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I feel pretty?

Something that has developed in the last few days, is a strange desire, by women, to post a ‘selfie’ of themselves, and at the same time make a donation to Cancer Research. No, the donation to Cancer Research is fine, I’ve more than once donated to Breast Cancer causes myself. No, the strange, possibly amazing thing, is the number of women posting pictures of themselves, without a scrap of make-up!

The funny thing was, when I first saw it, I assumed it was a Cancer Research originated campaign, but apparently it wasnt! I discovered it when I found pictures of a few female friends, on Facebook, issuing challenges to friends to do the same thing, post a selfie of themselves, without a drop of make-up.

Me, I’m awful in the sense of putting on make-up, I just dont do it. I probably should, but with my busy life, and a slight tremor in my hands, I’ve decided its a challenge not worth taking on. Maybe if I’d been using make-up since teen years (as a natural girl would have done), then maybe I’d be so good at it, that the tremor wouldnt matter, and the time would be made. But because its only a more recent thing, I dont tend to get involved. But for most women, the idea of a picture of them, without make-up…lol

The next thing for me, is the whole ‘selfie’ thing, something that seems to have developed out of the whole mobile phone development thing, so that its not only a phone, its a glorified camera too. Alright, many nowadays are also mini computers, but as someone who avoids the mobile phone like the plague, none of that concerns me. I know, I know, but I’m old, humour me!

Anyway, despite the lack of a mobile phone (payment to CR is by a text message, hard without a mobile!), I found something akin to a selfie, a picture taken by Nicole on Christmas Day, this is it

necklace close up

I know, scary, isnt it?

And yes, though I used a modern method (the internet) to make a donation to CR, it wasnt a text message, as per others.

Then a new element of craziness has set in, men have joined in! No, not posting a picture of themselves without make-up obviously, just the opposite! Still, if this brings in money for Cancer Research, it has to be a good thing?

Ah well, I wonder, or is that fear what the next trend will be?

The video, I couldnt resist

Though whether I do, in that picture, a matter of opinion! Strictly, if you have a mobile phone, and most people do, the instructions are

To donate to Cancer Research UK, text BEAT to 70099 and donate £3

If you are that very rare soul like me, the website address is

As long as that picture didnt scare you off, of course!