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The benefits of selling

Well, yes, I have hit the magic half dozen mark on sales of the film, and managed a couple of book sales recently, which has allowed me to do something nice, giving money to good charity causes. The reason why this is easier than normal (given I lack for credit/debit cards) is because royalties from the books, and sales from the films go into my Paypal account, memorably registered as Merry Brooks Publishing. No, I dont expect it will ever reach FTSE 100 status somehow lol!

But what those handful of dollars have done (apart from a couple of small treats for myself) is give me the opportunity to donate a bit of money to charitable causes. One I mentioned a short time ago, was the Lance Mackey medical campaign, the other is a lot closer to home, or should I say, work.

Cancer Research ran a campaign for January, called a Dryathlon to raise money. From my point of view, it would be a pointless challenge, I simply dont drink a lot of alcohol. I do drink, just nothing that would keep the brewers, or wine growers in business. In fact, so far this month, one glass of wine, and thats about normal. December was a bit wilder, but still I doubt I topped 20 units…for the month!

But some at work, well, they might drink a little bit more than me. No, I’m being diplomatic, not saying how much! One guy at work that I see as a friend (no everyone, not that sort of friend) signed up for it. I was impressed, and hoped he would last the course, but in all honesty, I wasnt convinced he would. But, but, with 2 days to go, he’s made it! I gather he plans to make up for it on Saturday, but…I just hope he can be relatively sensible about it, even if I know he’s so looking forward to that first beer of the year, and then I suspect, one or two more.

So yes, given the sales I’d made, what I’d promised would be £5, turned into £10, a donation I was only too happy to make. So anyone at work (and yes, I know I have readers there), or otherwise, who want to support him, and Cancer Research, feel free to ask for the link. No, I’m not going to embarrass him by posting the link here, but please ask, either here, or drop me a line at if you really dont want to post a comment on here… rolls eyes.

As a sidenote, sorry to disappoint the ‘hundreds’ who were thinking of taking me out for a romantic meal on Valentines Day, I’ll have to say no. Not because I’ve got a date already, thats about as likely as every Trans Pennine Express train running on time for a day! No, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, and given I’m working again the next morning, I’ll have to forego that delight. Yes, fine, it was never going to happen anyway, but a girl can hope. Seriously, if anyone wants to send me even a card, that would be a first…for this century! You dont even have to mean it romantically, just something in the (e)mail box would cheer me up no end.

Getting back to the Dryathlon for the video, a classic Dean Martin moment. Not sure this film is him actually singing this song, or if it is, its not synched, but…