surveys, what gender are you? And the question was, which do you answer with, for pre ops like me at least, your physical one, or the one you live as. Seems to be an interesting split, but what surprised me at least was that seemingly more answered to the physical gender than I would have expected. Me, I was doing these surveys as female long before I officially became a Ms! Even before I went full time female, I was doing that! But others, who I thought far more militant than me, nope!

I look at it this way, from a mental perspective at least, all the answers I give are based on a female thought process, so therefore the results should be seen as such. Also, from a personal perspective, I dont put a great deal of credence on most of these things anyway, I do the survey, does gender really skew the results of a pretty basic survey anyway? Lets face it, these online surveys arent renowned for being on vital issues lol!

Nowadays I cant see why I wouldnt do it as female anyway, as far as I know its only the tax office, and the passport people who dont officially see me as female anyway. And they only require one thing to be removed to change that lol, and I just wish I could get that done!

I dont know if Blur were trying to bring up the whole gender issue with this song, or whether they were just trying to stick 2 fingers up at traditional views? Either way, it seems rather apt for this posting