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That Same Old Feeling?

Fine, given my love of posting all things political, I’ll keep that side of it brief. Yes, it came as a shock to me, when I got up Friday morning, to find out we’d voted to leave Europe. I did vote to Remain, in the end, though in truth, I only decided for sure a couple of days before, and I’m pretty sure that the sad death of Jo Cox probably played a part in settling on that, but anyway, its happened!

The funny thing is, its not the first EU vote I’ve lived through, though I was too young to vote, when we voted to go in, in 1973. So yes, I’ve lived outside the EU before, though to be fair, the one we entered then, and the one we’ve left now, are 2 very different beasts.

But fine, thats not the issue I want to write about tonight.

One thing I’ve always accepted about a democratic vote, is that you accept the result of such vote. So fine, however unhappy I might be about the result of this vote, I accept the majority have spoken, and accept that. Sadly, and to me, embarrassingly, there are far too many people, who now want to have a second vote, because they didnt get the result they wanted. About 1.5 million, at the last count, in fact!

Please, accept the result, the vote has been made, by a clear majority (over a million) to leave, and we have to live with, and accept it. Whether its the wise decision, or otherwise, its the one thats been made, so…I know why its cropped up, and ironically, its because the leave campaign thought they might be in a similar position. Nigel Farage said that if the vote was closer than 52-48 to stay, he would make the same appeal that others are making now that leave has won! So I guess its come back to bite him now, but please, no.

Hopefully it wont be as bad as I fear, but we will see on that. Already the leave campaign are back tracking on promises made, so I’m not going to hold my breath on that, but we will see. Anyway, no more votes on this, please! Not unless you count the possible Scottish Independence re-run, or a slightly less likely united Ireland one, as related, but anyway…

OK, video time. I loved this piece of pleasant 70’s pop, and this sort of gives me a chance to use it, seeing as we will again be as we were in 1970, not a part of Europe. Interesting fact? The name of this group, is the name of a pub in Yeovil. Guess where me, and my one long term partner met for our first proper date? Yes, got it in one! In fact we’d seen each other for quite a while by then, but only as team mates, in a skittles team. No, not the 10 pin bowling stuff, a whole different sport that seems only to have ever been played in the South West of England!