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Run, runaway

One thing that has always amused me over the years is the running joke that people decide to get a gym membership as part of their New Year resolution, go once, and never go there again. Me, at my age, I’ve never even bothered with the going once. Lets face it, with the physical state of my body, it wouldnt go well! Nowadays thankfully, I’m too old, and too single to worry too much about such matters anyway! Mind, as some say, with the speed I walk, especially to and from work, I get plenty of exercise anyway. So I guess I’m fit enough for my needs, at least? So yes, I might use the state of my joints, the arthritis in my hands and everything else as an excuse for not going, but in truth, its just something that doesnt appeal to me. At my age, I’ve got to soon die of something, so…? Lol!

The amusing thing for me at work though, is that I’m surrounded by 2 gym enthusiasts! And to be fair to them, they do seem to accept that I’m never going near one of those places, and dont suggest it. Yes, my gym is the walk between Bradford Interchange, and work, and back, and its staying that way!

But yes, they put themselves through their paces at the gym, and hey, its fun listening to them talking about it, but thats as far as I want it to go, for me! Good for them, but for me, happily pass. Yes, when it comes to gyms, and exercise, and the like, I’m glad I’m middle aged, happily single, and reasonably (hmm?) slim, so I plan to stay away.

Yes, fine, I’d love to be a stunning 25 year old, natural blonde, but if it means going to the gym several times a week, to keep fit, well…? Stay as I am?

Love, and admire you ladies!

OK, as so often, the clue to the video is in the blog title. The last big hit for Slade, and definitely not the early glam rock stuff!