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winter solstice

Now if I was really looking for irony, the video tonight would have to be ‘Here Comes The Sun’ because of course its now on its way back north again, even if we might not see much of it for a while yet!

Getting into my Irish ancestry, and I think the video tonight will prove that, we are in the middle of that amazing series of days at Newgrange, where the passage to the graves get mysteriously lit up by the sun at dawn for a few days. Of course, today is the one everyone goes to see it lol! It must be an ethereal sight I suspect, though my only visits there were in summer, so I only have the word of others to go by.

Typically in Irish fashion, the solstices arent the big dates, its the four festivals (for want of a better term) that fall between them that are more important in Celtic lore. I know I’m a good Christian, but all the same…

Its said that the date for Christmas was placed as it was, to set it as close to a date of what was a major pagan celebration, than any real evidence that December 25th was really Christ-mas as such. True or not, I have no idea, thats something long lost in time, thats for sure.

Ironically of course, though we’ve reached the winter solstice, for most, the worst of the winter weather is certainly yet to come. In traditional British fashion, trains, buses and everything else will grind to a halt in temperatures barely below freezing, whereas in the really cold areas, no one will really notice any difference! A few grains of snow will stop everything, but several feet in many parts of the world, and nothing changes!

Did I mention the Irish ancestry thing btw? 😉 Oh, thats right, I did. Therefore the video tonight is in Gaelic, though still very apt for this time of year. Enya singing ‘Oiche Chiun’, though if you think it sopunds like ‘Silent Night’, theres a good reason for that! 😉