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The Concert Review

Well, seriously, were you expecting anything else tonight?

Lets cut to the chase, you arent interested in where I went for dinner, or the journey home afterwards, so no more about that.

No, I hadnt been to the Academy at Leeds before, for any reason, so had no idea what to expect. Given that I was there for 7.00 door opening, I managed to get pretty close to the stage, about 4th or 5th row back, as it was all standing. Yes, by the end of the evening, my legs, knees and feet were complaining loudly about standing in pretty much the same spot for 4 hours, allowing for dancing on the same spot, there wasnt room to do more. Lets just say the walk to the station was slightly painful lol.

Right, the concert. First up was the support act, John Foxx and The Maths. Thing is, I’m old enough to remember that John sang with Ultravox before Midge Ure, but not many others do. No, I only saw Ultravox when Ure was the frontman, so hadnt seen him before. He did a good show, but for all but 1 person, it was just the warm up for the big event. Yes, there was one guy, just in front of me who was only there for the support act, went after he finished. Ah well…He missed a treat.

After that we saw the crew rapidly, and efficiently clear the stage, and do the little bit of preparation needed for OMD. Then, just about 9.00, the first notes of ‘Please Remain Seated’ were heard, the crowd erupted, and the show began.

No, I cant do a songlist for you, lets just say it included stuff both from the last 2 albums (especially the new, very excellent one, English Electric) and a lot of the older stuff too. Sadly for me, the list didnt include Pandoras Box, but thats the only fault I could find in all honesty. Given that I was only introduced to Louise Brooks by Andy, it would have been nice, but there are time limits and things, so…

The interesting thing is, the changes in style in 31 years, since I last saw them. Yes, we are all older, but Andy is still so fit, its frightening! Oh, his dancing style is still as, err, interesting as it ever was. The best comment I can make is, back then it was a concert, they played the songs (well alright, the music was pretty much all taped back then), and that was it, just a few words. The 2013 version is much more of a show though, Andy and Paul definitely talk far more with the crowd, all helps in making you feel part of the show. Hey, Malcolm even waves at us from the back while sat at his drums. Martin still wins the coolness stakes though, pretty much just sitting at his keyboards, apart from his sax solo moments. He was seen to be tapping along to the music though lol!

Ah, the music comment. Thats the difference, far more is live now. To be honest, the only thing that seemed pre taped were necessary things (the female vocals on Tesla Girls, Kissing The Machine, and the trumpets on Forever Live And Die as examples), and what I would call the ‘bottom line’ of the synth stuff on songs. But thats because 2 guys cant do that many layers live! Its fair to say that all they could do live, they did!

So yes, I might do another concert sometime, though not a standing only one, the old body isnt up to that!

Finally, thanks to Andy, Paul, Martin and Malcolm for a marvellous night, that brought back a lot of memories. One thing is for sure, if I see you all again live, its unlikely to take 31 years!

And the video, yes, I’ve found one from last nights show! Therefore as its from a mobile device, its not the greatest quality, but I was there!

When Real Life Takes Over

Yes, I was going to write some cute, and probably trite little blog about the build up to Christmas today, and then real life jumped in, and took me on a totally different route. I assume many of you have heard the awful news from Connecticut already for yourselves?

But before we get into the rights, and awful lot of wrongs about that matter, here is the one piece of news you probably werent waiting for. Yes, May 9th next year, I will be going to an OMD concert in Leeds, all things permitting of course. I’d heard of all things when trying to do this, sites crashing, and other problems, but the biggest problem I had was opening an account with Ticketmaster! Yes, I think the ‘extra charges’ are a bit excessive, but anyway…the deed is done. Its a long, long way off, but something else to look forward to.

Right, today, in Connecticut, a truly awful event. It goes without saying that my sympathy goes out to all who have lost relatives in this horrific event, but it again makes me so grateful that our gun rules are far stricter over here. I know there are some parts of the US where carrying a gun of some kind is probably a wise move, but equally there are an awful lot of places where why, why, why would be the only reasoning I can find, and Newtown, Ct is surely one of them? Please America, at least have a think about the issue.

Hopefully next post will be something trite about Christmas, and that nothing awful stops me doing so, that should be Tuesday.

The video, I’m not sure if this ranks as apt, or in a sense, just the opposite, but given its about a killing at a school…

Tesla Girl

No, not in the David Copperfield sense, though I must admit that is one experience that it would be absolutely incredible to try. But yes, I want that metal suit before I do so lol! All that electricity around you might be some effect, but I’d like to live to tell the tale!

As you might guess with my blogging record, the hint is more in the song title as to what this is about than the literal sense of the term. Though if anyone has a spare tesla coil, and one of those metal suits, then yes please! 😉

I’ll be honest, the last music concert I went to, was a while ago, 2001 in fact. The Seekers, in Bournemouth, on one of their revival tours. So yes, I’m not a regular nowadays by any means. But next year, everything permitting, a pop concert is in store, from another group who were first famous quite a while back, about 30 years ago or so, and you might have seen 1 or 2 of their videos attached here. Yes, its OMD, who yesterday announced a concert tour for next year, and they are coming to Leeds next May at the Academy. And yes, I had to look up where that is in Leeds, didnt have a clue! Not that far from work, or the station, which is handy. Tickets actually go on sale Friday, just hope I can manage to get one. Well, unless someone is thinking of a Christmas present for me? No, thought not!

One thing that is new for me, is something called Gold and Platinum packages, offering the front seats, and other extras, at extra cost. Much though it might be fun meeting the band and all that, I certainly wont be going for that in all honesty, but judging by Facebook comments on it, it seems a popular move nowadays. I’m not saying it wouldnt be nice to meet them, and if nothing else, ask Andy about the whole Louise Brooks thing, but not at that expense, I’m a Yorkshire lass who values her money!

Yes, I have seen them live once before, in London, about 1982, so its about time I saw them live again lol! And one other advantage, I wont be the only middle aged person there, thats for sure!

The video, a different type of Tesla Girl to the one mentioned above, do love this video