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Whatever’s written in the fates

So fine, when I wrote the Robin Williams tribute last night, I wasnt seriously expecting to cover the same ground tonight. But lo and behold, when I woke this morning, it was to the news that Lauren Bacall had gone to her maker overnight, admittedly at a far grander age of 89, and not by her own hands.

Its a sad fact for folks like me, but the number of stars from that ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood is nearly gone. Day, De Havilland, and Reynolds are 3 names that come to mind, and I’m sure there are others, but not many. Hard to believe that its not that long that we lost our last connection to the silent era, but then again, she was about 113 when she died! Not the normal lifespan lol!

I guess, to bring up the line from so long ago, Bogart whistled, and Bacall came.

Rest in peace, Lauren.

I’ll include the video at this point, it seems the right place. Another who has departed this world, a beautiful song

Right, and on a more light hearted note…

Some time ago, in a charity shop in Wakefield, I found a top that looked like it had appeared from the 1920’s, and said, buy me. The label in it definitely isnt that modern, but whether its genuine vintage, who knows? Lets just say that in the area of the boobs, its definitely a V cut. So fine, this week, I felt guilty about never actually wearing it, so I’ve put it on. Now, all this might not be helped by the bra I’ve got on, I’ve a feeling its one of those ‘push you up’ bras, so the combination of the 2…has my boobs shouting quite loudly, ‘hello boys!’

Now I know some Trans folk quite like to flaunt their figure, but I’m not one of them!

I think part of the thing is, that girls, back in the 1920’s tended to either have very small boobs, or barely anything at all. Whereas modern girls…lets just say that 20’s tops are not designed for modern cleavages, unless you want them to poke a man’s eyes out.

OK, some might say, it might help me find a man, but do I really want a man who could only possibly love me for them? So fine, when I went out this afternoon, I put on a different top, one that kept my ‘puppies’ under wraps, so to speak.

Given that one guy, in a car, noticed them anyway, is beside the point, god knows what he would have done had I been wearing this top, had a crash, probably! But fine, given I dont want my boobs regarded as weapons of mass destruction, I definitely had better not wear this top out.

I love it, but…I’m a 30’s girl, fuller figured, not a flat chested flapper lol!

Ah well, live and learn…

Bras, boobs and related issues.

Lets get a little more transgender light hearted! That title might get a few men to look at this, anyway!

Ah, guys, bras. One of those things ladies get to wear, but men never do. So fine, you tend to see a few ‘less than sober’ men wearing them after stag parties, or the like, as a ‘prank’, but normally, unless they like the sissification stuff, nope! Alright, some men could maybe do with wearing a bra, given their man boobs, but anyway… normally its just us women that wear them.

I know that boobs (breasts) come in all sizes, and therefore some prefer to make them look larger than they really are, whereas some women take the minimizing route, when they are just too large. No, I dont need the latter yet, nor am I ever likely to!

Most of my early bras were of the moulded t-shirt type, so that at least I had some curve, even if most of it was down to the bra, and not the assets held within them. But equally, my quieter nature meant that I never tried to kid guys with the plunge look, or anything like that. When you are trans, looking like Dolly Parton might not be the best route to go down! Fine, I do own a pair of shaper bras, which fall into a similar category, though I didnt realise that at the time of purchase, honest I didnt!

Nowadays, most of the bras I buy are either the support ones, or the seamless ones, which give you a good shape, without pushing them out into view too much. But yes, I still have some older ones in my collection, and one of those was what aided today’s self amusement in town. I bought some bras in the US, that without quite the bullet look that Madonna loved, do tend to make sure your boobs do present themselves to the passing public. Fine, if you wear a big top, but if you wear something more clingy, as I did today, the effect can be, err, quite spectacular.

Oh, and I’ve got a few bandeau bras, for when I’m wearing a boob tube, or shoulder less dress, just to really confuse.

Added today, by wearing a coat that buttons up just under your cleavage, and…I put on quite a show, I suspect lol! No, I didnt poke anybody’s eyes out to my knowledge, though a few eyes definitely drifted in the direction of my cleavage! Why, hello boys! I’m sure some will remember those ads lol!

To be honest, if the worst I get is a few confused looks, then yes, its fun flaunting them a bit, and that is pretty much all it is. But yes, there are days, like today, when they look far more endowed than maybe they should! But equally yes, I’ll do it again, dont worry about that!

The video, well, it does go quite well with the nature of this. Plus, you get a guy, dressed as a girl, with a fine pair of boobs, definitely false! Though as far as I know, he isnt trans, just dressed up for the video.

Mountains in the bra

And no, thats not the name of the song this time around, though you could work out the cryptic connection by looking at one of the artists lol! Light hearted element to this post, btw.

Back in the good old days when I was first buying bras, I was in Primark deciding what to buy. And guess what, I saw something called shaper bras on sale, and thought that maybe they were a good idea, especially as my curves were much smaller back then. I innocently assumed that it meant they would simply shape my growing cleavage for me, maybe helping them to get a bit rounder, and fuller.

Err, wrong. As I soon found out, the aim of said bras is to make you look like you have a figure like Dolly Parton (hint to the music), regardless of the size of your boobs within the bra. But even more ironic, not only do they give you the Dolly look, when wearing said bras, it feels like you’ve got Dolly sized boobs too! I have no idea what the bra is made of, but it makes them feel so heavy, its amazing.

Yes, you’re right, secretly, I love the feel it gives me, absolutely amazing. Who wouldnt feel good, feeling that stacked, lol? But seriously, I’ve never worn them outdoors, for the obvious reason, that without an amazing makeover, I suspect they would just be a bit too much! Not that I’m that flat chested in a support bra nowadays, but I dont come close to filling this. Maybe one day I should go out in one, just to see the reaction? I suspect if I did, it would probably be in the US, where I seem to get a higher natural female factor anyway, but even so…I wonder if I would carry myself differently knowing, hmm?

And no, I havent bought any more shaper bras, or any plunge ones strangely enough, cant think why? Generally support bras to be honest, the odd t-shirt ones, as they seem to give them the best support.

The video, well, what else could you call my pair when they look like they do at present? Maybe a pair of Islands in the stream? 😉